【Qatar World Cup】Switzerland【Full Explanation】

National Team

All 32 teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar are introduced.

This time, we will introduce the Switzerland national team from Group G, who defeated France in the final eight of the EURO tournament and, although they shared the World Cup qualifying round with the European champions, Italy, they were able to qualify for the main tournament by winning the qualifying round undefeated and coming in first with their organizational strengths.


Basic Information

Number of appearances12th(Fifth consecutive)
Highest AchievementQuarter finals
FIFA Ranking16th
Capital cityBern
Population8.64 million
ManagerMurat Yakin
(National Team)

<Results of last 6 games>

11/17Friendly matchGhana0-2N

After finishing in the top eight at last year’s EURO 2020, national team alumnus Yakin took over from Petkovic, who had been in charge since 2014.

Despite initial misgivings, Yakin managed the team brilliantly, leading them through the World Cup qualifying rounds undefeated in six games and into the tournament in first place after a fierce battle with the European champions Italy, giving the team and the nation great confidence.

The team has the potential to advance to the World Cup in Qatar, with experienced players such as Xhaka and Sommer, as well as young players who are expected to make their breakthrough. However, the team lost three of four games in the Nations League in June and scored only three goals, a long-standing problem that has become a concern.

Group Stage Schedule 【Group G】
Date of a matchLocal game start timeOpponentTotal match record
Section 1November 2413:00Cameroon
Section 2November 2819:00Brazil
2 wins, 4 draw, 3 losses
Section 3December 222:00Serbia
1 wins, 0 draw, 0 losses


(Name)Murat Yakin
(Date of birth)September 15, 1974(48)
(inauguration)August 2021

・Last August, he took over as national coach, succeeding Petkovic, who had established a long-term regime.

・As a coach, he led FC Basel to two domestic league championships and won praise from Jose Mourinho with home and away wins against Chelsea in the CL group stage.

・As a player, he was a CB and played for the Swiss national team for 10 years.

9.3 kg of Swiss chocolates will be sent to the Northern Ireland Football Association to thank Northern Ireland for holding Italy to a scoreless draw in the final round of World Cup qualifying.

His specialty is omelettes, which he learned from his mother.

Basic Formations & Tactics

Playing interlocking offensive and defensive soccer with “organizational strength,” one of the company’s strengths 

<Basic Formations>

・The team’s strength is its “organizational ability,” and it plays interlocking offensive and defensive soccer with longtime mainstays Xhaka, Shaqiri, and Sommer at the helm.

His predecessor, Petkovic, had consistently employed a three-back system at EURO 2020, but Yakin’s team played through the World Cup qualifiers based on a [4-2-3-1] system.

・There is no need to take the three losses in a row negatively, since the team could have won the game against Spain in the Nations League in June, where there was a strong testing atmosphere as they tried the [4-4-2] and [4-3-3].

・The disadvantage is the lack of decisive players up front, which will make it difficult if the opponents pull back, and they will have to rely on individual skills such as Xherdan Shaqiri’s FK and Xhaka’s mid-range shot.

<At Attack>

The team does not easily rely on long balls, but instead builds up carefully from the back, with Xhaka playing a central role in deep positions, using long and short passes to control the entire team and push the ball forward.

The SBs are also characterized by their style of aggressively attacking up, forming a numerical advantage, and then trying to break down the enemy line.

Shaqiri, who plays at the top of the table, is a key player who breaks into half-space when his teammates hold the ball up on the flanks, and breaks the deadlock with his highly accurate left foot. The combination of Embolo and Seferovic, who are high-scoring CFs, will bring the team closer to the goal.

<At Defense>

・They press boldly from the front, but do not persistently chase, but quickly move to retreat and set up a three-line formation in preparation for the opponent’s attack. All players are based on defense, but the CF and top players remain up front in case of a counter.

The final line tends to maintain height and use the offside trap to stop opponents who are trying to get in behind. However, in the March match against England, there were many well-timed slips, and the players must be prepared to take a high-risk, high-return approach.

Even in situations where they are attacked, the team boasts a strong defense that is tall enough to smoothly bounce back mediocre crosses with its defenders.

Star players(Top 4)

Yann Sommer (GK/Borussia MG)

”One of the best shot stoppers in the Bundesliga”

He is a goalkeeper with very few holes in his game. His positioning and handling are excellent, and he is always precise in the direction he plays the ball. By keeping his center of gravity low, he can react more quickly to shots, and he can also react well to headers and grounders.

・At 183 cm tall, he is small for a goalkeeper and is not overwhelmingly strong on “high balls. However, he has agility, and his reaction to spilled balls is superb. He has also mastered the art of collapsing, so he is extremely strong against close-range shots and makes a series of big saves.

・He is a high-level goalkeeper who also buys leadership and contributes in terms of build-up.

Granit Xhaka (MF/Arsenal)

”Maestro of the mainstay”

・A big midfielder who plays a game-making role, he uses his accurate left foot as a starting point for attacks with long-range passes and powerful mid-range shots. He also makes his presence felt with his sharp lifts from low positions and his hard work.

