【Qatar World Cup】Brazil【Full Explanation】

National Team

All 32 teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar are introduced.

This time, we will introduce Group G, the Brazilian national team, reigning atop the FIFA rankings, undefeated in the South American qualifying rounds for the World Cup, and on the verge of perfection on their way to the tournament’s first glory in 20 years.


Basic Information

Number of appearances22th(22nd consecutive)
Highest AchievementChampion (5 times)
FIFA Ranking1th
Capital cityBrasilia
Population294.47 million people

Results of last 6 games

3/25World Cup qualifierChile4-0H
3/30World Cup qualifierBolivia0-4A
6/2Friendly matchRepublic of Korea1-5A
6/6Friendly matchJapan0-1A
9/24Friendly matchGhana3-0H
9/28Friendly matchTunisia5-1H

・Tite has experimented with a wide variety of tactics since taking over the national team in mid-2016. Especially in the second half of this year’s South American World Cup qualifiers, he has made changes to the team from match to match, looking for alternatives to make Seleção more creative. Finally, at the end of the qualifying round, Chitti himself said, “Imagination and effective attacks are approaching the ideal form.”

Brazil is the only country in the world to have participated in all the World Cup tournaments and won the most titles five times, but it has missed the title in four tournaments since the 2002 tournament. Although the pressure is increasing, there is a lot of positive news, such as the fact that they have qualified with six matches remaining.

・In addition to the experienced players who have been playing since the 2006 tournament, talented youngsters are emerging one after another, especially in the front row, intensifying the competition for positions, and the public’s expectations are increasing for the first glory in 20 years.

<Group Stage Schedule 【Group G】>
Date of a matchLocal game start timeOpponentTotal match record
Section 1November 2422:00Serbia
2 wins, 0 draw, 0 losses
Section 2November 2819:00Switzerland
3 wins, 4 draw, 2 losses
Section 3December 222:00Cameroon
5 wins, 0 draw, 1 losses


(Date of birth)May 25, 1961(61)
(inauguration)Jun. 2016

This is the second time they have attempted this challenge, having achieved a number of outstanding successes, including breaking through with six South American qualifying rounds left to go.

・The team’s soccer, which emphasizes balance between offense and defense and speed of transition, is in the realm of perfection, and its defensive intensity, in particular, is among the best in the world.

While he is a rigorous instructor with a passion for research and attention to detail, he is also skilled at controlling the hearts of people, including players, staff, and the media, and creating an atmosphere where everyone fights as one.

The many players in good form are a problem: the battle for the regular goalkeeper between Alisson and Ederson, and the attackers who are rich in talent. Other than that, CFs M. Cunha, Firmino, and Richarlison, G. Jesús is doing well on the flanks, and Rodrygo and Martinelli are also developing well.

Basic Formations & Tactics

Chance creation by 7 players including goalkeeper, and “fake number 9 Neymar

<Basic Formation>

<At Attack>

Since the end of the South American qualifying rounds, the team has adopted a 4-2-3-1 formation with a flexible playing style. The key point is that Neymar, who used to play on the left flank, has become a “false 9” in an increasing number of games. Starting in the center of the park, he is free to move around and support the attack. This role has become more like that of the number 10.

・At the back, seven players (goalkeeper, four defenders, and two midfielders) use their individual technical skills to initiate attacks and connect with short passes. The right SB Danilo plays CB-like, while the left SB A. Sandro plays closer to the center forward, near the volantis Casemiro and Fred, and participates in building the attack. Up front, the two speedy FWs (Vinicius on the left and Raphinha and Antony on the right) spread out to the sides, while L. Paqueta and Neymar attack from the center using their technical skills.

One of Tite‘s main goals is to give the two dribblers more space to move freely on the flanks, allowing them to attack as soon as they receive the ball. The other is that with Fred and A. Sandro in midfield, Neymar and L. Paqueta will not have to drop back to get the ball and will have more opportunities to create chances and get closer to the goal.

There are many occasions when the two dribblers go inside to jump into the penalty area. In some cases, when the two dribblers are in front of each other, the SBs, volunters, and even the CBs move forward to increase L. Paqueta’s passing options.

<At Defense>

To defend high up the field, the two FWs should first move forward and apply pressure in a [4-2-3-1]. Whenever possible, win the ball back in the area between the front line and the midfield.

It will either be [4-2-3-1] to thicken the defense in the midfield, or, depending on the depth of the opponent’s attack, it will be [4-4-1-1], with Neymar remaining and the side midfielders dropping back.

Star players(Top 9)

Neymar(FW/Paris Saint-Germain)

“Emperor of the Seleção”

His ability to make a difference with world-class technique is second to none. He has captured the attention of countless soccer fans. His dribbling, in particular, is world class, and it is no exaggeration to say that he is one of the best in the world. He can dribble, play with his opponents, and score goals either individually or in combination.

