France【Qatar World Cup:Full Explanation】

National Team

All 32 teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar are introduced.

This time, we will introduce Group D, France , which boasts the strongest overall strength in Europe, as shown by its victories in the World Cup in Russia in 2018 and the Nations League in the fall of 2021, and is the leading candidate to win the World Cup in Qatar, despite its disappointing performance in the last 16 at EURO 2020.


Basic Information

Number of appearance16th(seventh consecutive)
Highest AchievementVictory(Twice)
FIFA Ranking4th
Capital cityParis
Population67.9 million
ManagerDidier Claude Deschamps
NicknameLes Bleus (The Blues) 

<Results of last 6 games>


・Last year’s EURO, in which France went into the tournament as world champions, they failed to win against Switzerland and were unexpectedly eliminated in the round of 16. It was a “failure” result for France. Therefore, France’s desire for the World Cup in Qatar, where a second consecutive championship is on the line, must be strong.

・The team went through the European qualifying round undefeated and in first place, thanks to a favorable grouping, but drew both games against Ukraine, the second-placed team in the group. In June this year, the team did not win in four Nations League games (2:2), and in September, although they won against Austria, they lost two straight games to Denmark, a team in the same group at the World Cup.

・Still, Deschamps does not feel frustrated. He has absolute confidence that the quality and quantity of his players are among the best in the world, and that they will be able to show their full potential when the conditions are right.

With Benzema, Mbappe, Griezmann, Giroud, and Coman, the attacking lineup boasts the most complete quality and scoring ability of any team in the Qatar World Cup. The main cause for concern is coach Deschamps, who has won only one of his last six matches, in addition to the inability of goalkeeper Lloris, CB Varane, and midfielder Kante, who have been steadfast pillars of the team, and midfielder Pogba, who is unable to play due to injury.

<Group Stage Schedule 【Group B】>
Date of a matchLocal game start timeOpponentTotal match record
Section 1November 2222:00Australia
3 wins,1 draw, 1 losses
Section 2November 2619:00Denmark
8 wins,2 draw, 5 losses
Section 3November 3018:00Tunisia
2 wins,2 draw, 0 losses


(Name)Didier Claude Deschamps
(Date of birth)October 15, 1968.(54)
(inauguration)July, 2012

・He has been at the helm since 2012 and has led Les Bleus to the top of the world, finishing runner-up in the EURO and winning the World Cup.

・Became only the third person in history to win the World Cup as both a player and a coach.

He began his coaching career at AS Monaco, where he led them to the Champions League final in 03/04 and won the Ligue 1 Coach of the Year award, and in the 06/07 season he promoted Juventus to Serie A after they were relegated to Serie B by the Carlo Scandals. He then led Marseille to the 2009/10 Ligue 1 championship and three consecutive Coupe de la Ligue titles.

・He played 103 games for France and captained his country to victory at the 1998 World Cup in Paris.

Basic Formations & Tactics

The team will try to become the third nation in history to win the World Cup for the second consecutive year by covering for their defensive concerns with overwhelming offensive power.

<Basic Formations>

・The team is a candidate for the championship with a talented group that includes Benzema and Mbappe, who could be the “Face” of this year’s tournament, and top-notch players such as Lloris, Pogba, and Kante, who are all experienced in their respective fields. The team’s reserves are also outstanding, including Ben Yedder, who has been involved in many goals in his limited opportunities, and Nkunku, who made his debut in March of this year.

Deschamps, who has built his team based on a back four for a long time since he took over in 2012, has been transitioning to a back three since last fall. Since last September against Finland, he has continued with the 3-4-3 (3-4-1-2) formation, which has produced seven wins from seven matches, including the Nations League semifinal against Belgium and the final against Spain.

In order to maximize the quality and scoring ability of Benzema and Mbappe, who both returned to the national team, the team decided that the best solution was to play with two players in the top position instead of one. After pursuing a team structure that would support both offense and defense in a well-balanced manner, they arrived at a system of [3-4-1-2].

・The current lineup is not suited to dominating the game through possession, as the final line, including the goalkeeper, does not have high build-up ability, and the midfield does not have a pure register to control the rhythm and direction of the attack. Based on this premise, Deschamps’ team is a very reasonable one, combining an attack that delivers the ball to the front line through simple, vertically oriented passing, and a defense that lowers the team’s center of gravity and utilizes the strong physicality of the midfielders and defenders to counterattack.

