Morocco【Qatar World Cup:Full Explanation】

National Team

All 32 teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar are introduced.

This time, we will introduce Group F, the Moroccan team, which will be aiming to advance to the final tournament for the second time in their history with the coach and the lineup that the nation wants after the dismissal of Halilhodžić in August, who led the team to the World Cup after winning the qualifying round without losing a game.


Basic Information

Number of appearance6th(Second consecutive
Highest AchievementRound of 16
FIFA Ranking22th
Capital cityRabat
Population360.3 million
ManagerWalid Regragui
NicknameLions of the Atlas
(the Atlas Lions)

<Results of last 6 games>

6/10AFCONSouth Africa2-1H
9/24Friendly matchChile2-0H
9/28Friendly matchParaguay0-0A
11/18Friendly matchGeorgia3-0N

・After Halilhodžić took over as coach in the summer of 2007, the team had a record of 28 wins, 8 minutes, and 4 losses in 40 games, and went undefeated in World Cup qualifying with 7 wins and 1 loss. However, in August, a coaching change erupted. The firestorm of conflicts with star players such as Ziyech and Mazraoui, as well as distrust from the public, continued to smolder.

・The team had only three months to prepare for his successor, Regragui, who was called up with Ziyech and Mazraoui for the national team’s September match against Chile and Paraguay, which got off to a good start with a win and a draw. With no time to deepen their tactics and coordination, the new coach’s skills will be closely watched.

・The team, which consists mainly of expatriates who have been active in Europe, is young and talented, and morale is high.Four years ago, the team was winless, but fought back with a 2-2 win over Spain and 0-1 defeats to Iran and Portugal. It would not be a surprise if they kick out Croatia and Belgium and advance past the group stage this year.

<Group Stage Schedule 【Group F】>
Date of a matchLocal game start timeOpponentTotal match record
Section 1November 2313:00Croatia
0 wins,1 draw, 0 losses
Section 2November 2716:00Belgium
1 wins,0 draw, 2 losses
Section 3December 118:00Canada
2 wins,1 draw, 0 losses


(Name)Vahid Halilhodžić
(Date of birth)October 15, 1952.(70)
(nationality)Bosnia and Herzegovina
(inauguration)Aug. 2019

The first coach in history to bring Morocco to the World Cup and to lead four different countries (the others were Ivory Coast, Algeria, and Japan) to the World Cup, he is strict with himself and others, often clashing with players and association officials, but he is an excellent tactician and many pundits have praised his skills.

Since taking over, the team has tested a number of systems, including 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 3-5-2, and 4-1-4-1. Each time, the players were adapted to suit the system, so that except for the defensive line, whose lineup is generally fixed, the main members and tactics have not yet been established.

Their style of play is ultra-aggressive, and they created many chances, as in the 29 shots they took against South Africa in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier in June, but they scored only “2” goals. Strengthening the defense and improving decision-making ability are issues that must be resolved before the tournament.

He was dismissed as Moroccan national coach on August 11, 2022.

(Name)Walid Regragui
(Date of birth)September 23, 1975(47)
(inauguration)August 2022

”Guardiola of Morocco”

・He was appointed as the new coach following the dismissal of Halilhodžić, and will take on the Qatar World Cup with a squad that the public wants, including Ziyech and Mazraoui, who were cold-shouldered by the previous administration, for the friendly matches in September.

・After retiring, he worked as an assistant for the Moroccan national team. He then led Morocco’s powerhouse Wydad Casablanca to a national championship and the African crown.

Basic Formations & Tactics

Right SB Hakimi converted to wing. Will the rough treatment of the change of manager prove to be a good thing? 

<Basic Formations>

<At Attack>

The key player is Hakimi, the right SB. He plays a commanding role in the attacking phase.

・The return of Ziyech has revitalized the front line. The linkage between Ziyech and Hakimi has increased the number of attacking options. The team’s scoring patterns became richer with the addition of direct chance creation from Ziyech’s left foot to the assembly that uses a lot of short passes.

