England【Qatar World Cup:Full Explanation】

National Team

All 32 teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar are introduced.

This time, we will introduce the England team from Group B, which is one of the favorites to win the World Cup in Russia (4th place) and the EURO last year (runner-up), but has failed to win any of the six Nation League games played immediately before the World Cup.


Basic Information

Number of appearance16th(seventh consecutive)
Highest AchievementVictory(once)
FIFA Ranking5th
Capital cityLondon
Population55.98 million
ManagerGareth Harold Southgate
NicknameThe Three Lions

<Results of last 6 games>


・Following fourth place at the World Cup in Russia four years ago, the team reached the final of a major tournament for the first time in 55 years, although they finished runner-up at last year’s EURO, losing to Italy in a penalty shootout. In the six years since Southgate took over, the team has been on a steady growth curve.

In the European qualifying round for the World Cup, the team’s defense was stable, conceding only three goals in ten games, and they were undefeated and qualified for the main tournament for the seventh consecutive time. The attacking lineup includes top-class talent from the Premier League mega clubs, led by Kane, the team’s absolute ace and captain, who has scored a European record 12 goals as the team’s leading scorer.

・On the other hand, in the most recent Nations League, the team exposed a lack of attacking variation and was relegated to a lower league at the bottom of the group without a whitewash. Nevertheless, Kane will be 29 years old at the start of the World Cup, at the peak of his career, and with most of the main players in their early to mid-20s and only Walker and Henderson in the over-30s, the Qatar World Cup is the best chance for the team to win the big time, and they will be looking for their first top spot in 56 years.

<Group Stage Schedule 【Group B】>
Date of a matchLocal game start timeOpponentTotal match record
Section 1November 2116:00Iran
Section 2November 2522:00USA
8 wins,1 draw, 2 losses
Section 3November 2922:00Wales
68 wins,21 draw, 14 losses


(Name)Gareth Harold Southgate
(Date of birth)September 3, 1970(52)
(inauguration)Sep. 2016

・He coached the U-21 England national team from 2013 to 2016 and was promoted to coach the England A national team in 2016.

・He finished fourth in the World Cup in Russia in 2006 and led his country to its first final in 55 years at last year’s EURO, becoming the first England coach to reach a major tournament final.

He played over 500 games for Crystal Palace, Aston Villa and Middlesbrough, and has 57 caps for the A team.

Basic Formations & Tactics

Using top-notch talents in a variety of ways, only one thing to do: win the championship for the first time in 56 years!

<Basic Formations>

・The midfield is packed with developing talent such as Mount, Foden, and Rice, and the front line is led by the reliable captain, Kane.

Without fixing the formation, the team uses four backs and three backs depending on the conditions, and uses the most suitable personnel from the abundant talents available there. The formation is merely a starting position, and no matter which formation is adopted, the system can be changed depending on the situation during the game.

・The biggest challenge is to build a stable team by ensuring offensive and defensive balance while sending as many top-class FWs as possible to the pitch in the front line. While adhering to the principle of lining up two defensive midfielders in the center of midfield who can ensure offensive and defensive balance, the team operates flexibly by changing the number of players on the final line and the composition of the front line depending on the game to mesh the formation with the opponent and adjust the starting point of pressing and build-up methods.

 Southgate’s cautious approach has been criticized by some as “weak-kneed”. However, Southgate’s decision is a logical one, as it is based on the principle of maintaining the offensive and defensive balance of the team, and maximizing the quality of the front line. The current team situation does not have enough quality in the midfield and the final line to raise the team’s center of gravity and increase ball control.

Looking at the team as a whole, there are no flaws to be found, including the final line and midfield, and the fact remains that they are one of the most well-rounded teams among the participating countries. If one were to look for a weakness, it would be the goalkeeper, Pickford, whose performance lacks consistency, but he is well coordinated with the final line, which keeps its center of gravity low, and is not a major cause for concern.

<At Attack>

The key in the buildup is Walker, who plays right back and CB in a back three. When the final line is made up of three pieces and passes are made, defensive midfielder Rice comes down in some scenes, but basically the two CBs and Walker are used to pass the ball around.

