Poland【Qatar World Cup:Full Explanation】

National Team

All 32 teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar are introduced.

This timewe will introduce Group C Poland, which beat Sweden with a goal by ace Lewandowski to qualify for the second consecutive tournament , despite the turmoil caused by the unexpected resignation of Paulo Sousa before the playoffs for the World Cup in Qatar, the coach who led the European qualifiers for the World Cup.


Basic Information

Number of appearances9th(second consecutive
Highest AchievementThird place
FIFA Ranking26th
Capital cityWarsaw
Population38.01 million people
ManagerCzeslaw Michniewicz
NicknameBiało-czerwoni (The White and Red)
Orły (The Eagles) 

<Results of last 6 games>

11/16Friendly matchChileN

After finishing second in the group behind England in the World Cup European qualifying round and going into the playoffs, coach Paulo Sousa unexpectedly left the team when he was replaced by Flamengo. The team was forced to change managers before the playoffs, where qualification for the Qatar World Cup was on the line, and the team was in a state of confusion.

Nevertheless, with Michniewicz, who has experience coaching the U-21 national team, as their coach, the team took on the challenge of the playoffs, and with an unbeaten victory over Russia and a penalty kick by ace Lewandowski over Sweden, a difficult opponent they had defeated at the summer EUROs, they qualified for their second consecutive tournament.

・Since Michniewicz took over, the team has been experimenting with various systems, but has yet to find the optimal solution. However, if Lewandowski and Szczesny, who are both key players in the offense and defense, are in perfect condition going into the World Cup in Qatar, they may be able to reach their quota of 16th place or better for the first time since the 1986 tournament.

<Group Stage Schedule 【Group C】>
Date of a matchLocal game start timeOpponentTotal match record
Section 1November 2219:00Mexico
3 wins, 2 draw, 3 losses
Section 2November 2616:00Saudi Arabia
4 wins, 0 draw, 0 losses
Section 3November 3022:00Argentina
3 wins, 2 draw, 6 losses


(Name)Czeslaw Michniewicz
(Date of birth)February 12, 1970(52)
(inauguration)January 2022

・He has been in charge of several clubs in Poland, leading Zagłębie Lubin in the 06/07 season and Legia Warszawa in the 20/21 season to win the domestic league championship and compete in the Europa League in the 21/22 season.

He served as Poland U-21 national team coach for three years from 2017, leading the team to its first final tournament appearance since 1994, defeating Portugal in the U-21 European Championship playoffs.

・He was a goalkeeper during his active career.

・He is a Liverpool supporter and encourages Lewandowski to move on.

・In 2009, he voluntarily reported corruption in Polish soccer to the State Prosecutor’s Office and testified as a witness.

Basic Formations & Tactics

Trial and error in search of the best option. The outcome depends on the performance of the absolute ace.

<Basic Formations>

The team is one of the most competitive outside the ranks, as it competed against Sweden in the qualifying playoffs and Wales in the Nations League.

In order to find the best solution for the Polish national team, Mihniewicz tried five different systems in friendly matches and the Nations League, but the team won only one of its four games in June and was knocked out by six goals against Bergie. Michniewicz’s important mission is to “build up the shape of the team” before the World Cup in Qatar.

<At Attack>

The attack relies heavily on the world’s best striker, Lewandowski.

As a team, their build-up ability is not that high, and when they are under pressure, they risk inducing mistakes that lead directly to goals.

The solution is to play long balls to Lewandowski on the front line. The tactic is to get behind Lewandowski and use his ability to hold the ball up to buy time through post play while the whole team gets high and combines with the attackers on both sides to attack the opponent.

The FWs tend to squeeze inside and the SBs take on the task of running up the flanks. The key to goal production is for Cash, especially the right SB, to join the attack with aggressive play and crosses to target Lewandowski.

<At Defense>

With a tall and physical CB lineup, and with defender Szczesny strong in the air, it will be difficult to score goals with simple crosses alone.

When the ball is lost, the team initially presses, but switches to retreads early on, looking to attack the opponent, and all players except Lewandowski defend in deep positions.

In the match against Belgium in June, the team lacked control and the space between the lines became wide open, allowing the opponent to take advantage of that space and carry the ball to the other team. In addition, when the opposing team approaches the vital area, the defense is characterized by an awareness of filling the space in the box, allowing easy mid-shots and last passes, which must be improved before the tournament.

Star players(Top 5 )

Robert Lewandowski (FW/Barcelona)

・”Poland’s Best Striker In The World”

His greatest appeal is his scoring ability, having scored a total of more than 600 goals for club and national team. He is the best striker in the world, possessing all the abilities required of a striker at the highest level, including a highly accurate shot with both feet, strength in the air, and the ability to keep the ball in play. He scored a total of 50 goals in official games last season.

He has the ability to find the net from inside and outside the penalty area, and his coordination with the midfield and positioning sense as a CF are excellent. As a true professional, he is also a hard worker and maintains a strict diet. He also continues to train physically from a scientific standpoint, and his physicality has not rusted at all.

Wojciech Szczęsny (GK/Juventus)

・”Guardian Deity of Steadfastness”

He uses his large size and long limbs to defend a wide area in front of the goal. Even as a veteran, he still retains his sharp reflexes and amazing jumping ability, and his consistency in making saves and handling crosses is a sign of his dignity.

He learned a lot from Buffon, whom he respected in Italy, where sensitive defense is required, and is highly regarded for his positioning and coaching of defenders.

He stopped three of six penalty kicks in Serie A last season.

Piotr Sebastian Zieliński (MF/Napoli)

・”Chance Maker”

An assist maker who makes a difference everywhere by bringing his technical skills to the forefront. He combines first-rate passing ability with playing intelligence, and can be a relay point in the build-up. He can also cut through opposing defenses with his propulsive dribbling from midfield, or create the decisive moment as a last passer.