<At Attack>

・The team’s greatest weapon is the destructive power of the powerful trio of Benzema, Mbappe, and Griezmann. Benzema is the world’s best when it comes to finishing work in the penalty area, and Mbappe is unstoppable when he looks forward in open space. In order to maximize these qualities, the team should not focus on dominating the game through possession, but rather act passively by lowering the team’s center of gravity, and their greatest weapon is a long counter when there is enough space in front of them after winning the ball in their own territory.

・If the opponent is drawn into the game, establish possession in enemy territory, but do not easily multiply the number of players, prioritize offensive and defensive balance, and rely on the individual abilities of the accutters to break the phase.

・Up front, in addition to Benzema, Mbappe, and Griezmann, the reserve lineup is grained with reference point Giroud, wingers/STs Martial, Dembele, and Nkunku. Both quality and quantity are among the best in the world.

<At Defense>

・The final line does not have the absolute top individual talent in the world, including in the build-up, but the CBs, including Varane and Lucas Hernandez, are all strong, physical, and fast, and they are stable enough to defend both one-on-one in open spaces and against organized defenses that pull back to their own positions.

・Compared to the back four, which emphasizes line control and other coordination, the three-back formation was adopted because it was judged that the risk of scoring goals with the current formation could be controlled by the three-back formation, which can cover central spaces at a higher density than the back four, which emphasizes line control and other coordination.

・The quality of the build-up itself remains at a mediocre level, and the team does not carry the ball smoothly to the enemy’s territory very often, and when the final line is pressed man-to-man and high, they often run away with the long ball in difficulty.

Star players(Top 5)

Kylian Mbappé (FW/paris saint-germain )

Striker of the world’s best

・With his extraordinary speed and off-the-charts decisiveness, this “monster” is leading the way in the new era. He boasts a sprinting ability that is a different dimension from those of players who use speed as a weapon. He is especially deadly on the counter, and can inflict fatal damage on his opponents if he is given wide open spaces.

・The most important thing is his scoring sense. He is calm in front of the goal and shoots with equal intensity with both feet. His tactical understanding and passing accuracy have improved over the years, and he has become a more complete attacker, not only scoring goals himself, but also providing the last pass and assisting on many occasions.

・Last season, he became the first player in Ligue 1 history to be the top scorer for four consecutive seasons as well as the top assister. He has continued to evolve at an ever-increasing pace and is now a representative of Les Bleus, PSG, and Ligue 1.

Karim Mostafa Benzema (FW/Real Madrid)

・”The best attacker in the world”

A versatile FW who can perform multiple tasks from scoring goals to creating chances with high quality, he is able to score goals with his scoring ability that needs no explanation when he jumps into space with his precise positioning and exquisite movement. He is also strong in the air with his strong physicality and core, and is a constant threat at set pieces.

・He is also good at creating space with his ability to hold the ball up and set up his teammates’ goals with his last passes. He can also contribute in the build-up by joining the midfield or on the flanks, and his wide vision and high soccer IQ are also attractive.

・Last season, at the age of 34, he scored a career-high 27 league goals and won the UEFA Champions League (CL) double crown with 15 goals in 12 games; in October, he won the Ballon d’Or.

Antoine Griezmann (FW/Atletico Madrid)

”Les Bleus aces.”

The world’s best technical attacker,who has regained his true form since his peak years at Barcelona. He does not rely on his physicality, but on his technique and vision. He is a proactive player who comes down the middle, receives the ball between the lines, and uses his turns and flicks to set the rhythm of the attack.

・He is willing to play the role of a black player using his high intensity defensive skills and is dedicated to his defense. His athleticism is also a big draw, as he puts pressure on opposing ball holders from the front and returns to defend deep in his own territory.

・In the French national team, Deschamps has full trust in him and gives him the discretion to play freely. Because of this, his condition can affect the results.

Aurelién Djani Tchouaméni (MF/Real Madrid

・”NEXT Kante”

・His greatest weapon is his “first-class defensive skills” in which he has recorded the highest number of ball captures and tackles in the five major leagues. As a volante, he anchors the tail end of the midfield and uses his extraordinary speed and long arms and legs to make deep tackles to prevent any pinch points. Despite his large size, he can be found all over the pitch, increasing the fluidity of the midfield. Can also exchange roles with inside midfielders in the flow of the game.

