【Qatar World Cup】Uruguay【Full Explanation】

National Team

All 32 teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar are introduced.

This time, we will introduce the Uruguay national team from Group H, which decided to participate in the World Cup with four consecutive victories after giving up on the 15-year-long Tavarez administration and inaugurating a new regime in the midst of a hard-fought final qualifying round.


Basic Information

Number of appearances14th(Four consecutive)
Highest AchievementVictory(Twice)
FIFA Ranking13th
Capital cityMontevideo
Population3.47 million
ManagerDiego Alonso
(The Sky Blue One)

Results of last 6 games

3/30Friendly matchChile0-2A
6/3Friendly matchMexico0-3A
6/6Friendly matchUSA0-0A
6/12Friendly matchPanama5-0H
9/24Friendly matchIran1-0A
9/28Friendly matchCanada0-2A

In January of this year, Alonso took over as coach, replacing Tavarez, who had led the Uruguayan national team for 15 years. With only four matches remaining in the final qualifying round and the team in seventh place out of ten countries, and in danger of being eliminated from the qualifying round, the new coach decided to reform the team in the limited time available.

・The team’s morale was boosted by bringing in Óscar Ortega, Atletico Madrid’s famous physical coach, and the system was strengthened both offensively and defensively by placing key players on each line. The team’s efforts paid off with three consecutive victories, and they qualified for the tournament before the final day of the tournament.

With promising youngsters such as Valverde, Araujo, Nunez, and Bentancur, and seasoned veterans such as Luis Suarez, Cavani, and Godin, coach Alonso will take on the World Cup in Qatar with the determination to win.

Group Stage Schedule 【Group H】
Date of a matchLocal game start timeOpponentTotal match record
Section 1November 2416:00Korea
6 wins, 1 draw, 1 losses
Section 2November 2822:00Portugal
1 wins, 1 draw, 1 losses
Section 3December 218:00Ghana
0 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses


(Name)Diego Alonso
(Date of birth)April 16, 1975(47)
(inauguration)Dec. 2021

In December 2021, he was appointed national coach of his native Uruguay.

With only four sections remaining in the final qualifying round, the team successfully won four consecutive games, moving the team from seventh to third place and leading it to the main tournament.

By continuing the base established by the previous director and adding his own unique spice, he will be able to fully exploit the potential of his talented team.

Basic Formations & Tactics

New coach spices up the game with increased stability in both attack and defense

Attacking from the right SB is also a valid option

<Basic Formations>

Since Diego Alonso took over as coach in December 2009, the team has played only seven games, including the final qualifying round and friendlies, but has transformed into a team that is conscious of controlling and dominating the flow of the game by adopting a system based on a stout defense, always looking to score goals, and dominating the game regardless of the opponent.

The three friendlies in June provided a valuable testing opportunity for coach Alonso, with two wins and a draw in three matches. The trip was a significant one, as the team tried out a 4-3-3 formation and a three-back system.

<At Attack>

Starting with a careful build-up from the rear, the team aims to score goals with speedy attacks from the sides, focusing on vertically-oriented movements.

The team consists of Godin and Gimenez at CB, Bentancur and Valverde in midfield, Suarez and Cavani at FW, who were regulars under the previous regime, but the aggressive Olivera at left back and Araujo at right back bring stability to the “left shoulder up”, three-back formation.

By allowing midfielder Pellistri, with his precision passing and speed, to take advantage of the space created by Araujo staying in the back, the team was able to add speed and depth to their attacks from the flanks.

The team is based on an “up-and-left” attack, but with D. Suarez, who made his national team debut this January, and Varela, who was called up for the first time in four years and played well in a friendly in June, an attack from the right side could be an effective option, depending on the flow of the game.

<At Defense>

・In situations where the ball is lost to the opponent, the team immediately presses with high position and intensity, as well as forming a high line defensive formation to try to win the ball.

When the opponents attacked, the team formed a [4-4-2] block, with Valverde and Bentancur pulling back and using a combination of zone defense and man-to-man.

Star Players(Top 6)

Luis Suárez  (FW/Club Nacional de Football)

“Absolute Striker who Leaves His Name in The History of Uruguay”

・The main pillar of the front line with the highest number of goals scored in Uruguay history. He compensates for his physical decline with his natural goal sense and experience, and his quality of making a decisive difference in the penalty area is still alive and well. He has good physical contact, good off-the-ball movement and quick ball reactions. It is also a big attraction that the goal pattern is very rich, such as beautiful goals that can not be stopped by GK and unrefined goals that throw the body.

・In addition, he knows how to make the most of his surroundings. A striker who is so versatile and can leave results is rare. At the 2010 South Africa tournament, he used his hands to stop the shot, which became a topic of discussion around the world, and at the 2014 Brazil tournament, he bit Chiellini. This tournament, which will probably be the last, I want to leave a mark as a striker.

Edinson Cavani (FW/Valencia)

・”Scorer with a Natural Sense of Scoring”

・A great striker who has built an era by teaming up with L. Suarez for two solid tops. He possesses all the abilities required of a striker at a high level, including shooting accuracy, aerial combat and heading strength, post work, and positioning in front of goal. What’s more, his great appeal is that he can do anything that is directly linked to the goal, such as counter-attacks, jumping behind the scenes, jumping into crosses, and reacting sharply to a spilled ball.

・With an altruistic mentality, he energetically runs around the front lines. He makes use of his teammates with his off-the-ball movement and works hard with his defensive dedication. In order to adjust his condition, he declined to be called up to the national team in September, and is fully prepared for the World Cup. I would like to show his oxidized silver brilliance on his fourth and probably last big stage.