In his early 20s, he did not seem to be much of a defender, but he can be seen as an active defender on the front line. He is also a top-notch FKer and has a lot of ideas.

Recently, he has been coming down into the midfield and taking on more of a build-up role, and he has become known for the rapid adaptation and development of the youngsters who play with him.

Alisson Becker(GK/Liverpool)

“The best goalkeeper in the world.”

He has everything a goalkeeper needs in this position, both in terms of the most important aspect of goalkeeping, which is to protect the goal, and in terms of the range and build-up ability required of a modern goalkeeper, both of which are near perfection.

In addition to his positioning, response, cross handling and high goalkeeping ability, what is noteworthy is his mentality. He is not afraid to jump out of contact with his opponents, make one-on-one saves, and make big saves to save his team with a cool face.

His technique underfoot is also extraordinary, and he can also play a part in the build-up with accurate connecting passes and kicks. Having such a goalkeeper at the back of the line will give the team a great sense of security.

Thiago Silva (DF/Chelsea)

”heavyweight of the Seleção

He played a key role in the defense under Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel, and his exemplary leadership and composure led Chelsea to a CL title, their first Club World Cup victory, a Super Cup championship, and a domestic cup final.

At 183 cm tall, he is small for a center back, but he makes up for it with his physical ability and reading. He compensates for his small size weakness by moving around, as he has excellent speed and jumping ability. However, he does not move in a biting manner. He is a defender with a high level of good judgment and is able to use his diving and patience well. His indiscreet play is unremarkable, and his shrewd carvering and careful build-up are truly masterful.

Casemiro (DF/Manchester United)

”The mainstay of the Seleção

His “defensive ability” is as good as that of a defensive midfielder. He has the ability to win the ball using his physical strength and shows strength in “aerial battles” that is equal to that of a center back. His heading ability is also utilized as a scoring tool at set pieces.

Although the defensive side of his game often attracts attention, he is also highly capable on the offensive side. His feeding ability is not poor, and his technique under his feet is also high. When compared to the abilities required of an anchor, he is one of the most complete players in the world.

Marquinhos (DF/Paris Saint-Germain

”reliable fighting general”

He will lead the team in both the national team and his team of star players.

As a center back, he has excellent technique underfoot, and his passing accuracy and game-making ability make him a utility player who can also play right back and the bottom of midfield with ease. He boasts outstanding strength against opponents and can be a scorer in front of the opponent’s goal.

He is a complete center back with perfect speed, quickness, and physicality, as well as line control and stability.

Vinícius Júnior(FW/Real Madrid)

”The awakened Brazilian treasure”

His scoring ability blossomed last season with over double-digit goals. His ability to score as well as dribble has made him more of a threat to opponents.

・His characteristic feature is his extraordinary speed. In addition, he has world-class foot technique. There are many other players who are fast and have good foot technique, but there are not many who have both at the world’s top level.

Lucas Paquetá (MF/West Ham)

Although he failed to make an impact at Milan, he continued to produce quality performances throughout the season at Olympique Lyonnais, where he was transferred to, and he was able to handle the “false 9” without a hitch, making his presence stand out in a team that was in a slump.

He is not a player with many assists, but he is good at playing the ball to change the development of the key to the attack. He also has the ability to use a through pass to the front without leaving an open teammate on the side of the ball.

His wide vision allows him to move the ball in a way that shakes the opponent, especially when he can attract several opponents when the ball is under his feet, from which he can make a mid-range pass that can quickly change the rhythm of an attack.

Alex Sandro(DF/Juventus)

”Super-aggressive SB with a famous Brazilian lineage.”

He has no flaws in his offensive game. He is flexible enough to fit into the team’s fighting style and rarely loses the “speed” game to opposing side attackers, nor is he hit and miss.

He also has the ability to scatter a pass with precision and an accurate left cross that can produce a goal. His overall ability is probably the reason why he has been used so heavily by successive commanders.

Highly praised by Tite for his ability to read the game in defense and his speed to support in attack. He also works well with Neymar, L. Paqueta, and others on the left side.

Éder Militão(DF/Real Madrid)

・”A gem of a CB who makes a difference in defense”

Last season, he and David Alaba supported Real Madrid’s CBs in the absence of Sergio Ramos and Varane, and contributed to the league and CL championships.

He is one of those rare CBs who can really come into his own when he is outnumbered and outpaced, and his physical prowess makes it easy for him to recover when he is outnumbered and outpaced.