 However, it must be said that there are limitations to a tactical approach based on ball control. The reason for this is the lack of a “commanding” midfielder who can organize the attack from the bottom of midfield. This is because English soccer has traditionally been vertically oriented, and this type of midfielder was never needed in the first place. Even though the likes of Phillips, Rice, and Henderson can maintain possession with simple passing, they do not have the tactical vision to control the rhythm of the attack or the quality passing to move the game forward.

He is not overly obsessed with possession, and when the opportunity arises, he does not hesitate to send vertical passes up front to push the team forward. However, they do not send many men ahead of the ball line, relying almost entirely on the individual abilities of their attackers to attack the last 30 meters.

 Specifically, a triangle of wingers, SBs and MFs cut through the wide open sides, eventually providing crosses to Kane in the center, who then aims the spilled ball to the mounts or the opposite wingers.

The left SB takes a high position and the right side is transformed into a [3-2-4-1] with the wingers open. Thanks to Walker, the team has the advantage of being able to move back and forth between a back four and a back three fluidly.

<At Defense>

・When defending, set up three backs and a high final line. The intensity of the pressing depends on the level of the enemy. In games against lower-ranked teams, wingers in addition to FWs will actively participate in pursuit, aiming for short counters after winning the ball, but in games against strong teams, priority will be given to retreating, forming blocks with a [4-4-2] or [4-3-3].

・The weakness of the CBs – Maguire, Stones, and Mings – is that they lack the speed and agility to take care of the space behind the final line pushed high.

When attacking, the CBs and central midfielders are always numerically superior in the rear to protect the central zone. Shaw, the left SB, makes regular forays into the enemy zone to participate in attacks, while Walker, on the right, stays in his own position even when attacking, often positioning himself slightly inward to prevent the CB pair from being isolated.

Up front, priority is given to players such as Sterling, Grealish, and Saka, who can be calculated to contribute defensively, and Sancho and Rashford, who surpass them in pure attacking quality, have not been given consistent opportunities.

Star players(Top 7)

Harry Edward Kane (FW/Tottenham)

”The Greatest FW in England’s History”

Three-time Premier League leading scorer, world class scorer. He has an abundance of scoring patterns both inside and outside the box. He is a highly accurate shooter with both feet, and his shots from both sides of the box are sure to find the target. He is also a strong, physical striker, and is a super-versatile striker who can also play off the defensive backs in aerial duels, post play, and dribbling.

He also plays a game-making role with his technique with his feet and high passing accuracy. When he drops back to midfield and receives a pass, he breaks up the opposition with a one-touch pass that allows his teammates to make the most of their position. His through passes on the counter are also first class, and he recorded 14 assists last season and 9 last season.

Raheem Shaquille Sterling (FW/Chelsea)

・”All-Around Speedster”

A fast dribbler with the ability to break through using his overwhelming speed. His explosive acceleration and fine-touch dribbling allow him to break through tight spaces and create opportunities when he breaks into the box. Under Pep’s tutelage, he has mastered decision-making and positioning, and can be used anywhere in the top three. He can also play between the lines or out wide.

・He has contributed to 11 titles at Manchester City and has chosen to take on a new challenge at Chelsea this season, where he is at the peak of his career. He leads the team in both offense and defense with his aggressive approach to the opposition goal and his high press and high intensity defensive response.

Phil Foden (FW/Manchester City)

”England’s Greatest Treasure”

・He is a small player at 171cm, but has sharp quickness and agility, and is left-handed, but can also use his right foot to make a difference in the last 30m from the flanks to the center of the park. He is also a good one-on-one player, but his greatest asset is his ability to work with others to break the deadlock, including combinations, last passes, and off-ball movement as a third man.

In the current Man C team, which competes with the best in the world, he has become one of the absolute mainstays of the team with De Bruyne and B. Silva, ahead of other attackers, and has steadily improved the stability of his performances, which had been an issue. Like both of them, he is one of the key players whose absence from the pitch is felt strongly.

・If he can further improve his finishing and consistently score 25 goals in a season, he could establish himself as the heir apparent to Messi and C. Ronaldo of the 2000s, both in name and in reality.