・He has good technique underfoot and is quick to provide a starting pass when he gets the ball. When attacking, he is eager to touch the ball, joining in the build-up and finishing. He can also easily make side changes with his accurate long feeds.

Jonathan Clauss (DF/Marseille)

・”Cinderella Boy in Les Bleus”

A late bloomer and struggler, he worked his way up through the ranks as an amateur until five years ago and made it to Les Bleus in his late 20s. He was one of the best right backs in Europe last season with 5 goals and 11 assists for RC Reims, and was called up to the national team for the first time in March of this year.

・He uses high-precision ground crosses and pinpoint early crosses to create solid chances.

・As an amateur, he earned his living as a butcher and postal worker.

Theo Bernard François Hernández (DF/Milan)

”Super-aggressive SB”

・He is the driving force behind Milan’s revival. His greatest weapons are his overwhelming speed and sharp dribbling. He is one of the most destructive dribblers in the world, and when on the counter, he can make the enemy’s defensive network look dysfunctional. He not only runs up the flanks, but also plays inside, and when he breaks into the vital area, he shoots a powerful mid-range shot.

・He sprints with abundant athleticism for the entire 90 minutes and never fails to defend.

Mike Maignan (GK/Milan

”Guardian of the future”

・The best goalkeeper in Serie A who can’t be faulted. he was MVP-caliber last season, helping AC Milan win the league title in his first Serie A campaign.

・His saving with his sharp reflexes is of a superhuman level. He saves deflected shots with ease. He can also assist on counters with his highly accurate long kicks deep into enemy territory.

・His high ball handling is also top-notch, taking advantage of his incredible defensive range. His excellent positioning and movement prevent goals from being scored from crosses.

