【Qatar World Cup】Germany【Full Explanation】

National Team

All 32 teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar are introduced.

In this issue, we introduce Group E, the German national team, which aims to win the World Cup in Qatar by forming a highly complete team by combining veterans who have won the 2002 tournament, mature midfielders, and youngsters who are still developing, with Hansi Flick, who won six titles with Bayern, as coach after ending Löw’s 15-year long reign.


Basic Information

Number of appearances20th(18th consecutive
Highest AchievementVictory(4th)
FIFA Ranking11th
Capital cityBerlin
Population8.319 million people
Manager Hansi Flick
(the team)

Results of last 6 games

11/17Friendly matchOman1-0A

Since Flick took over as manager, the team has remained undefeated in 13 matches without losing to strong opponents such as the Netherlands, Italy, and England. Even in the four Nations League matches in June, which were played under difficult conditions immediately after the season ended, the team showed its competitive spirit by winning its final match 5-2 against its “natural enemy” Italy.

The center line of goalkeeper Neuer, CB Rüdiger, midfielder Kimmich, and attacking midfielder Müller provides offensive and defensive stability, and is supported by a solid lineup of up-and-coming midfielders such as left back Raum, CB Nico Schlotter-Beck, and midfielder Musiala, and young, rapidly developing players.

・The 2018 World Cup was eliminated in the qualifying rounds, and the final 16 in the EURO ended in disappointing results. Aiming for the top 4 in the final tournament, they will surely advance the game in a solid and conservative manner and impress the world about Germany’s comeback.

Group Stage Schedule 【Group E】
Date of a matchLocal game start timeOpponentTotal match record
Section 1November 2316:00Japan
1 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses
Section 2November 2722:00Spain
9 wins, 8 draw, 8 losses
Section 3December 122:00Costa Rica
1 wins, 0 draw, 0 losses


(Name) Hansi Flick
(Date of birth)February 24, 1965(57)
(inauguration)August 2021

He was once second-in-command to his predecessor, Löb, and is a renowned general who won six titles as a coach at Bayern.

・Known as a personable person, he builds thick trusting relationships with his players.

He calls for soccer that “keeps the initiative for as long as possible.”

・Since taking over, the team has successfully charted an upward curve by improving team strength by encouraging the development of individual players, including back-up players, and by defining the axis of the team by introducing the tactics (intense pressing with Gegenpress, extremely high final line, and high-speed counters) that led to the CL championship in the 19-20 season.

・In the Nations League in June, the team drew three consecutive games and was derided by mean-spirited fans as the “draw hansi” but a big win against Italy (2-5) erased any skepticism.

Basic Formations & Tactics

The greatest strength is quick and strong transitions during ball-loss and ball-retrieval

<Basic Formations>

・The concept is based on building up from the rear, while quickly sending vertical passes to the front line when they see an opportunity, pushing the entire team to a higher position to accelerate the attack, and when defending, aiming for immediate recovery by gegenpressing as much as possible, while switching to retreats step by step with precise judgment.

The difference with the previous administration is that it has the sensitivity to be flexible and responsive to the overall balance.

The basic system was changed from [3-4-2-1] at the end of the previous administration to [4-2-3-1].

Overall, the team is remarkably well-balanced, with no weaknesses to be found in either offense or defense. At the end of the previous regime, the team was too fixated on retaining the ball, and there were many scenes where the offensive and defensive balance collapsed, but under Frick, the team is more solid and conservative in this respect, which gives the team a sense of stability.

A source of concern is how to compensate for the absence of a pure striker, while many players can create chances.

<At Attack>

The goalkeeper Neuer and two CBs with midfielder Kimmich at the center of the buildup.

・The left back, Raum, takes a high position like a winger, creating a “left shoulder up” shape to carry the ball past the opponent’s defensive line. The right backs, Klosterman and Köhler, who can also play CB, then join the final line to maintain balance.

 Even if the opponent blocks the path of the ball, the player can leave it to Neuer at the tail end of the field without trying to forcibly connect with it. The main rule is to move quickly vertically, but even if the opponent presses you, you can distribute the ball right over the top of them into the open space in the midfield, so that they cannot rush in carelessly.

・Even when the opponents are drawn back, the team will establish ball possession and try to break them down, especially through the excellent tactical vision and passing ability of register Kimmich in the midfield and Goretzka, who has technique and vertical dynamism.

 The technical skills of Gündoğan and Musiara play a role in carrying the ball vertically, adding momentum and accent to the dynamic development that aims to penetrate the open spaces in front of them.

 Werner and Zane, who like to play at speed in open spaces, get behind their opponents, and Muller dives into the open space in front of the goal, combining with Gnabry and Havertz to create scoring opportunities.

<At Defense>

・In situations where the ball is lost to the opponent, the iron rule is that immediately, all 11 players, including the front line attackers, must be aware of the offensive and defensive changes, and immediately after the ball is lost, they must not hesitate to initiate a Gegenpress, chasing to prevent the ball from being carried forward immediately and aiming to regain the ball immediately in the opponent’s camp.