・The build-up is deployed by Saiss at CB from Amrabat on the volante, with Hakimi boldly moving up the right flank, and the whole formation slightly to the left to give him enough space to do so. The top players are packed in front of the goal in anticipation of a cross from Hakimi, and the attacking midfielders support Hakimi by either acting as relay points for passes or by fishing out the opposing defenders. It is not uncommon to see Hakimi, who has a high shooting ability, in a top three formation, moving up to a position alongside the two top players.

<At Defense>

On the left side, he moves up to balance Hakimi’s movement, but he may also remain low to create a back three formation with the two CBs. Amrabat, the defensive midfielder who is the balancer of the entire pitch, covers the space on the right side vacated by Hakimi’s move up, and also immediately takes care of the space in front of the CBs if the opposition turns to possession.

The line often goes up quite high. When the ball is in the opponent’s possession, they do not immediately retire, but try to regain the ball by pressing hard. Because of this, they are vulnerable to counters and often concede goals. In addition, when the team turns to defense, the defenders must return from high positions at a high rate of speed, which places a heavy physical burden on them.

Star players(Top 4)

Hakim Ziyech (FW/Chelsea)

”Magician who Makes a Decisive Difference with a Flash of Inspiration.”

With a world-class left foot, he has a unique dribble with a delicate touch, creative passes and crosses, and a powerful mid-shot. He can break the deadlock when surrounded by opponents with his brilliant ball control.

He is slender but does not neglect hard work.

Due to a feud with former coach Halilhodzi, he was not called up to the A team, and at one point announced his retirement from the national team, but following his dismissal, he returned to the national team under Regragui.

Achraf Hakimi (DF/paris saint-germain)

”Blazing fast SB”

・By playing full of speed and dynamism, he is the mainstay of defense and attack. He shakes off opponents with a combination of dribbling and one-twos, and creates big chances with sharp crosses.

・It also has the scoring ability of a striker who invades in front of the goal with a diagonal run and shakes the net himself. That offensive sense is origami. Slightly rough defense needs improvement.

Youssef En-Nesyri (FW/Sevilla)

”Tall Attacker”

・The top scorer in the current table. Taking advantage of his height of 189cm and strong physical strength, he plays CF as his main battlefield. He doesn’t aim at the course and instinctively shoots with one touch.

・If you approach the goal with a dynamic dribble, you can win aerial battles with your proud jumping power, and you are good at scoring goals with headers. With his stable body balance, he can also carry multiple players and store the ball. A type that lives at the top of two with a buddy with speed.

Bono (GK/Sevilla)

・”Trofeo Zamora GK”

・He uses his large stature (192 cm tall) and long limbs to physically block the goal. He also has good positioning and handling skills, and is one of La Liga’s best players in terms of high ball handling ability.

・Last season, he made a series of big saves as his team faltered in the second half of the season. Last season, he won Trofeo Zamora, given to the goalkeeper with the lowest goals-against average per game, after beating Courtois. The Canadian-born struggler has grown into one of La Liga’s best goalkeepers.

Players List


NameAgeClub teamRepresentative Results (Goals)
Bono31Sevilla42 caps・Born in Canada but raised in Morocco at the prestigious Wydad
Munir Mohand Mohamedi33Al-Wehda43 caps・Selected by the French media as one of the 10 best looking men in Russia.
Ahmed Reda Tagnaouti26Wydad Casablanca3 caps・Served as a guardian deity at the club and was the African champion last season