Mason Mount (MF/Chelsea

”Up-and-coming Mitfielder”

・He is a fast-growing attacker with a high level of passing, shooting, and dribbling, and has made a series of plays that have led directly to goals. When on the attack, he moves quickly toward the goal and breaks through the opponent’s final line with his sharp dribbling. He can also cross the ball at top speed and shoot with great power.

・Last season, he scored double-digit goals and assists for the first time in his career and was the team’s leading scorer.

・He has plenty of stamina, is aggressive in his pressing, and works hard both offensively and defensively throughout the 90 minutes.

Declan Rice (MF/West Ham)

・”Heart of the Three Lions”

A world-class midfielder who ranked in the top 15 in the Premier League last season in passing, ball-winning, tackles, and interceptions, he covers a wide area with his excellent mobility and risk management, while also showing strength in man-to-man combat to nip a threat in the bud.

・He is top-notch when it comes to ball-winning ability. He is a skillful and clean tackler and rarely gets carded.

Once he gets the ball, he is able to build an attack with his high level of skill with his feet, and he can also make accurate long feeds. In recent years, his propulsive power has also improved, and when he sees space in front of him, he dribbles through the center of the field with great power. Last season, he was third in the Premier League in carries into the attacking third.

・He has also worked hard to master free kicks, and his mid-shot boasts outstanding accuracy and power.

Jude Bellingham (MF/Borussia Dortmund)

・”Young Midfield Ruler”

・With his excellent physique, high physical ability, and outstanding technique, he is a talented player who can make a significant contribution to the team in terms of both quality and quantity of play. If he continues to develop well, he has the potential to become a world-class all-around midfielder on par with De Bruyne. He is involved on the ball frequently in midfield and contributes greatly to both the offensive and defensive phases of the game.

His ball control, long and short passing, dribbling and lifting to the front line, as well as his ability to assist and his performance stability, make him an amazingly complete midfielder.

・His absolute quality as an individual and his tactical flexibility make him versatile enough to adapt quickly to any type of team.

Nick Pope (GK/Newcastle)

・”From AAmateur to Guardian Deity”

A late-blooming goalkeeper who uses his 191cm height and long limbs to make a series of super saves.He is one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League with his accurate positioning, quick movement, and aerial ability.

・He has difficulty with his feet and does not contribute much in the build-up, and in the game against Germany in September, he was in danger of handling passes on a number of occasions.

・He made his professional debut in England’s 8th division at the age of 16, after being out of contention. He made steady progress through a series of transfers before joining Burnley in 2016, when the club was promoted to the Premier League. Within a few years, he was named as a defender and was selected for the World Cup in Russia.