When the opponent makes a back pass, aim to collect it by pushing the line up at once and letting the opponent kick a long ball.

・When the press is dodged, the team retreated and established a compact defensive formation, with the FWs moving to block the pass to the opposing volantis, driving the opponents to the sides and setting up a situation where they can press at any time.

・Although the entire team takes a high position when attacking, the space behind the final line is managed by Neuer, the original sweeper goalkeeper and still one of the best in the world, so it is rare for the opponent to get behind the team and counter.

Star players(Top 9)

Manuel Neuer(GK/Bayern)

”The German Wall”

・Even as he enters his late 30s, he continues to make big saves. He is especially strong at shooting from close range and has very good basic skills as a goalkeeper.

He has an extraordinary defensive range and is synonymous with “sweeper-keeper”. Under Josep Guardiola’s leadership, he has also shown that he has great skill underfoot, and he is an 11th man in the German national team as well as for Bayern, playing in the build-up and out of the box.

He has true leadership skills and speaks with such weight in the locker room that everyone listens.

Leroy Sané (FW/Bayern)

“Winger of the Explosion”

・He is a powerful attacker with sharp, high-speed dribbling and a variety of feints. He is not easily beaten in simple competition, and his speed never slackens when he has the ball in his hands.

・His dribbling is also a threat. But he is not only fast, he also has a high level of technique to dodge through tight areas, which makes him even sharper.

・The weakness of the company is that it has severe fluctuations in favorable and unfavorable conditions and lacks continuity.

Serge Gnabry (FW/Bayern)

・”The Clever Winger”

・As a winger, his decision-making ability is among the best in the world. He is a flexible dribbler who can dribble with ease and precision, and has a high shooting accuracy with both feet.

・Although not tall at 176 cm, he has very strong body balance. He is good at both setting up with the ball and moving out from the back, and his unexpected play confuses the opposing DF.

Thomas Müller (FW/Bayern)

”The GermanBbrain”

His positioning and direct play are at the peak of their maturity, and his ability to find space and sense is unmatched. His ability and sense for finding space is unparalleled, and his out-of-the-box movements and play are sure to disrupt opposing defenses.

He has a unique sense of goal scoring and a high level of basic skills such as passing, shooting, and dribbling. He also has an attractive competitive spirit and the mentality to do the decisive work in the big game.

Jamal Musiala (MF/Bayern)

・”Prodigy at the Heart of Bayern”

・At 17, he plays for Bayern Munich, the absolute champions of Germany, and is a versatile attacker who can play in all positions up front.

・His most powerful weapon is his skillful handling of the ball and his unique dribbling ability, which allows him to break through enemy lines with his brilliant body language, not only in one-on-one situations but also in situations where he is outnumbered and outpaced. He is also extremely accurate with his short passes and midrange passes, which he quickly sends out to find a free teammate.

・In defense, he tends to be outclassed in the one-on-one situations in which he waits for his opponents, but his quick switching and forward pressing is precise in terms of both intensity and timing. He can also play as a central midfielder for a team like Bayern, which tends to push the ball into the box against lower-ranked opponents, but his natural position is in the first half of the park between the two lines (DF and MF).

Joshua Kimmich (MF/Bayern)

”German Warlord”

He is a commanding figure who inherits the DNA of Bayern, a team that is obliged to win every game. He is the symbol of the “number 6 ” with his accurate vertical passing in the build-up using the precision of both feet, his dedicated sprinting, and precise positioning.

He has excellent game intelligence and controls the offense and defense from the bottom of midfield. He plays a commanding role for Bayern and the German national team.

Antonio Rüdiger(DF/Real Madrid)

”A Strong Physical and Energetic Combative CB”

・Combining height, strength, and speed, he is an influential figure that even the great general Ancelotti fell in love with. He is 190 cm tall and has a tremendous physical range, and it is outrageous to break through an attacker alone. If you give space to the front, you can dribble up the attack and throw in a mid-range shot.

・They have evolved significantly over the past year or two, and the lack of concentration they used to show is rarely seen. He is now considered one of the world’s top-class defenders, and his accurate passes and powerful headers during build-ups are the team’s weapon.

Nico Schlotterbeck(DF/Borussia Dortmund)

・”Germany’s Promising New CB”

・He has all the elements required of a modern center back at a high level. In addition to his aerial ability and strength in man-to-man combat, he is one of the best in the Bundesliga in terms of his ability to hold his ground and feed with precision.

・He also contributes to the build-up with his accurate passing and lift from his left foot. He also has the speed and dribbling skills to play left back.

David Raum (DF/RB Leipzig)

”SB that Cuts Through the Left Side”

・Characteristics are chance making by crossing. With the left side as the main battlefield, he breaks through the opponent’s DF by dribbling with the speed and technique of a FW, and supplies accurate crosses to his teammates waiting in the penalty area. Recorded the number one sprint (1063) in the Bundesliga on 21/22.

