【Qatar World Cup】Ghana【Full Explanation】

National Team

All 32 teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar.

This time, we will introduce the Ghanaian team from Group H, which won the final round of qualifying on away goals after an epic match against Nigeria.


Basic Information

Number of appearances4th
Highest scoreQuarter finals
FIFA Ranking61th
Capital city Accra
Population31.07 million
ManagerOtto Addo
NicknameBlack Stars

Results of last 6 games

6/5AFCONCentral African Republic1-1N
6/10Kirin CupJapan4-1A
6/14Kirin Cupchile
9/24Friendly matchBrazil3-0A
9/28Friendly matchNicaragua0-1A
11/17Friendly matchSwitzerland2-0N

・Coach Addo, who served as assistant coach at Hamburg and Dortmund in Germany, is an analytical person and uses both offensive and defensive battles while watching the opponent’s situation. His players, especially Thomas, are not only strong individually, but also have a high level of tactical execution.

・The team lost 4-1 to Japan in the Kirin Cup in June, but the trip was a test for the team members, as it was immediately after the African Cup of Nations qualifiers.At the World Cup, if they ride the wave, they will win Group G, where Portugal is the main contender, and the last eight is no longer a dream.

・There are some youngsters, such as midfielder Kudus, who are likely to break out in this tournament, but organization will be the lifeblood of the Black Stars.

<Group Stage Schedule 【Group H】>
Match dayLocal game start timeopponentTotal match record
Section 1November 2419:00Portugal
0 wins, 0 draws, 1 loss
Section 2November 2816:00Republic of Korea
3 wins, 0 draws, 3 loss
Section 3December 218:00Uruguay
0 wins, 1 draws, 0 loss


(Name)Otto Addo
(Date of birth)June 5, 1975
(inaugurationFebruary 2022

During his active career, he was a big winger and played for clubs in his native Germany, including Dortmund.

He was impressed by coach Klopp, whom he met during his time at Mainz, and this has led to his current career.

・Analyze the opposing team closely and reflect this in your leadership.

Basic Formations & Tactics

The first pass immediately after winning the ball in the center, where all the talent is available, is the lifeblood of the game.

<Basic Formations>

<At Attack>

・Short counters are the team’s weapon of choice, and the first pass immediately after winning the ball is a lifeline. Kudus receives the ball, turns forward, and quickly plays a left-footed through ball to Afena Gyan at the top or Fatau, who darts out of the way.

・On the left, J Ayew is the type of player who works with the ball and receives the ball in a wide left position to finish or cross. When Odoi attacks up the right side, the tall J.Ayew runs to the far side of Afena Gyan and heads it in for a powerful decision.

・An interesting form is Thomas’s offensive attack, where he receives the ball and threatens the goal with a dangerous mid-range shot when space is created in the center from a wide deployment.

・When the opponent defends by pulling back, I.Baba becomes like a volante, and when the possession flow drops between the CBs, Thomas moves to the ball side and plays the role of “launching pad,” and if he can start high, he can add depth to the attack in the final third. This will add depth to the attack in the final third. Afena Gyan, Kudus, and Thomas are strong talents in the center, and J. Ayew on the left tends to be involved on the inside. The left and right SBs will play a major role in the buildup, and crosses from the sides will be the jumping off point as the opposing defense will be wary of the center.

<At Defense>

・The ball side works simultaneously to pressure and set up the defensive formation. If the ball-lost area is in the center, the whole team retires while one person delays.

・When defending, the team is similar to a 4-1-4-1, but Kudus, whose main job is at the top, takes a higher position, and Thomas moves like a freeman, watching the entire midfield, so it is between a [4-1-4-1] and a [4-2-3-1].

・I. Baba will position himself slightly forward of the CBs to cover the rear of Thomas. When they drop deep into their own half, I. Baba is absorbed into the final line to form a [5-4-1] like system. The biggest ball-winners are in the central area with Thomas, who collects second balls and even balls. I. Baba fills the space created by Thomas’ wide movement and participation in the defensive phase of the game.

Star players(Top 3)

Thomas Partey(MF/Arsenal)

“The Face of the Black Stars”

・Plays a leading role in offense and defense in all phases of capturing the ball, setting up, making chances, and finishing. He has a clear vision and creates an attacking rhythm with his passes. If he dribbles and cuts himself, he has high offensive performance, such as stabbing a strong middle shot.

・With the defensive awareness that Simeone learned, he uses his inexhaustible stamina to run around the pitch. He has a high ability to detect danger, and the number of times he is overtaken by dribbling is very small.

・Watch out to see if the pose of sticking out the left hand while sucking the thumb of the right hand will be seen on the World Cup stage.

Iñaki Williams Arthuer(FW/Athletic Bilbao) 

“Basque Black Panther”

A high-speed striker who cuts through defense with his top-class speed in La Liga. He also has high physical ability, and if he sneaks out behind the back, he will run up in the blink of an eye, and it will be nearly impossible to catch up. If he puts in a big finish, he’s going to press hard on defense.