Players List

NameAgeClub teamRepresentative Results (Goals)
Hugo Lloris35Tottenham139 caps・A guardian deity who supports the team as the captain
・Good saving ability, but unsure of footing
Mike Maignan27Milan4 caps・Last season, he recorded a save percentage of over 80%.
・Born in French Guiana
Alphonse Areola29West Ham3 caps・Good reflexes and accurate passing that leads to counters.
Steve Mandanda37Rennes34 caps・He is a veteran, but his reflexes and saving ability are still strong.
・Returned to the national team in September.
Raphaël Varane29Manchester United86 caps(5)・Win duels with overwhelming speed, cunning tactics, and precise judgment.
・An integral part of the Deschamps system
Lucas Hernández26Bayern München32 caps・A combative CB and left back, he uses his high crisis awareness to cover spaces with precision.
Lucas Digne29Aston Villa46 caps・He has worked for PSG, Roma, and Barcelona, and last season, despite joining midway through the season, he was third in the club in assists with 4.
Benjamin Jacques Marcel Pavard26Bayern München45 caps(2)・A defender who consistently plays CB and right SB in a strong Bayern team.
・Shines in a back four, but loses his place in a back three.
Jonathan Clauss 30Marseille4caps・Already an indispensable part of the team after moving to Marseille, a prestigious French club, while domestic and international clubs are trying to acquire him.
・He is a party-goer who loves to party and sometimes goes out to the pub before a game.
Dayot Upamecano23Bayern München7 caps
・A CB with overwhelming speed who, in addition to his strength against opponents, cannot be allowed to slip through the back door.
・He is also a good feeder who can be used as a starting point for attacks.
Ferland Mendy27Real Madrid 7 caps・Known as a “rock,” his physical strength and speed make him a world-class defender.
Axel Disasi24AS.Monaco0・It boasts outstanding physical ability, and is characterized by aggressive defense that pushes forward and crushes opponents.
・Possesses leadership despite being young
Presnel Kimpembe27paris saint-germain28 caps・Antagonistic CB who is also a mainstay at PSG
・Synonymous with dynamic sliding, he brings stability to the final line.
Jules Koundé24Barcelona11 caps・Small in stature, but a technician with outstanding physical ability and high soccer IQ.
・Contributes to the attack with his high scoring headers.
Theo Hernández25Milan7 caps(1)・When he was a youth player, he was so naughty that he skipped national team call-ups.
Léo Dubois28Galatasaray13 caps・Right SB with athleticism and solidity.
William Saliba21Arsenal5 caps・After growing during his apprenticeship in France, he earned a starting spot at Arsenal from the start of the season.
・Last season’s Ligue 1 Young Player of the Year
Ibrahima Konaté23Liverpool2 caps・A modern CB who uses his physicality and speed to free the ball holder and send accurate passes to his teammates
・Injury delays start of season
Paul Pogba29Juventus91 caps(11)・A key player with an absolute presence in Les Bleus’ midfield
・Surgery in September, and a miracle is needed to qualify for the World Cup.
N’Golo Kanté31Chelsea53 caps(2)・Abundant athleticism is the weapon of choice for reapers.
・In recent years, there has been a growth in passing and participation in attacks, but injuries and withdrawals have increased.
Aurelién Djani Tchouaméni22Real Madrid12 caps(1)・He made his debut for the French national team in September 2009, and quickly became a key player for Les Bleus (the nickname of the French national team), making eight consecutive appearances since his debut.
Eduardo Camavinga20Real Madrid3 caps(1)・Passing, winning the ball with long legs, and dribbling are attractive.
・Relay role in the midfield that can contribute both offense and defense depending on the situation
・National team debut at age 17
Corentin Tolisso28Olympique Lyonnais28 caps(2)・Versatile midfielder by world standards who can play all positions in midfield.
・The drawback is that it is always injured.
Youssouf Fofana23AS Monaco2 caps・A rising star who dominates the midfield with his excellent combination with Tchouaméni.
・He is a player who can win the ball with his overwhelming sprinting ability and precise defensive response, and then dribble himself up the field to invigorate the attack.
Adrien Rabiot27Juventus29 caps(2)・A strong central midfielder with brilliant skills and dynamic propulsion and development.
Moussa Diaby23Leverkusen8 caps・Speedster who cuts in fiercely from the side with increased shooting power with both feet
・Excellent dribbling as well as diagonal jumps to the back
Jordan Veretout29Marseille5 caps・Ability to move around a wide area to collect the ball and develop it with long and short passes.
・Great power and power of FKs…
Mattéo Guendouzi23Marseille6 caps(1)・Awakened under Sampaoli last season and became a fixture in the French national team.
・A natural talent for moving the ball forward, he can play up top as well as in the volanti
Boubacar Kamara22Aston Villa3 caps・Anchor with excellent situational awareness and smooth functioning of offense and defense
・Gerrard even went to Marseille to acquire the gem.
Antoine Griezmann31Atletico Madrid108 caps(42)・After a disappointing performance last season, the color of his eyes has changed this season and he is regaining his true form.
Karim Mostafa Benzema34Real Madrid97 caps(37)・He returned to the national team at last year’s EURO for the first time in 5 years and 8 months. Since then, he has scored 10 goals in 16 games and his decisiveness is still strong.
Kylian Mbappé23paris saint-germain57 caps(27)・Love for Paris leads to extension of PSG contract
Ousmane Dembélé25Barcelona27 caps(4)・Dribbler of Fear
・Exceptional individual ability to strip markers with unpredictable, two-footed dribbling and create huge differences and decisions
Randal Kolo Muan23Frankfurt2 caps・A large-scale striker who is making a big break with 7 goals and 10 assists in his first attempt at the Bundesliga this season
・In addition to his strength in aerial combat that makes use of his natural physical ability, his dynamic dribbling breakthrough is also attractive.
Marcus Thuram25Borussia Mönchengladbach4 caps・He had a big slump last season, but has scored a lot of goals since the start of this season.
・His head and shooting sense are first class.
Kingsley Coman26Bayern München40 caps(5)・One of the best wingers in the Bundesliga who cuts through the side
・Plays an important offensive and defensive role as a WB in the national team
Christopher Nkunku25RB Leipzig6 caps・Bundesliga MVP with an astounding 20 goals and 13 assists last season
Olivier Giroud36Milan112 caps(48)・One-touch, forceful goal-scoring finisher
・Despite getting results in important matches, Benzema’s reserve role in the national team is not good enough.
・Henry is just three goals away from becoming the all-time leading goalscorer.
Wissam Ben Yedder32 AS Monaco19 caps(3)・Scored a career-high 25 goals last season
・Using the skills honed in futsal to get the job done in tight spaces.

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