Darwin Núñez (FW/Liverpool)

・”The Next Generation of The World’s Best Strikers”

・”Successor of Suarez & Cavani” who made a big break at Benfica and transferred to Liverpool with much fanfare. He has the unrefinedness in front of the goal that is typical of Uruguayan strikers, and the aggressiveness that is indispensable in modern football.

・In addition to his height, physical strength, and accurate finish, he has a reputation for speed and momentum that can be used on the wing, and his finishing from the cut-in is also a weapon. He can also carry a defender on his back and set up a post play or dribble to create a deciding opportunity. He also excels in long sprints and is a threat on counterattacks.

・The only point of concern is that he refrains from coexisting with Cavani and Suarez and cannot fully demonstrate his original characteristics. This is the first big stage for the national team, attracting attention from all over the world.

Federico Valverde (MF/Real Madrid)

・”Uruguayan Monster Bird”

・A “hidden world-class” who possesses unsurpassed talent in both offense and defense. With his inexhaustible stamina and extensive use of the pitch, he gives the team dynamism and continues to make significant contributions in both offense and defense throughout the 90 minutes. He has a greedy personality that does not lose his presence even in difficult situations and tries to solve the situation.

・He has a strong physical ability to capture the ball, and his unstoppable dribbling is his weapon. When he steals the ball from the opponent, he approaches the goal with tremendous propulsion. At Real Madrid, as the right of the top three, he has been given space to unleash his excess horsepower. The occasional low trajectory middle shot has outstanding destructive power and has a high probability of catching the frame.

Rodrigo Bentancur (MF/Tottenham)

”Control Tower”

・A highly skilled and tactically aware register. He can not only set up the game from a low position, but also provide the last pass.

He is also highly regarded for his ability to practice high-density defense. He brings stability to the team with his technique of retrieving the ball with his long legs, strong physicality and exquisite standing defense, and makes a strong impression on both offense and defense.

・Last season, he joined the Premier League midway through the season, but adapted without difficulty by working with a personal trainer to build his body.

Ronald Araújo (DF/Barcelona)

・”Uruguay’s Best DF”

・He combines the tough Uruguayan spirit and ball skills inherited from his Brazilian roots, and plays CB and right back with high quality.

Intense, fast, and even more overwhelmingly physical, he shows unparalleled strength in defensive and air battles against opponents and is also a scorer with his high scoring head.

Players List

NameAgeClub teamRepresentative Results (Goals)
Néstor Muslera36Galatasaray133 caps・After an injury, he temporarily relinquished his starting spot to Rochet, but showed consistent play in a friendly match in June.
Sergio Rochet29Nacional6 caps・Started in four World Cup qualifying matches since Alonso took over
Sebastián Sosa36Independiente1 caps・First national team debut in June
Diego Godín36Vélez Sarsfield159 caps(8)・His 4th World Cup
Martín Cáceres35LA Galaxy114 caps(4)・Legendary class in both achievements and experience
José María Giménez27Atlético Madrid78 caps(8)・Unmatched strength in aerial combat
・Future captain candidate
Sebastián Coates32Sporting47 caps(1)・He has a passionate fighting spirit, and he keeps the team tight with his voice.
・Captain in Sporting.
Matías Viña25AS Roma24 caps・Played for a club in a town of 3,800 inhabitants until he moved to Nacional at the age of 17
Ronald Araújo23Barcelona11 caps・Yerba Mate lovers
Damián Suárez34Getafe 6 caps・He was not called up to the national team after U-20, and made his first debut for the A team in January of this year.
Mathías Olivera25Napoli6 caps・Robust physicality and propulsion to withstand contact play
Guillermo Varela Olivera29Flamengo9 caps・In June of this year, the offensive right SB returned to the national team for the first time in four years.
・Using his speed, he runs up the sides and delivers crosses that boast outstanding precision.
José Luis Rodríguez Bebanz25Nacional0・Right SB who improved his reputation in the domestic league and was selected as a member of the Qatar World Cup roster
・His characteristic is his ability to aggressively repeat overlaps and create chances.
・Peel off the opponent with excellent dribbling technique
Matías Vecino31Lazio60 caps(4)・Expectations for competitive spirit
・High performance against Mexico
Rodrigo Bentancur25Tottenham49 caps(1)・Elite path with Boca, Juventus, and Tottenham.
Federico Valverde24Real Madrid42 caps(4)・Nicknamed “Little Bird” for his abundant athleticism
Lucas Torreira26Galatasaray 39 caps・Tough guy who is small but excels at winning the ball
Giorgian De Arrascaeta28Flamengo38 caps(8)・The key player in Flamengo winning the Copa Libertadores in 19
Facundo Pellistri20Manchester United6 caps・Symbol of the new Uruguay
Nicolás De La Cruz25River Plate15 caps(1)・Brother of former national team member Carlos Sanchez
Mauro Arambarri27Getafe12 caps・First start in June against the U.S.
Manuel Ugarte21Sporting5 caps・Excellent for ballhunting and bus
Diego Rossi24Fenerbahçe3 caps(1)・Valverde and past teammates
Agustín Canobbio24Athletico Paranaense2 caps・Father is a former professional soccer player
Facundo Daniel Torres Pérez22Orlando City10 caps・A skillful lefty who creates a difference by cutting into the opponent’s defense with his dribbling with a unique tempo
・Can be used anywhere as long as it is a position in the second row
Edinson Cavani35Valencia133 caps(58)・First attempt at the eagerly awaited La Liga (Valencia).
Luis Suárez35Club Nacional de Football132 caps(68)・With the team in dire straits, he said, “I’ll be in the zone, I’ll be fine,” and scored three goals in four games.
Maximiliano Gómez26Trabzonspor27 caps(4)・Dependable in the previous administration and continuously used in the current administration
Darwin Núñez23Liverpool11 caps(2)・Growing up in a poor family as a child

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