Wales【Qatar World Cup:Full Explanation】

National Team

All 32 teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar are introduced.

This time, we will introduce Group B Wales, a team that has been reforming under the motto of “Together Stronger” over the years, and has been successful in recent international tournaments, overcoming the odds to break through to the group stage at the World Cup in Qatar.


Basic Information

Number of appearance2th
Highest AchievementQuarter finals
FIFA Ranking19th
Capital cityCardiff
Population3.14 million
ManagerRob Page
NicknameThe Dragons

<Results of last 6 games>

6/6World Cup PlayoffsUkraine1-0N

・The reforms begun by former coach Gary Speed, who died 11 years ago, have finally matured for the Welsh national team. As coach Page said, “World Cup qualification is no longer a dream” In the World Cup qualifying playoffs, the team defeated Austria and Ukraine to qualify for its second World Cup in 64 years.

・The team showed that it can compete with the strongest nations by making a run for the top four at EURO 2016, advancing past the group stage last year, and finishing second in the group behind Belgium in the World Cup qualifying round. Under the motto “Together Stronger” the team’s greatest strength is its club-team-like bond, which blends the golden generation of Bale and Ramsey with the new generation, including James.

・The team is fortunate to be placed in Group B, which includes England, the United States, and Iran, and will be hoping to advance past the group stage. Considering their age, this will likely be the last World Cup for the golden generation of Bale and Ramsey. Particular attention was paid to the third round, the Battle of Britain.

<Group Stage Schedule 【Group B】>
Date of a matchLocal game start timeOpponentTotal match record
Section 1November 2122:00USA
0 wins,1 draw, 1 losses
Section 2November 2513:00Iran
1 wins,0 draw, 0 losses
Section 3November 2922:00England
14 wins,21 draw, 68 losses


(Name)Rob Page
(Date of birth)September 3, 1974(48)
(inauguration)Nov. 2020

・He served as Wales U-21 coach for two years starting in 2017 and became assistant manager of the A’s team led by Ryan Giggs in August 2019. Following Giggs’ suspension, he began leading the team as interim manager in November 2020 before officially taking over as manager in June this year.

・In the Nations League, he promoted Wales to the top category, Group A. In EURO 2020, he led them past the group stage, and in June 2022, he led them to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar, their first World Cup appearance since 1958.

・During his playing career, he made 41 appearances for Wales, captaining the team once, and says his proudest moment in his career was a 2-0 win over Hungary in February 2005.

Basic Formations & Tactics

The “Golden Generation” and the “Next Generation” unite offensively and defensively to create a new page in Welsh history.

<Basic Formations>

Bale, the absolute ace of Wales, is the key man for the Dragons, who will be participating in the World Cup for the first time in 64 years. His world-class left foot is still going strong, and he will lead the team as captain.

In the Nations League in June, 21-year-old Johnson made back-to-back appearances against Belgium and the Netherlands, and the much-anticipated youngsters are on the rise. The team will be looking to see if they can show the same ability in Qatar that they have shown in the past two EUROs.

・The team is based on a “solid defense and quick attack” strategy, in which they defend with a back three that is close to a back five, and then take advantage of the few chances they have with sharp counterattacks.

・The key emphasis is on defense. Because the team is accustomed to defending, their strength is that they can patiently wait for the few chances they have without feeling stressed even if they take control of the match.

<At Attack>

・After winning the ball, they aim to counter by sending long passes from the final line to the FWs who run from the final line at once. On the other hand, there are times when the three CBs hold the ball in order to reduce unnecessary lost ball. If space arises in the midfield, B. Davies of the final line will take it out to create a numerical advantage.

・One of the lifelines of the team is the athleticism and ball carrying of the WB. The right-handed N. Williams, who is assigned to the left wing, cuts into the center of the field and aims to finish the game himself.

・The difference from last year’s EURO is that the team is less “Bale-dependent. Instead of relying on the ace’s individual skills as before, the team’s tactics are based on the speed of James up front. He freelances and pushes down the opposing final line, creating space in the attacking area, where midfielders Ramsey and Wilson can jump out to add depth to the attack.

・In the end, it is Bale, the captain of the team, who will do the heavy lifting. The FWs have more options with the emergence of a promising youngster in Johnson, who can finish on his own.

<At Defense>

・The intensity of the press is low, and retreat is the top priority. When playing defensively, the team gives up pressing from the front and forms a back five with both WBs pulling back completely to solidify the inside of the box. Sometimes, midfielder Ampadu drops back to form a back six.

The three CBs bounce off the opponent’s crosses thrown into the box, and the three midfielders eliminate the space in the center of the box.。

・The three CBs, led by Rodon, are known for their physical shot blocking, and they work with the goalkeeper to limit shot courses; even if one player is taken out, the players around him are quick to support him, and they defend their goal with multi-layered maneuvering tactics.

Star players(Top 5)

Gareth Frank Bale (FW/Los Angeles FC)

”Welsh Hero”

A “monster forward” who single-handedly decides games by leaving opposing defenders behind with his natural speed and physical ability. At his peak, his sprinting ability is among the best in the world. With a devastating shot from his golden left foot, he has scored many memorable goals from midfield and FKs from outside the area.

As an individual, he has scored a total of 100 goals for Madrid and has scored final goals on major occasions such as the UEFA Champions League final, bringing the title to Madrid.

He was the biggest difference-maker for the national team, scoring two goals against Austria in the playoff for a World Cup berth and setting up the game-winning own goal against Ukraine with a direct FK.

