【Qatar World Cup】Costa Rica【Full Explanation】

National Team

All 32 teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar

This time, we will be looking at the Costa Rican team from Group E, which became the 32nd country to participate in the tournament after defeating New Zealand in the intercontinental playoffs.


Basic Information

Number of appearances6th (3rd consecutive)
Highest scoreQuarter finals
FIFA Ranking31th
Capital citySan José
Population509 million
Manager Luis Fernando Suarez
NicknameLos Ticos

Results of last 6 games

6/15World Cup PlayoffsNew Zealand1-0N
9/23Friendly matchRepublic of Korea2-2A
9/27Friendly matchUzbekistan1-2A
11/10Friendly matchNigeria2-0H
11/17Friendly matchRepublic of IraqCancelA

・Although they stumbled in the early stages of the North, Central America and Caribbean qualifiers, they continued to fight tenaciously and made it to the intercontinental playoffs. And we won the deadly battle with New Zealand and decided to participate in the World Cup for the 6th time in a row for 3 tournaments.

・It is an advantage that there are members who have experienced a strong advance to the top 8 in the 2014 tournament, centering on the guardian deity Navas, but on the other hand, all of them are over 30 years old and aging is progressing. status quo. Therefore, Suarez proactively appointed young players. As a result, he succeeded in discovering young artists such as Bennett and Contreras.

・Speaking of Costa Rica, it cannot be underestimated in this tournament as it has a track record of passing the “group of death” in which Italy, England and Uruguay live together in the 2014 tournament. The current team uses 5 backs and 4 backs depending on the opponent, and the number of goals conceded in the final qualifying is tied for second place next to Canada, and the firmness of defense is guaranteed. They will continue to defend tenaciously in the main tournament, and will face the situation with a few chances.

<Group Stage Schedule 【Group E】>
Date of a matchLocal game start timeopponentTotal match record
Section 1November 2319:00Spain
0 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses
Section 2November 2713:00Japan
0 wins, 1 draw, 4 losses
Section 3December 122:00Germany
0 wins, 1 draw, 1 losses


(Name)Luis Fernando Suarez
(Date of birth)December 23, 1959(62)
(inauguration)June 2021

・A great coach who led the Ecuador national team to the last 16 in the 2006 tournament

・In June 2009, after gaining experience as a leader in his home country of Colombia and many other countries in Latin America, he was appointed as the national coach of Costa Rica.

・It was the third World Cup appearance, following the Ecuador national team in 2006 and the Honduras national team in 2014.

Basic Formations & Tactics

The basis of the team is a passionate defense and simple attack. The challenge is the linkage when switching from offense to defense.

<Basic Formation>

At Attack

・When building an attack from their own positions, both the back four and back five should begin to pillage up from the rear with three final lines and carefully build up by depositing the ball to Borges on the right. If the press is tight, CB Waston in the final line distributes the ball to the front line with long passes, and FW Campbell and A. Martinez aim for the goal with their individual skills.

・The main pattern, centered on Borges and Tejeda, is to cut into the enemy line from the side and aim to score with crosses from deep positions.

At set pieces, opponents will have a hard time narrowing down their targets due to the large number of tall players with strong aerial skills, such as Waston, Vargas, Duarte, Calvo, and Borges, which will provide great opportunities.

<At Defense>

・When the ball is taken away from them, they try to regain possession, but because of their lack of solidarity, they are in a pinch when their opponents break through.

When the opponent is in possession of the ball, both wings drop back and retire deep into a [5-4-1] formation, building a strong barrier in front of the goal and using manpower tactics to stop the opponent from breaking through.

Star players(Top 3)

Keylor Navas(GK/Paris Saint-Germain)

”Heroes of Costa Rica”

He has a great deal of international experience, having risen to become one of the world’s finest goalkeepers after his performance at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and has won three consecutive Champions League (CL) titles with Real Madrid.

・What is indispensable in describing him is his astonishing reflexes. His reaction to shots is superb, and he has the frightening ability to stop a close-range finish with ease. His reflexes are undoubtedly among the best in the world.

Joel Campbell(FW/FC León)

The Team’s Scorer.

・He has been a member of the Costa Rican national team’s front line for more than 10 years. He became a hero when he scored the final goal in the intercontinental playoff against New Zealand.

・His speedy dribble penetration and counter-attacks with his left foot are powerful enough. He also has good timing when breaking out from the back and is capable of providing assists.