Players List

NameAgeClub teamRepresentative Results (Goals)
Jordan Lee Pickford28Everton45 caps・When he gets into the flow of the game, he makes a series of big saves, but sometimes he makes fatal mistakes, and stability is an issue.
・Five consecutive perfect finishes at EURO
Aaron Ramsdale24Arsenal3 caps・Saved the team with a big save, and contributed to building the attack with accurate vertical passes and long feeds.
・Loudly inspiring the team from the tail end
Nick Pope30Newcastle8 caps・There was a time when I had to deliver milk to earn a living.
Kyle Andrew Walker32Manchester City68 caps・He is one of the best in the world when it comes to one-on-one strength, spring ability, and speed, and he single-handedly prevents his opponents from countering.
・Trying out false SB this season.
John Stones28Manchester City58 caps(3)・Highly skilled with good footwork and excellent deployment skills to contribute to the build-up
・The downside is a lot of injuries.
Eric Jeremy Edgar Dier28Tottenham42 caps(3)・Called up to the Nation League in September for the first time in about 18 months and started in both games
・Last season, he won Conte’s trust to lead the final line.
Harry Maguire29Manchester United46 caps(7)・The Manchester U chief was also cited as a war criminal for last season’s sluggish performance, and booing became the norm.
・In the A team, Southgate has confidence in him, and he started both games in the Nation League in September.
Luke Paul Hoare Shaw27Manchester United21 caps(2)・Ousted from his starting spot at the club.
・High offensive performance and strong in interpersonal battles, but has difficulty with pressing and catching up speed
Benjamin James Ben Chilwell25Chelsea17 caps(1)・His accurate crossing and sprinting with abundant stamina are his weapons, and he can also be involved in goals in the box.
・Return from knee ligament rupture
Benjamin William White25Arsenal4 caps・The highest-paid defender in Arsenal’s history, he is strong against opponents and is a well-rounded CB.
・He has been playing right back since the start of the season with his high foot technique and propulsive dribbling ability.
Trent John Alexander-Arnold24Liverpool17 caps(1)・Highly accurate pinpoint crosses and FKs from his golden right foot are his weapons.
・Room for improvement in negative transitions and one-on-one defense.
Conor Coady29Everton10 caps(1)・A master of the long pass, the starting point of the attack in the back three
・He was the captain of the Wolves, and his leadership skills, described as “the coach on the pitch,” are also attractive.
Kieran Trippier32Newcastle37 caps(1)・FK’s quality is world-class.
・Although his main position is right back, he can also play left back, and his defensive skills trained at Atletico shine through.
Tyrone Deon Mings29Aston Villa17 caps(2)・A monster CB who excels at defense with his physicality of steel and sharpness of reading.
Fikayo Tomori24Milan3 caps・From Chelsea’s lower division
・Possesses overwhelming speed and is as powerful in the air as he is in the air.
・Learned Italy’s delicate defense and helped Milan win the Scudetto
Marc-Isael Guéhi22Crystal Palace3 caps・He boasts unparalleled strength in the ground game and is confident in his skills on his feet CB.
・He made a quick breakthrough with Crystal Palace last season and made his first appearance for the A team in March.
Jordan Brian Henderson32Liverpool69 caps(2)・Reds’ captain leads the team with his overflowing captaincy.
・Off the field, he was awarded the Order of the British Empire for his dedication on and off the pitch.
Declan Rice23West Ham32 caps(2)・Candidate for next England captain
Mason Mount23Chelsea31 caps(4)・Leading scorer in the club last season
Conor John Gallagher22Chelsea4 caps・A box-to-box type who excels at playing with intensity.
・Lampard is his idol after his breakthrough season at Crystal Palace last season.
Jude Bellingham19Borussia Dortmund15 caps・Strong thirst for victory and well qualified as a leader
Jack Peter Grealish27Manchester City23 caps(1)・Last season, he failed to prove his true worth of 100 million pounds.
・Dribbling against opponents to attack one-on-one and create opportunities
Bukayo Saka21Arsenal18 caps(4)・Arsenal Symbols
・Played in every game last season, scoring 11 goals and assisting on 7, the most goal involvement by a 21-year-old or younger in the five major leagues.
Kalvin Mark Phillips26Manchester City23 caps・Contributes to the offense and defense with long feeds and strong one-on-one play
・1st in number of presses and 2nd in mileage at EURO 2020
James Michael Edward Ward-Prowse28Southampton11 caps(2)・World-class right foot that turns set pieces into big chances
・Stamina to run for 90 minutes on offense and defense is also attractive.
Raheem Shaquille Sterling27Chelsea77 caps(19)・Recorded the most successful dribbles in the tournament at EURO 2020
Harry Edward Kane29Tottenham73 caps(50)・Absolute ace and captain of the team.
Phil Foden22Manchester City16 caps(2)・Hobby is “Fishing
Jadon Malik Sancho22Manchester United23 caps(3)・Dribbling through enemy lines and prying techniques to create the decisive moment
・Last season ended in a disappointing way, and he was on the fence to be a member of the World Cup team.
James Maddison25Leicester1 caps・An attacking midfielder who creates chances with last passes and crosses from his right foot.
・Set a career-high last season.
・World-class mid-shot and FK
Tammy Abraham25AS Roma11 caps(3)・His talent blossomed at Roma, where he scored 17 goals in the 21/22 season, the most by an Englishman in the five major leagues.
・They have many weapons, such as explosive speed, absolute height, and skillful technique, which keep opposing defenders at bay.
Jarrod Bowen25West Ham4 caps・Last season he scored 12 goals and had 10 assists, and made his debut for the A national team in June.
Callum Eddie Graham Wilson30Newcastle4 caps (1)・Versatile FW who can use his speed to get through the back, play a physical game, or build an attack.
・He has suffered from injuries, but his finishing work is first-rate.

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