Daniel Owen James (FW/Fulham)

”The Poster Child for a Counter”

・He is one of the fastest wingers on the premier, running up the space. He is a sharp dribbler, reminiscent of Bale, who can dribble in a straight line, and if he breaks through vertically, he can cross or shoot from a cut-in to score a goal.

He is quick to switch between offense and defense, and can also contribute to the team defensively with his dedication to constantly running with his abundant athleticism.

Ben Davies (DF/Tottenham

・”Solidity is The Charm of CB”

・A versatile defender who can be used at center back and side back. His long feeds to the back and passes underfoot are accurate, and like a center back, he has a good sense of danger and is strong in aerial battles. He is also a good aerial fighter. He uses his running ability and wide defensive range to eliminate space in the front line.

・At Tottenham, he began to run up into the vast spaces in front of him and join in the attack when he saw an opportunity. In addition to finishing, he also carried the ball to draw opponents or create a gap in the markings, and he was a perfect fit as part of a back three.

Neco Shay Williams (DF/Nottingham Forest)

・“A=Arnold II”

An attacking SB developed at Liverpool, he, like his senior A-Arnold, is a crosser, feeder and one-on-one player with outstanding kicking accuracy.

・He is not a big man, but he has a strong and aggressive physique, and he is not easily defeated in a ball game against a strong Premier League player.

・If he improves his judgment, positioning when defending, and accuracy in each play with experience, he should be able to approach A-Arnold’s level more closely.

Brennan Johnson (FW/Nottingham Forest

・”The Gems of Wales”

He is a scorer who scored 18 goals and provided 10 assists in the Championship (second division in England) last season. He is a goal scorer with an overwhelmingly fast dribble that leaves opponents in his wake. His finishing work is also dynamic. He is a versatile player who can not only score goals by himself but also set up goals for his teammates.

With his Jamaican roots, he can be used in any offensive position with his rare physical ability and natural technique.

Players List

NameAgeClub teamRepresentative Results (Goals)
Wayne Robert Hennessey35Nottingham Forest104 caps・Veteran of over 100 caps.
・Recorded 9 saves in the playoffs
Daniel “Danny” Ward29Leicester City26 caps・At EURO 2020, he was second in the tournament in saves
・He warmed the bench for five years at Leicester, but this season he became a defender.
Adam Davies30Sheffield United3 caps・In 10 years of professional career, he has never had a single experience in the top league.
Chris Gunter33AFC Winbledon109 caps・Veteran of the most caps of all time
Ben Davies29Tottenham74 caps(1)・Awakened last season by Conte’s appreciation of his mentality to fight for 90 minutes and his defensive stability.
Connor Roberts27Burnley39 caps(3)・Right SB with long throws
Christopher James Mepham25Bournemouth32 caps・Large, strong in contact play and aerial combat
・From Chelsea Youth
Joseph Peter Rodon25Stade Rennais28 caps・Bounce crosses with a high hitting head and build up with precise passing
Neco Shay Williams21Nottingham Forest21 caps(2)・Joined Liverpool’s academy at age 6 and debuted at 18
Rhys Norrington-Davies23Sheffield United11 caps(1)・Scored his first goal for the national team against the Netherlands in June
Ben Cabango22Swansea City4 caps・Brother is a promising rugby player
Tom Lockyer28Luton Town14 caps・CB, originally from Cardiff, was kicked out at the age of 16 for not being tall.
・The ability to win the ball is attractive, and it is a scoring source in set plays
Joseph Peter Rodon25Stade Rennais30 caps・Capturing the ball with high readability and sticky defensive response, and an exceptional ability to handle the pass under his feet
Aaron James Ramsey31Nice75 caps(20)・All-rounder midfielder who creates opportunities in the vital areas
Joseph Michael Allen32Swansea City72 caps(2)・Swansea’s main player in the “Tiki Taka” era.
Harry Wilson25Fulham39 caps(5)・Assist leader with 10 G and 20 A in last season’s championship
Ethan Ampadu22Spezia36 caps・Young warrior who played anchor, CB and SB for Venetia in Seria A
Joseff John Morrell25Portsmouth28 caps・EURO2020 will participate in all matches
Matt Smith22MK Dons18 caps・From Manchester C’s lower organization
・Silent and therefore “zero socialization”.
Jonathan Peter Williams29Swindon Town33 caps(2)・Handyman who can handle anywhere in the midfield.
Dylan Levitt22Dundee United12 caps・A genuine path master.
Sorba THOMAS23Huddersfield Town6 caps・A “projectile” that mass-produces assists with a world-class left foot if you set it vertically with a unique dribble
Rubin Colwill20Swansea City7 capsIf you receive the ball, carry it with a sharp dribble and break the situation
Gareth Frank Bale33Los Angeles FC106 caps(40)・Awarded the Order of the British Empire, 5th class, for his past achievements.
Daniel Owen James25Fulham36 caps(5)・Last year, after witnessing the birth, he was helicoptered to the match.
Kieffer Moore30Bournemouth26 caps(8)・Aerial combat is unparalleled.
・A hard worker who started his career in the 6th division.
Tyler Roberts23QPR19 caps・Once expelled from the delegation for going AWOL, but won the Community Service Award two years in a row at Leeds
Brennan Johnson21Nottingham Forest13 caps(2)・21/22 Championship Young MVP of the Year
・His father was also an ace at Forrest.
Rabbi Matondo22Rangers11 caps・Born in Liverpool, raised in Manchester
・Combines explosive speed and scoring ability
Mark Harris23Cardiff5 caps・Vigorous offensive and defensive attacker

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