He can also score himself with a powerful mid-range shot after being unmarked by individual skill. He is a key player in the midfield, with all the necessary elements of an attacking midfielder.

Arkadiusz Krystian “Arek” Milik (FW/Juventus

・”Striker With a Variety of Scoring Patterns”

His high shooting sense is his greatest weapon. His accurate mid-range shots from his left foot, as well as his head and volleying skills, are also very good. He also excels in highly accurate free kicks, and has many goal scoring patterns from his individual skills.

Juventus, who loaned him out this season, described him as “a very dangerous striker who, in addition to his extraordinary physical strength, is very good in the air and, above all, very dangerous in the penalty area. He is a center forward with a true nose for goal”.

Krzysztof Piątek (FW/Salernitana)


・Even if 89 minutes are gone, a scorer who will be active with 1 minute remaining. He has a high scoring instinct in the area and can shoot with one touch of the foot or head. He can come down to the flanks and midfield to help build the attack.

・It features a performance that shoots with both hands as pistols.

・His brilliance has faded compared to his time at AC Milan, but his abilities as a striker are unquestionable.

Players List

NameAgeClub teamRepresentative Results (Goals)
Wojciech Szczęsny32Juventus64 caps・Late to the opening due to muscular system problems.
Łukasz Skorupski31Bologna7 caps・He was second in Celia A last season with 125 saves, a save percentage of over 72%, and miraculous shot stopping.
・Threatens Szczesny’s position.
Bartłomiej Drągowski25Spezia2 caps・Chute saver, but has difficulty with footwork.
Kamil Grabara23Københav1 caps・A goalie with lightning-quick reflexes and a deep understanding of the game
・Ability enough to extend Liverpool’s contract
Kamil Jacek Glik34Benevento 96 caps(6)・Covering up for declining speed with experience and leading the team
Bartosz Bereszyński30Sampdoria43 caps・He plays right SB for club, left for national team, and can also play CB when the need arises.
Jan Kacper Bednarek26Aston Villa42 caps(1)・He has the height and strength to contain his opponents, and last season he showed strength in 4G and set pieces.
Matty Cash25Aston Villa7 caps(1)・Tough right back who has played the most minutes of any field player in the Premier, setting up goals with sharp crosses.
Marcin Kamiński30Schalke7 caps・Last season, he supported the final line and contributed to the promotion.
Tomasz Kędziora28Dynamo Kyiv26 caps(1)・Can play anywhere on the last line.
Tymoteusz Puchacz23Union Berlin12 caps・Left SB with excellent offensive and defensive balance
Pawel Dawidowicz27Verona8 caps・A CB with height and strength, he is able to nip a pinch in the bud with his high crisis sense.
Robert Gumny24Augsburg3 caps・Right SB with high-precision crosses; can also play left SB and CB
Artur Jędrzejczyk35Legia Warszawa40 caps・CB called up for the first time in three years due to the manager’s charisma, experience and personality
Mateusz WIETESKA25Clermont1 caps・Features high physical ability and strong defense with full physical strength
Grzegorz Krychowiak32Al-Shabab91 caps(5)・Dynamo, who also played at Sevilla and PSG
Kamil Grosicki34Pogoń Szczecin86 caps(17)・Long-time England veteran of two EUROs and a World Cup in Russia
Piotr Sebastian Zieliński28Napoli72 caps(9)・key man in the middle
Mateusz Klich32Leeds United40 caps(2)・Box-to-box type. He covers a wide area with inexhaustible stamina and has a better tactical understanding under Bielsa’s supervision.
Sebastian Szymański23Feyenoord15 caps(1)・Creative chance-maker who changes the atmosphere with his last pass
Nicola Zalewski20AS Roma5 caps・An agile technician discovered by Mourinho.
Karol Linetty27Torino41 caps(5)・Hard worker who runs around the midfield. He is also propulsive and expansive, and has an attractive right-footed mid-range shot.
Przemysław Frankowski27RC Lens24 caps(1)・Wing dribbling to challenge one-on-one
Kamil Jóźwiak24Charlotte FC22 caps(3)・Cutting through the side with speed, he scored Lewandowski’s goal against Spain at EURO
Jacek Góralski30VfL Bochum21 caps(1)・He puts his fighting spirit forward and runs around the midfield. Dynamism and physical contact are his weapons.
Jakub Piotr Moder23Brighton20 caps(2)・Dynamic offensively and defensively. Severely injured with a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament.
Szymon Żurkowski25Fiorentina5 caps・Scoring chance maker.
Jakub Kamiński20Wolfsburg3 caps(1)・Good at cutting in from a sharp dribble on the left side
Jakub Kiwior22Spezia2 caps・Filter role in midfield with height and strength, also plays CB
Michał Krzysztof Skóraś22Lech Poznań1 caps・A winger who changed his main battlefield to the left side from this season and scored two goals against Villarreal in ECL.
Damian SZYMANSKI27AEK Athens8 caps (1)・Moving around a wide range in the midfield with plenty of momentum and crushing opponents with hard tackles
Robert Lewandowski34Barcelona132 caps(76)・After the World Cup in Russia, he showed his dissatisfaction with the level of his teammates, causing controversy.
Arkadiusz Krystian “Arek” Milik28Juventus62 caps(16)・Manchester U fans
Krzysztof Piątek27Salernitana23 caps(10)・Scored 22 goals in 18/19 season
Karol Świderski25Charlotte15 caps (7)・A genuine scorer with excellent positioning
・Formed 2 tops with Lewandowski and scored the winning goal against Wales in September
Adam Buksa26RC Lens9 caps(5)・Debuted in World Cup qualifying and scored 5 goals in 4 games.

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