Mexico【Qatar World Cup:Full Explanation】

National Team

All 32 teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar are introduced.

This time, we will introduce “Mexico” from Group C, a squad that combines World Cup veterans, mid-career players, and youngsters who boast bronze medalist status at the Tokyo Olympics, and who are determined to put an end to a streak of seven consecutive top 16 finishes.


Basic Information

Number of appearance17th(8th consecutive)
Highest AchievementQuarter finals
FIFA Ranking12th
Capital cityMexico City
ManagerGerardo Daniel Martino
NicknameEl Tri
 (The Tricolor)

<Results of last 6 games>

9/1Friendly matchParaguay0-1H
9/25Friendly matchPeru1-0H
9/28Friendly matchColombia2-3H
11/10Friendly matchIraq4-0N
11/17Friendly matchSweden1-2N

・Since taking over in January 2019, Martino has been working to instill his aspirational tactics into the existing team while also developing young players. He has sought the same tactics as the A team for the U-23 team that will compete in the Tokyo Olympics, while sending A team players as overage quota players to promote the fusion of the A team and the U-23 team.

Midfielder Rodriguez and right back Sanchez, who were mainstays of the U-23 national team that won the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics, have stepped up steadily and are now key players in the A national team. In the North and Central American and Caribbean qualifying rounds, the team consistently maintained its World Cup qualification position, eventually finishing second in the qualifying rounds and qualifying for an eighth consecutive tournament.

・This will be their 17th appearance in the tournament, and although they have been regulars at the World Cup, they have failed to make the last 16 in seven consecutive tournaments. The members of this year’s team are widely regarded as the strongest in history, and there is a good chance that the team will advance to the last eight for the first time since the 1986 tournament.

<Group Stage Schedule 【Group C】>
Date of a matchLocal game start timeOpponentTotal match record
Section 1November 2219:00Poland
3 wins,2 draw, 3 losses
Section 2November 2622:00Argentina
5 wins,14 draw, 16 losses
Section 3November 3022:00Saudi Arabia
4 wins,1 draw, 0 losses


(Name)Gerardo Daniel Martino
(Date of birth)November 20, 1962.(60)

・He has experience in directing the Barcelona and Argentina national teams.

・They prefer a strict pressing and aggressive style of soccer, characterized by creative, quick passing as the base of their game.

During his time as coach of the Paraguayan and Argentine national teams, he led them to the Copa America finals three times, but they all finished as runners-up.

Basic Formations & Tactics

Instill traditional technical soccer with a solid defense, and end the history of losing the last 16 in seven consecutive tournaments.

<Basic Formations>

・The lineup, which combines previous tournament veterans such as R. Jimenez and Herrera with bronze medalists from the Tokyo Olympics such as Lainez and Sanchez, is considered to be the strongest ever.

・The team was defeated in a match against Uruguay in June with the best team members excluding Ochoa and Lozano. The key point is whether the team can use this as a springboard to improve their team strength.

<At Attack>

・The build-up is assembled in the traditional Mexican “Salida lavolpiana” which involves distributing the opposing press and connecting passes. Specifically, when the goalkeeper has the ball, both SBs take high positions, both CBs open to the left and right, and Alvarez and Herrera fall between them to form a passing work.

Unlike the old image, the current team uses short passes and sometimes long feeds to create an attack that uses the entire pitch. Herrera and Alvarez, who are responsible for setting up the attack, quickly deploy long, precise passes to the thinly defended areas on the flanks.

Basically, the attack is mainly from the side, with Lozano’s solo breakthrough on the left side and the link-up between Sanchez and Corona on the right side often seen, and finally, the scorer Jimenez and Lozano, who has a strong goal-scoring mindset, boldly aim for the goal.

<At Defense>

・When defending, wingers Lozano and Corona join the second row to form a [4-4-2] defensive block. In the front line, Jimenez and Rodriguez would lightly chase each other, and the players around them would work together to set up a defensive formation in response to their movements.

When the opponent penetrates into the middle third (midfield to their own half), the players near the ball begin to press in earnest to try to win the ball. Several players surround the ball holder, and in addition to the crusher Alvarez, the CBs Montes and Araujo also move forward aggressively to stop the penetration into the defensive third.

・The defensive awareness of Lozano and Herrera up front is strong, and they sometimes chase their opponents deep into their own territory. Ochoa, at the tail end of the line, makes a series of good saves with his undiminished reflexes. This allows the players around him to take risks and execute bold defensive responses.

Star players(Top 4)

Francisco Guillermo Ochoa (GK/Club América)

・”Rare Big Saver”

Boasting superhuman world-class reflexes, the guardian deity who has reigned over Mexico’s Goalmouth for many years. His competitiveness and reaction to shots from close range show no signs of slowing down into his late 30s. He’s experienced, focused on the big stage, and has saved teams in countless games with superhuman big saves.

Although he was a bench member at the World Cups in Germany and South Africa, he made his name known around the world at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, where he made a series of brilliant saves as a defender and was twice named Man of the Match.

・He was also the reigning guardian deity at the World Cup in Russia. He was also the guardian in all of the North and Central American and Caribbean qualifiers for this year’s tournament.

Raúl Alonso Jiménez (FW/Wolverhampton)

・”Mexican Striker”

・The undisputed ace of Mexico. He uses his strong physicality to win battles with opposing defenders and force them to shoot. He is also strong in aerial heading and is always reliable at set pieces.