・With inexhaustible stamina, by repeating sprints for 90 minutes, you will be dynamic in offense and defense, adding an accent to the final break.

Players List

NameAgeClub teamRepresentative Results (Goals)
Manuel Neuer36Bayern113 caps・Great trust from the director
・Can be the starting point of an attack.
・Wallet lost in the off-season safely returned to its original location.
Ter Stegen30Barcelona28 caps・Although he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world, he is hampered by Noyer’s wall in the national team.
Kevin Trapp32Frankfurt6試 caps・Frankfurt’s defender who won the EL.
Antonio Rüdiger29Real Madrid53 caps(2)・Reserved in private life, courteous in media relations
Niklas Süle27Borussia Dortmund40 caps(1)・CB with both speed and power
・Burning to overthrow old foe Bayern
・Brothers own a bar
David Raum24RB Leipzig9 caps・The reverse-footed shot is also attractive.
Nico Schlotterbeck22Borussia Dortmund4 caps・Sometimes I make ordinary mistakes.
Matthias Ginter28Freiburg46 caps(2)・DF with high overall strength
・Serving as a sponsor for an old club
Thilo Kehrer26West Ham20 caps・Utility to play both SB and CB is highly valued by the coach.
Lukas Klostermann26RB Leipzig18 caps・Excellent vertical passing, one-on-one and covering ability
Jonathan Tah26Leverkusen16 caps・Leverkusen’s captain
Robin Gosens28Internazionale Milano13 caps(2)・Attack of the left SB
・First triathlon challenge this summer
Benjamin Henrichs25RB Leipzig7 caps・Participated in the Tokyo Olympics as an overage player
Christian Günter29Freiburg6 caps・Freiburg’s chief
Armel Bella-Kotchap20Southampton1 cap・One of the most physically strong and physical players in the premier league.
・Good at playing against and covering up for others.
Joshua Kimmich27Bayern68caps(5)・More than anyone else, he is hungry to win and demands the best from his team in every game.
İlkay Gündoğan32Manchester City60 caps(15)
・He can play anywhere in the midfield, and his high level of technique and tactical sense will break down the opponent’s defense.
・Move unnoticed by the opponent, and before you know it, you’re free in front of the goal and scoring!
Leon Goretzka27Bayern44caps(14)・Competitive and athletic
・Injects dynamism with dynamic play and powerful headers using his strong physicality
Jamal Musiala19Bayern15 caps(1)・Trump card in an attack
・Cutting through tight spaces with a unique dribble to neutralize opponents
・Can play anywhere in the midfield except CF up front.
Julian Brandt26Borussia Dortmund3 caps・Playmaker with the best soccer sense
・Able to run around the pitch and break the deadlock with a high level of creativity and developmental ability
Jonas Hofmann30Borussia MG14 caps(4)・Utility player who can play right SB or wing
Florian Wirtz19Leverkusen4 caps・Undergoing treatment for anterior cruciate ligament injury.
・Clear vision and ability to handle difficult situations with ease.
・An amazing 19-year-old with the future of Germany in his hands.
Julian Weigl27Borussia MG6 caps・Good at game-making at the bottom of midfield and defending to fill space
Anton Stach24Mainz2caps・Strong midfield and one-on-one strength make him a highly regarded player.
Thomas Müller33Bayern16 caps(44)
・World-class master of the one-touch pass
・As an on-field supervisor, he is trusted immensely by coaches and players.
Timo Werner26RB Leipzig53caps(24)・Speed is the greatest attraction.
・Although he did not get a chance to play at Chelsea, he is trusted by the coach.
・Returned to his old club RB Leipzig this summer
Leroy Sané26Bayern45 caps(11)・No one can stop him from dribbling and creating chances at the peak of his game.
Serge Gnabry27Bayern34 caps(20)・Stirring up the opposing defense with his haunting movements
Youssoufa Moukoko18Borussia Dortmund0・A prodigy who made his Bundesliga debut at the age of 16, the youngest player ever to play in the Bundesliga.
・A keen scorer, he also scored a goal from Neuer this season.
Kai Havertz23Chelsea28 caps(8)・A prodigy who can play any front line position.
・Dribbling, passing, shooting, heading, etc. all fascinating play.
Mario Götze30Frankfurt62 caps(17)・Back to life in Holland and back in Germany after a two-year absence.
・Members of the 14-year winning team
Marco Reus33Borussia Dortmund48 caps(15)・Members of the Brazil World Cup winning team
・Chance creation with genius one-touch passes
Lukas Nmecha23VfL Wolfsburg6 caps・Expected CF
・Good at post work with the opponent on his back.
Niclas Füllkrug29Bremen0・A dynamic, goal-scoring “secret weapon” of the German national team.
・Last season, he scored 19 goals and provided 8 assists in the Bundesliga.
Karim David Adeyemi20Borussia Dortmund4 caps(1)・Speed is world class
・Chased out of Bayern’s lower divisions for discipline violations
Jonathan Burkardt22Mainz0 caps・Attractive for its speed and vigorous press through the back
・Captain of the U-21 national team

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