【Qatar World Cup】Canada【Full Explanation】

National Team

All 32 teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar are introduced.

This time, we will introduce the Canada national team from Group F, which qualified for the World Cup for the first time in 36 years by finishing first in the North and Central American and Caribbean qualifying round, where Mexico and Canada gathered.


Basic Information

Number of appearances2th
Highest AchievementEliminated from the group stage
FIFA Ranking41th
Capital cityOttawa
Population37.89 million
ManagerJohn Herdman
NicknameLes Rouges (The Reds) 

Results of last 6 games

3/31World Cup qualifierPanama1-0A
6/14Friendly matchHonduras2-1A
9/24Friendly matchQatar0-2A
9/28Friendly matchUruguay0-2H
11/17Friendly matchJapan2-1N

・In the North and Central American and Caribbean qualifying rounds, after falling to fourth place at the fifth round, the team steadily accumulated three points, and with a 4-0 victory over Jamaica in the 13th round, qualified for the World Cup for the first time in 36 years since the 1986 Mexico tournament. The team’s total of 23 goals in the final qualifying round was the most among the eight teams, and the number of goals conceded was the smallest (7), giving the team a commanding lead over the other teams in both offense and defense.

Canada is a nation of immigrants, with 20% of its citizens coming from abroad. The country is home to a diverse group of talented individuals, including Davis, whose parents are from Africa, Larin, who has roots in Jamaica, and Eustaquio, who has represented Portugal by year. As these players have made the step up from the domestic league to Europe via Major League Soccer (U.S.), they have raised the level of the national team and acquired the ability to compete with Mexico and the United States.

At the Mexico tournament 36 years ago, the team lost three straight games and scored no goals, but at this year’s tournament, they are more than just outsiders and have the potential to leave a mark for sure.

Group Stage Schedule 【Group F】
Date of a matchLocal game start timeOpponentTotal match record
Section 1November 2322:00Belgium
1 wins, 0 draw, 0 losses
Section 2November 219:00Croatia
Section 3December 118:00Morocco
0 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses


(Name)John Herdman
(Date of birth)July 19, 1975(47)
(inauguration)Jan. 2018

Since taking over in August 2018, he has focused all his attention on strengthening the national team for the World Cup. By speaking passionately to the fans and media, who were skeptical at first, and motivating the players, he has convinced them of the team’s potential and put an end to the long dark period.

Seek “enthusiasm, conviction, and empathy” from your team.

・She began her coaching career as a student and has served as women’s national team coach in New Zealand and Canada, leading the Canadian women’s national team to bronze medals at the 2012 London Olympics and the 2016 Rio Olympics.

・With his participation in this year’s World Cup, he became the first ever to lead both men’s and women’s national teams to the World Cup.

・New Castle is his favorite team.

Basic Formations & Tactics

Steady build-up with a large number of people. Excellent switching at the moment the ball is lost.

<Basic Formations>

・It is characterized by a style centered on high strength and speedy transitions, skillfully incorporating players with high athletic ability into tactics.

・Use 4 backs and 3 backs depending on the opponent. After stealing the ball with systematically linked presses, their counterattacks that make the most of the two top players are their weapon, boasting a quality that is comparable to that of the powerhouses.

・The focus is on Davis, who runs up the left side and is involved in breakouts and finishes, and David, who has scored 20 goals in 30 games for the national team.

<At Attack>

・During the build-up, both SBs take high positions, the miller and Laryea open to the left and right to become the receiver of the pass, the pass is turned with a slight back 3, and Eustáquio and Hutchinson take positions close to each other, giving you many options. Born and turns the pass smoothly.

・Basically, while connecting the grounder’s pass, steadily carry the ball forward and aim to enter the attacking third from the side. If the opponent takes a high position and defends, immediately distribute long passes and run Davis and Adekugbe with speed to create chances at once.

<At Defense>

・When the ball is stolen, aim for speedy recovery and re-attack. While applying pressure with multiple players, drive the opponent to the side and create a numerical advantage.

・If the ball is captured, a short counter will be set up with the same momentum, and many players will run in in front of the goal to aim for a score.

Star players(Top 3)

Alphonso Davies (DF/Bayern)

”King of The Blitz”

・When the ball is in space in front of them, their overwhelming speed is unparalleled, as they take the first step or two to overtake their markers and then accelerate to leave them behind.

・When the team is pressing the opponent, he is absolutely indispensable as a difference-maker, playing a part in creating chances by dribbling through from the side or crossing.