During his professional career, he has played for 11 clubs in 8 countries (Arsenal, Villarreal, Betis, Sporting, etc.).

Bryan Ruiz(MF/Alajuelense

”Left-Handed Magician”

Although it is difficult for him to play all the time, he is a chance maker who can change the flow of the game with a single pass when he starts in the middle of the field. He used to play on the wing, but in recent years he has settled in at the top position, where his technical ability and ability to keep the ball in play are his strong points.

・One of the key players in reaching the last eight in the 2014 World Cup. He has announced his retirement from the tournament now.

Players List

NameAgeClub teamRepresentative Results (Goals)
GKKeylor Navas35Paris Saint-Germain107 Caps・As a child, she was raised by her grandmother along with her sister.
Leonel Moreira32Alajuelense23 Caps・Inspire the team with fighting spirit
・Longtime second goalkeeper for the national team.
Esteban Alvarado33Herediano23 Caps・Despite his attractive physical appearance, he is sluggish due to problematic behavior in his private life.
Patrick Gilmar Sequeira Mejías23Lugo1 caps・A new GK who possesses amazing physical spring and also has foot skills.
DFFrancisco Calvo30San Jose Earthquakes74 Caps(8)・Have confidence in capturing the ball by making the most of their tough defense
・Supporting the final line of the Costa Rica national team for many years
Bryan Oviedo32Real Salt Lake72 Caps(2)・Features high-precision cross
・It also has speed
Oscar Duarte33Al-Wehda FC68 Caps(3)・He was described as the “Costa Rican Pique”
Kendall Waston34Saprissa60 Caps(6)・Confident in aerial and interpersonal combat
Ronald Matarrita28FC Cincinnati52 Caps(3)・Excellent kicking accuracy, hard working defensively
Keysher Fuller28Herediano28 Caps(2)・Right SB running hard on defense
・Scoring in set pieces
Juan Pablo Vargas27Millonarios11 Caps(1)・Above average aerial strength and mobility
Daniel Chacon21Cartaginés7 Caps・Showing skillful ball winning and development
Carlos Martinez23 San Carlos4 Caps・ Plays right SB and defensive MF
・In the match against South Korea in September, Son Heung-min was shut out
Ian Lawrence20Alajuelense3 Caps・A growing stock who made his representative debut at the age of 19
・It is difficult to defend because the offensive performance is too high
MFCelso Borges34Alajuelense151 Caps(25)・Fixed volunteers with scoring ability
・ Responsible for assembling attacks by scattering long and short passes
Bryan Ruiz37Alajuelense143 Caps(29)・play the joker
Yeltsin Tejeda30Herediano72 Caps・Characterized by accurate long passes
Gerson Torres25Herediano12 Caps(1)・Creating chances from the side with his unique dribbling skills.
Orlando Galo22Herediano9 Caps・Creating attack rhythm with simple passwork
・Struggle in defense
Jewison Bennette18Herediano6 Caps・Treasure of Costa Rica
・Dribble breakthrough at speed is attractive
・The youngest player in Costa Rica’s history to make his international debut at the age of 17 years and 2 months
Anthony Hernandez21Puntarenas2 caps
・An up-and-coming striker with speed and courage
Álvaro Zamora20Saprissa2 caps・A 20-year-old up-and-coming attacker who brings a unique rhythm to attacks with his skillful passes
Youstin SALAS26Saprissa3 caps・Existence entrusted by the manager with the task of containing important players of the opposing team
Roan WILSON20Grecia2 caps・A MF that is troublesome for opponents due to its unique tempo
Brandon AGUILERA19Guanacaste4 caps・”Costa Rica’s future”, which has high potential for offensive sense such as propulsion, passing, and shooting.
Douglas LOPEZ24Herediano1 caps・Hold the ball with exquisite and calm technique and create chances with vertical passes
FWJoel campbell30FC León117 Caps(25)・A Christian reading the Old Testament before a game
Johan Venegas33Alajuelense79 Caps(11)・A veteran who scores goals with bold plays in front of the goal
・Pre-match video analysis
Alonso Martinez24Lommel12 Caps・Characterized by speedy dribbling and accurate crossing
Anthony Contreras20Herediano7 Caps(2)・Costa Rica’s New CF Struggling with Striker Shortage
・Score goals with dynamic play

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