・He is also fast and often plays out of the back. He is also actively involved in the construction of attacks with his wide-open movement and post work.

・He returned from a serious skull fracture injury last season, but has yet to regain his previous performance.

Hirving Rodrigo Lozano (FW/Napoli)

”Side Breaker”

・A fast winger who uses his agile dribbling to cut through opposing defenders. He is a fast winger who uses his agility and dribbling skills to cut down opposing defenders, and he is able to control the ball at high speed without blurring, allowing him to dodge his markers and shoot with a punch.At the Russia tournament, he scored the winning goal against Germany.

・He is mainly responsible for side attacks and can create chances on either the right or left side of the field. In front of goal, he acts like a striker, scoring by himself and allowing his teammates to score as well.

Edson Omar Álvarez (MF/Ajax Amsterdam)

・”Heart of Mexico”

・His talent blossomed last season under ten Hag, the current manager of Manchester U. He is one of the best anchors in the Dutch league with his high crisis sense and strength on the ball.

・He uses his talent for sensing dangerous spaces and his physicality to play the role of a lid in midfield. When he senses that the ball has been lost, he moves quickly to stop a counterattack. His sharp tackling and sliding skills to crush opponents are among the best in the world.

・Dribbling in tight areas and flipping from traps were learned in detention practice, and the build-up, which had been an issue, was greatly improved.

Players List

NameAgeClub teamRepresentative Results (Goals)
Francisco Guillermo Ochoa37Club América129 caps・The number 13 comes from his birthday.
Alfredo Talavera40Juárez39 caps・Known for shooting from close range and handling high balls
Rodolfo Damián Cota35Club León8 caps・Late bloomer, making national team debut at age 29
・Excellent agility and strong against highballs
Héctor Moreno34Monterrey124 caps(5)・Offensive presence with clean tackles and accurate feeds
Jesús Daniel Gallardo28Monterrey75 caps・Aggressive breakthroughs and sharp crosses create opportunities from the left side.
éstor Alejandro Araujo31Club América60 caps(3)・Strong and sturdy CB with strong defense against opponents
Kevin Alvarez23Pachuca7 caps・ Skillful dribbling with many touches is attractive
・He turned professional to fulfill a promise he made to his father, who died in a lightning strike.
César Jasib Montes25Monterrey26 caps(1)・Boasts overwhelming strength in both aerial and ground combat.
・Contributed to bronze medal as captain at Tokyo Olympics
Jorge Eduardo Sánchez24Club América25 caps(1)・Cutting deep into enemy territory through a good partnership with Corona
Gerardo Daniel Arteaga24Genk16 caps・Left SB with high overall strength
・While dribbling through the left flank, he is also dedicated in defense
Erick Germain Aguirre25Monterrey13 caps・Playing left and right SB, dribbling vertically
Johan Felipe Vásquez24Cremonese6 caps・Left foot feed is accurate and fast.
Andrés Guardado36Real Betis175 caps(28)・Veteran on the verge of setting a record for most appearances for the Mexican national team.
・Intelligence backed by experience, with a touch of smoldering silver.
Héctor Miguel Herrera32Houston Dynamo110 caps(10)・He moves around with Simeone’s dedication and creates the rhythm of the attack with long passes.
Edson Omar Álvarez25Ajax Amsterdam58 caps(3)・Played in every game at the last World Cup at the young age of 20
Érick Gabriel Gutiérrez27PSV33 caps(1)・He controls the game with long and short passes and is regarded as “Guardado’s successor.
Carlos Rodríguez25Cruz Azul32 caps・Xavi and Iniesta are favorites, with accurate passing from a careful touch of the ball.
Carlos Uriel Antuna25Cruz Azul32 caps(9)・Fast winger with sprint for sale.
Roberto Alvarado24Guadalajara29 caps(4)・Technically skilled chance maker
Orbelín Pineda26 AEK Athens48 caps(6)・Passing sense and goal scoring performance are a must see.
Luis Romo27Monterrey24 caps(1)・Nimble in movement for his physicality and delicate in touch with the ball.
Sebastián Córdova25Tigres14 caps(3)・Favorite player is Özil.
Fernando Beltrán24Guadalajara8 caps・Good passer
Luis Chávez26Pachuca7 caps・A box-to-box type that scatters passes over a wide range to add accents to attacks and has a high tactical understanding.
-Major contributions on defense
Raúl Alonso Jiménez31Wolverhampton97 caps(30)・High PK success rate
Jesús Manuel Corona29Sevilla71 caps(10)・He has a delicate technique that cannot be imagined from his body structure.
Hirving Rodrigo Lozano27Napoli58 caps(15)・He and Gutiérrez have been teammates since they were 11 years old in Pachuca’s lower organization.
Rodolfo Gilbert Pizarro28Monterrey38 caps(5)・Versatile, from his professional debut, he has worked as a right back, volante, central midfielder, and now as a winger and a top down player.
Henry Josué Martín30Club América23 caps(6)・Strength in the area with a punchy right foot and heading
Diego Lainez22 Braga20 caps(3)・The “Mexican Messi” who carried the number 10 at the Tokyo Olympics
・A deadly dribble that combines first-class speed and technique, and cuts through from the right side.
Rogelio Gabriel Funes Mori31Monterrey15 caps
・Able to play an active role both as a pass receiver and as a passer by taking advantage of his wide field of vision.
・From Argentina
Ernesto Alexis Vega Rojas24Guadalajara19 caps(3)・Powerful dribbling and accurate FKs are his weapons.

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