・He became a regular at Bayern, one of the most prestigious clubs in the world, and became the first Canadian to win the CL.

Jonathan David (FW/Lille)

・”Canada’s Greatest Treasure”

・A point getter who does all the work required of an attacker and uses his innate sense of smell to score goals. If you make full use of your speed and physicality to capture the opponent’s back line, you can pierce the goal with an outstandingly destructive shot.

・In the 20/21 season, his club Lille scored the Ligue 1-winning goal against Paris Saint-Germain.

Stephen Eustáquio (MF/Porto)

・”Control Tower”

・Central midfielder, reminiscent of Xavier Hernández, who scatters long and short passes over a wide area to indicate the direction of the attack. As an essential balancer for the team, he is responsible for building the attack. He can also threaten the goal with mid-range shots and FKs delivered from his accurate right foot.

・He has a high ability to sense danger, and if he quickly packs the ball into the ball holder, he will take the ball with an accurate defensive response.

Players List

NameAgeClub teamRepresentative Results (Goals)
Milan Borjan35Red Star65 caps・He doesn’t take wild leaps and makes use of his huge frame to stop shots.
Maxime Crépeau28Los Angeles FC15 caps・Strong at close range shots, but difficult at highballs
Dayne St. Clair25Minnesota United1 caps・High overall strength and confidence in PK stoppage
Alphonso Davies22Bayern32 caps(12)・The spiritual pillar of the team, illuminating his fellow team members like the sun.
Doneil Henry29Toronto FC44 caps(1)・Accurate long feeds to distribute the ball to the front line
Steven Vitória35 GD Chaves32 caps(3)・Large CB;
・Has experience playing FW and is a good scorer
Sam Adekugbe27Hatayspor31 caps(1)・Use single and coordinated breakthroughs.
Richie Laryea27Toronto FC30 caps(1)・A key man in the shadows who can perform a variety of tasks both on the inside and outside
・Both legs can be used equally and can be used on both sides
Alistair Johnston24Montréal26 caps(1)・In the Gold Cup, he mainly plays on the right of the back three, and also plays on the right WB.
Kamal Miller25Montréal25 caps・Strong physicality to dominate against opponents.
Scott Kennedy25Jahn Regensburg8 caps・Moved to Germany at the age of 18
Derek Cornelius24Panetolikos 14 caps・In addition to solid defense that makes the most of his strong physical strength, he can overlap and participate in offense due to his experience as a forward during his youth days.
Joel Robert Waterman26Montréal0・CB with confidence in his footing skills
・He has been called up to the national team twice so far, but has not played.
Atiba Hutchinson39Beşiktaş JK97 caps(9)・Aggressive play and presence as captain
Samuel Piette28Montréal62 caps・Vigorously move around and win the ball
Jonathan Osorio30Toronto FC55 caps(7)・One of the leaders with excellent passing sense and scoring sense
Mark-Anthony Kaye27Colorado Rapids35 caps(2)・Clever passes and mid-shots from his long legs.
Stephen Eustáquio25Porto24 caps(3)・Played for Portugal in U-21
Liam Fraser24Deinze14caps・Accurate long passes to break the deadlock
Raheem Edwards27LA Galaxy4 caps・Dribble to accentuate the attack.
Ismaël Koné20Montréal4 caps・Large midfielder with high potential in his skills
・Cote d’Ivoire native
David Wotherspoon32St. Johnstone10 caps(1)・A chance maker who creates a difference with clever techniques and passes
-recovery from ligament tear
Cyle Larin27Club Brugge52 caps(24)・Scored 6 goals in the final qualifying round to become the top scorer.
David Hoilett32Reading 47 caps(14)・Versatile scoring patterns and many years of success in England.
Lucas Cavallini29Vancouver Whitecaps32 caps(17)・Clever move off the mark and scores a goal with a powerful head
Jonathan David22Lille32 caps(21)・In the 21/22 season, the team sank to 10th place and remained in the team while the main players left
Tajon Buchanan23Club Brugge24 caps(4)・Voted Best 11 and Best Young Player in the final qualifying round
Ike Dominique Ugbo24Troyes AC6 caps・He is sharply accelerated off the mark and does the decisive work in front of the goal.
Liam Millar23Basel15 caps・Combines breakthrough and scoring ability
Charles-Andreas Brym24FC Eindhoven6 caps(1)・Skillfully maneuvering the ball and finding the net

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