Players List


NameAgeClub teamRepresentative Results (Goals)
Alisson Becker30Liverpool55 caps・During his time playing in Brazil, national coach Dunga called him up because of his ability to build attacks with his feet.
Ederson Moraes29Manchester City18 caps・He and Alisson often play with each other to show off their dexterous footwork in between representative practices.
Weverton34Palmeiras11 caps・Voted best goalkeeper in the Brazilian League for four consecutive seasons
・Outstanding overall strength and stability


Daniel Alves39Pumas124 caps(8)・Ranked 3rd all-time in representative appearances
・Won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics as a spiritual pillar
Thiago Silva38Chelsea107 caps(7)・Premier’s oldest player
Marquinhos28Paris Saint-Germain69 caps(4)・Wise and calm since his teenage years. Indispensable to the national team.
Danilo31Juventus45 caps(1)・He played with A. Sandro at Santos, Porto, Juventus and Seleção.
Alex Sandro31Juventus37 caps(2)・Highly paid but steady with his money.
Éder Militão24Real Madrid22 caps(1)・A threat to the ironclad duo of T. Silva and Marquinhos.
Gleison Bremer25Juventus1 cap・He is a strong and physical defender and was voted the best defender in Serie A last season.
・He can also be the starting point of an attack with his daring dribbling and passing.
Renan Lodi24Nottingham Forest15 caps・Left-handed, but also free with his right leg.
・Attack is his weapon and he also assists, but he has also grown defensively over the past year.
Emerson Royal23Tottenham7 caps・Right SB for the next generation of D. Alves and Danilo
Alex Nicolao Telles29Sevilla6 caps・Attention is focused on his offensive ability, but he also spares no effort in defense for the national team.
Guilherme Arana25Atlético Mineiro4 caps・Super aggressive and spends a lot of time playing up front from midfield.
Felipe33Atletico Madrid2 caps・His role model is Thiago Silva. Mental training after meeting coach Simeone.
Gabriel Magalhães24Arsenal0 caps・Known for defending with his physicality and passing to start an attack.


Philippe Coutinho30Aston Villa68 caps(21)・He is Brazil’s commanding force, but a knee injury kept him out of the game for nine months last year.
Casemiro30Manchester United63 caps(5)・Speeches that inject energy and confidence into the team are top-notch.
Lucas Paquetá25West Ham33 caps(7)・He has been indispensable since his return to Seleção last May.
・He and Neymar have such great chemistry that they even match their post-goal performances and are good friends off the pitch.
Fred29Manchester United27 caps・The national team has the freedom to attack, and although I am expected to connect, assist, and create chances, I am comfortable in any role,” he said.
Everton Ribeiro33Flamengo22caps
・Attacking midfielder who creates chances from his left foot
Fabinho29Liverpool27 caps・So much so that they say there are no passing errors.
・According to him, his strengths are ball winning, hard work, and chance creation.
Douglas Luiz24Aston Villa9 caps・Supporting a strong defense and contributing to the attack with technical skills
・After the Tokyo Olympics, I’ll get a gold medal tattoo.
Bruno Guimarães25Newcastle United8 caps(1)・From “CFZ”, operated by Zico.


Neymar30Paris Saint-Germain119 caps(74)・Enlivening the newcomers off the pitch and helping to create an atmosphere
Vinícius Júnior22Real Madrid14 caps(1)・Tite and Ancelotti have always talked to each other and helped them grow.
Gabriel Jesus25Arsenal56 caps(19)・Despite his talent at Arsenal, he was not called up for the national team week in September.
Roberto Firmino31Liverpool55 caps(17)・Tite professes to be “always watching.”
Richarlison25Tottenham36 caps(14)・Humble, but a goal or assist when he plays.
・Dove dance after scoring makes him popular.
Rafinha25Barcelona9 caps(3)・He scored two goals in his first start for the national team last October. If only this night had never ended…”
Antony22Manchester United9 caps(2)・Embodying a highly technical and captivating style of soccer
・The aspect of continuing to provide emotional support to the girl’s fans during her battle with illness.
Pedro Guilherme25Flamengo2 caps(1)・A boxy striker, which is lacking in the current Seleção. He is strong in the air and his positioning is precise.
・He scored his first goal for the national team against Tunisia in September, and became a candidate for the World Cup team.
・Coach Tite highly praised him as a “typical number 9”.
Matheus Cunha23Atletico Madrid7 caps・Cheerful and emotional
・Samba with D. Alves to get the team going
Rodrigo21Real Madrid5 caps(1)・He has many weapons: both feet, head, shooting, dribbling set plays. Some say he is the next generation’s number 10.
Gabriel Martinelli21Arsenal3 caps・A leap from Brazil’s second division.
・Dual citizenship approached by Italy, but chose his home country.

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