Romain Ghannam Saïss32Beşiktaş63 caps(1)・A pillar of the team that brings stability to the back line
Achraf Hakimi24PSG51 caps(8)・He is married to Hiba Abouk, a Spanish actress 12 years his senior, and they have two sons.
Nayef Aguerd26West Ham21 caps(1)・Lefty who can be the starting point of a build-up with his sharp passes.
Yahia Atttiyat Allah27Wydad Casablanca3 caps・His sharp dribbling and accurate passing and shooting from his left foot are his weapons.
Achraf Dari23Stade Brestois4 caps・Strong in interpersonal combat and has good covering ability with mobility.
Sofiane Alakouch24Metz4 caps・Hard work on offense and defense, energetic in tackling
Adam Masina28Udinese16 caps・More defensive than Hakimi, but balanced and participates in attacks
Noussair Mazraoui25Bayern München12 caps(2)・World-class in attacking sense and technique, but hampered by Hakimi’s wall.
Jawad El Yamiq30Real Valladolid11 caps(2)・Characterized by dynamic play that takes advantage of his height
Badr Benoun29Qatar SC15 caps (5)・Contribute to build-up by utilizing current technology
・Because he is tall, he is a reference point in set plays.
Achraf Dari23Brestois4 caps・A talented CB from Widad’s lower organization
・Strong in one-on-one combat, and accurate coverage


Sofyan Amrabat26Fiorentina36 caps・Core player supporting the team at the bottom of the midfield
Selim Amallah26Standard22 caps(4)・Utility player in midfield
・In the attacking third, he does a decisive job.
Aymen Barkok24Frankfurt18 caps(1)・A relay player who runs the length and breadth of the pitch and is involved in the assembly process
Ilias Chair25QPR9 caps(1)・They can be found all over the pitch and bring diversity to the attack of a team with a lot of power players.
Azzedine Ounahi22Angers7 caps(2)・Box-to-box type connecting offense and defense
・New and up-and-coming with high potential for overall skills.
Yahya Jabrane31Wydad Casablanca4 caps・He made his national team debut at the age of 29 and was highly regarded by his coach.
Adel Taarabt33Al-Nasr30 caps(4)・Experience in major European leagues, including the Premier
Amine Harit25Marseille14 caps・He is energetic, on the way, and brings energy to the team.
Imran Louza23Watford11 caps(2)・Creating opportunities by taking the ball and using high quality long feeds.
Bilal El KHANOUSS18Genk0・An attacking midfielder who has shown outstanding performances at his club.
・The youngest Moroccan player ever to play in the World Cup
Zakaria Aboukhlal22Toulouse12 caps(2)Dutch-born winger from PSG academy
・With outstanding physical ability and dexterous ball control with both feet, he shakes off the opponent and pierces a sharp shot from his left foot.
Anass ZAROURY22Burnley1 caps・6 goals in the second division of England, the first challenge of the season ・MF with 2 assists and results


Youssef En-Nesyri25Sevilla48 caps(14)・Heading with his height is his weapon.
Abdessamad “Abde” EZZALZOULI20Osasuna2 capsBarcelona’s Xavi recognizes the dribbler’s talent
・Break through the side by dribbling with fine touch speed
Abdelhamid SABIRI25Sampdoria2 caps
・ Chance maker who crawled up from the German 5th division
・High-precision shots even at long distances are weapons with a sense of pass
Walid CHEDDIRA24Bari2 caps ・Strive to create post-plays and space in front of the goal
Abderrazak HAMDALLAH31Al-Ittihad17 caps
An attacker who scored 57 goals in one season in the Qatar League and won the Super Cup twice in Saudi Arabia
He is called “The Executioner” because of his high scoring ability.
Hakim Ziyech29Chelsea42 caps(17)・Although overshadowed at Chelsea and sporadic in the September friendlies, the public has high expectations.
Sofiane Boufal29Angers29 caps(4)・Moved to Southampton in the summer of 2004 for the highest price in club history.
Ayoub El Kaabi29Hatayspor23 caps(8)・Top scorer in the 20-21 Moroccan league and 2nd in the 21-22 in the Turkish league in terms of points
Munir El Haddadi27Getafe11 caps(2)・From the Barcelona Cantera
Soufiane Rahimi26Al Ain10 caps(1)・Excellent attacking sense and a keen sense of goal scoring.

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