As a key player in the build-up, he plays a role in pushing the entire team forward with his mix of long and short passes and wide range of movement.

His playing area has expanded since last season, and this season he has also taken on the role of diving into the box. He is also reliable at set pieces.

Xherdan Shaqiri (MF/Chicago Fire FC)

・”The key man in the breakdown”

His passing accuracy from his left foot is high, and he supplies the front line players with passes that link them to the goal.

At 169 cm tall, he is small for a player of his stature, but weighs in at 72 kg, giving him a very burly physique. He is a physical player who can hold the ball up in the second row, adding depth to the attack.

Manuel Akanji (DF/Manchester City)

・”CB who Excelled in Reading”

・It features a defense that makes the most of its agility. He has excellent sprinting ability and can respond to opposing players without running out. In addition, the size of the cover area is also attractive, and it runs and fills the space behind it by making use of its speed.

・In addition to being able to carry the ball, he has techniques and passing sense that can contribute to build-ups.

This season, he moved to Manchester C on the last day of the transfer market.

Players List

NameAgeClub teamRepresentative Results (Goals)
Yann Sommer33Borussia MG74 caps・In the fourth round against Bayern, he made 19 saves and received a perfect 10 rating on SofaScore
Gregor Kobel24Borussia Dortmund3 caps・Confidence in saving ability and defensive range
Jonas Omlin28Montpellier4 caps・Positive goalkeeper of Montpellier
Yvon Mvogo28FC Lorient4 caps・Confidence in your foot skills.
Philipp Kohn24Salzburg0・Modern GK who was selected as a registered member due to a series of injuries
・ Personality is introverted, but strong underfoot
Ricardo Rodríguez Suárez30Torino98 caps(9)・Torino’s new captain, a sticky defender.
Fabian Schär30Newcastle United71caps(8)・Aggressive defensively to win the ball and actively participate in the attack
Manuel Akanji27Manchester City41 caps・Father is Nigerian, sister is Social Democratic city councilor
Nico Elvedi26Borussia MG38 caps(1)・Excellent combination with Sommer, a colleague at the club.
Kevin Mbabu27Fulham22 caps・Dorret hair is his trademark.
・Dynamic right SB, athletic in nature.
Michael Lang31Basel31 caps(3)・Skilled at playing right SB and CB
Silvan Widmer29Mainz31 caps(2)・Captain in his second year with Mainz
Eray Cömert24Valencia9 caps・Exit in the opening round
Jordan Lotomba24Nice7 caps(1)・Speed is a feature
Xherdan Shaqiri31Chicago Fire FC106 caps(26)・Fined for political performance at World Cup in Russia
Granit Xhaka30Arsenal104 caps(12)・He has been reinstated with Arsenal supporters, and he is back on track.
Steven Zuber31AEK Athens51caps(10)・Assist leader at EURO 2020 with 4 assists
Remo Freuler30Nottingham Forest46 caps(4)・A centurion who knows the EURO, CL, and World Cup, he has the stamina and dedication of an Atalanta graduate.
Denis Lemi Zakaria26Chelsea40 caps(3)・Successor to Kante at Chelsea, where he moved on loan.
Djibril Sow25Frankfurt30 caps・Experienced EL winner. Organizer of the midfield
Renato Steffen31Lugano25 caps(1)・Cutting edge role on both sides
Ruben Vargas24Augsburg24 caps(4)・A key man who can single-handedly break through the attack phase.
Fabian Frei33Basel22 caps(3)・Convened for the first time in three years
Edimilson Fernandes26Mainz22 caps(2)・Utility MF
Michel Aebischer25Bologna10 caps・Box To Box type with high momentum
Mattia Bottani31Lugano1 cap・National team debut at age 31
Ardon Jashari20Luzern1 cap・The biggest discoveries in Swiss football in the past year
After making his first-team debut in January, he quickly adapted and is now vice-captain of the club.
・With a play style reminiscent of a jaka, he inserts propulsive dribbles and sharp vertical passes for accurate defensive responses.
Fabian Rieder20Young Boys11 caps(2)One of Switzerland’s most talented players and a talent to watch
・A midfielder with a wide field of view and outstanding offensive performance, such as passing when the opponent doesn’t expect it.
Haris Seferović30Galatasaray86 caps(25)・The key player in the defeat of France at EURO 2020
Breel-Donald Embolo25AS Monaco56caps(9)・He has power and speed, and his specialty is post play, which makes him a reference point.
Mario Gavranović32Kayserispor41caps(16)・10 goals in the Turkish League last season.
・I love “Game of Thrones.”
Noah Okafor22Salzburg8caps(2)・Last season, he scored three goals in the CL and became well-known.
Andi Zeqiri23FC Basel7 caps・Shaqiri’s successor
Christian Fassnacht29Young Boys15 caps(4)・An offensive midfielder who was selected as a registered member at the last minute while suffering from a concussion and its aftermath.
・Moving on the right side
・In EURO 2020 against France, he repeatedly made a decisive interception from a substitute appearance and contributed to the victory.

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