・The strength to injury is also attractive, such as playing in all games for 6 consecutive seasons. A native of Basque Country, he has played for the Spanish national team, but in response to a passionate request from the football association with his roots, he changed his national team in September.

Daniel Amartey(DF/Leicester) 

”High Quality CB”

・When he joined Leicester, his main battlefield was the right SB, but in recent years he has proven his ability with a converted CB. Prevent crosses and vertical passes with accurate positioning. He can contribute to the build-up with wedge passes and lifts as the starting point of the attack.

・ A “living legend” who contributed to Leicester’s miraculous Premier League victory and is still with the club today.

Players List

NameAgeClub teamRepresentative Results (Goals)
GKJoe Wollacott26Charlton10 caps・After making his debut for the national team last year, he became a candidate for the team’s guardian deity.
Richard Ofori29Orlando Pirates24 caps・Last time, he was a regular goalkeeper and lost in the final qualifying round
Abdul Manaf Nurudeen23Eupen2 caps・ Head guard is a trademark
・ Confidence in technique and reflexes underfoot
Lawrence Ati-Zigi26St. Gallen10 caps・Stands in front of the goal with an imposing posture and has sharp reflexes
Ibrahim Danlad19Asante Kotoko0・Shoot stopper highly rated in Ghana for his reflexes and high physical ability
DFJonathan Mensah32Columbus Crew69 caps(1)・Participated in two World Cups
Daniel Amartey27Leicester42 caps・Sometimes not careful and makes mistakes that lead to loss of points.
Alexander Djiku28Strasbourg17 caps(1)・Wide coverage and high feed strength
Gideon Mensah24Auxerre10 caps・Creating Opportunities with Crosses
Denis Odoi34Club Brugge3 caps・Technician who can play both SBs
Abdul-Rahman Baba28Reading FC46 caps・Injuries are frequent, and a number of rental transfers are made.
Andy Yiadom30Reading FC25 caps・Struggling from the English lower leagues
Alidu Seidu22Clermont2 caps・Right SB who cooperates with allies and steadily accomplishes tasks
・Contributed to the promotion of his club last season
Joseph Aidoo27Celta10 caps・Utilizing his strong physical strength, he is strong in interpersonal and aerial combat, and contributes to offense and defense with his strong headings.
Mohammed Salisu23Southampton2 caps
・Giant CB who has refused to be called up to concentrate on playing at the club
・Trained in the premiere, extremely strong in interpersonal battles
Tariq Lamptey22Brighton1 caps・A right-back from Chelsea’s academy
・Run up the side with a free-flowing dribble, and connect with a cross to make a decision
・In the under category, he chose the England national team, but he chose the Ghana national team to participate in the World Cup.
MFThomas Partey29Arsenal40 caps(13)・Ghana’s Player of the Year for the second year in a row.
Iddrisu Baba26Mallorca17 caps・Dynamo of Black Stars
Mohammed Kudus22Ajax15 caps(4)・Breakout candidate for this year’s tournament
Mubarak Wakaso32Eupen70 caps(13)・Game maker
Daniel-Kofi Kyereh26Freiburg11 caps・Performs backflips in goal puff
Daniel Afriyie21Hearts of Oak2 cap・Young Ghanaian striker candidate who mainly plays on the left flank
Osman Bukari23Red Star7 caps(1)・Joker candidate who leaves the opponent DF behind with explosive speed
Elisha Owusu25Gent2 cap・He is excellent at capturing the ball and builds attacks with highly accurate passes.
Kamal Sowah22Club Brugge0・He scored goals and assists against Atlético Madrid and Leverkusen in the group stage of the Champions League, helping him advance to the round of 16.
Salis Abdul Samed22RC Lens0・A growth stock that shines with dedicated defense and highly accurate passes
Kamaldeen Sulemana20Stade Rennais12 caps・”African Neymar” who creates chances by shaking off opponents with speedy dribbling
FWAndré Ayew32Al-Sadd106 caps(23)・Experienced the South Africa tournament, which finished in the top 8.
Iñaki Williams28Athletic Bilbao1 cap・Expected new force
Jordan Ayew31Crystal Palace81 caps(19)・Direct FK for goal
Issahaku Fatawu18Sporting11 caps・Supernova in contention with European clubs.
Joseph Paintsil24Genk5 caps・Weapon of choice is a shot from the left diagonal.
Felix Afena-Gyan19Cremonese5 caps(1)・From Roma’s lower organization
Antwi-Adjei28Bochum3 caps・National team debut in 2019
Benjamin Tetteh25Hull City7 caps・Height and power are threats to opponents
Antoine SEMENYO22Bristol3 caps・Deceive the opponent DF with a unique dribbling and have the ability to score

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