【Qatar World Cup】Netherlands【Full Explanation】

National Team

All 32 teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar are introduced.

This time, we will introduce Group A, the Netherlands, who were eliminated in the last 16 at last year’s EURO, but came in first in their group at the FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022 European Qualifiers, and will advance to the World Cup for the first time in two tournaments.


Basic Information

Number of appearances11th
Highest AchievementRunners-up
FIFA Ranking8th
Capital cityAmsterdam
Population17.55 million
ManagerLouis van Gaal

Results of last 6 games


・Four years ago, the national team’s success in the Nations League and Ajax’s success in the Cl, sparked a resurgence in Dutch soccer. While players moved to the big leagues one after another, new talents from Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord, and other clubs have emerged to further strengthen the country’s foundation. Such a virtuous cycle is now taking shape in the region.

This time, van Gaal, who is serving as a representative for the third time, understands the strengths and weaknesses, and from the national system [4-3-3] adopted at the qualifying round to [3-4-1-2], [3-5- 2] asked the people to understand the restructuring of Oranje. This is how the modern Netherlands, full of speed, was born.

Star players such as Van Dijk and F. de Jong have emerged, and in terms of talent power, it will be at a level higher than the Brazilian tournament, which left a good result in 3rd place. In the recent Nations League, they won consecutively against Belgium, and they are competing with strong opponents. It can be said that advance to the last 8 is a top priority as they were included in a relatively privileged group in this tournament. Rather, it will be interesting to see if he can win the deadly battle from there and repeat the 2010 (second place) and 2014 tournament (3rd place).

<Group Stage Schedule 【Group A】>
Date of a matchLocal game start timeOpponentTotal match record
Section 1November 2113:00Senegal
1 wins, 1 draw, 1 losses
Section 2November 2519:00Ecuador
Section 3November 2918:00Qatar


(Name)Louis van Gaal
(Date of birth)August 8, 1951(71)
(inauguration)August 2021

The idealist who led Ajax to the CL championship in 1995 with beautiful attacking soccer has turned into a realist in the last decade or so and continues to demand results.

・This is his third term representing the Netherlands, and in his second term at the World Cup in 2002, he placed third with an all-attack, all-defense team.

・In the World Cup qualifying rounds, the team followed the traditional “4-3-3” formation with good results, and switched to a back three at the beginning of this year. At first, the “3-4-1-2” was the main system, but in June, the team played four matches, mixing the “3-5-2” and “3-4-1-2” to increase the system variation.

Basic Formations & Tactics

The efficiency-oriented back three has changed in a variety of ways. The challenge is to be prepared for “offense ➡ defense” and goalkeeping.

<Basic Formation>

<At Attack>

・Although the possession rate is down compared to the “4-3-3,” the offensive performance has improved, and the reason for this improvement in scoring is probably the increased opportunities for the highly mobile FWs, Depay, Bergwijn, and Berghuis, to compete in front of the opposing goal. This set of three mainly forms a two-top-one-shadow formation. The Dutch are looking for short counters from hype dressing, but to take full advantage of the speed of Depay and Bergwijn, they sometimes dare to pull back to their own line to create space in advance.

One top two shadows with target men such as V. Janssen and Weghorst up front is one of the attacking options. When taking risks and attacking at the end of the game, Van Dijk, the CB, goes up and becomes a 2 up top, thoroughly putting in long balls and early crosses.

・In March, the midfield was an equilateral triangle with F. de Jong and Koopmeiners in control and Berghuis at the top. Against Belgium in June, they adopted an inverted triangle with F. de Jong as anchor and Klaassen and Berghuis at inside half to match the opposing midfielders. Blind, the left wing-back, will be involved in the midfield to spice up possession.

<At Defense>

Aiming for counters and immediate recovery. The high line is basic, but it may be intentionally lowered to create space for the two top players.

The CBs are well-rounded in both quality and quantity, but during the “offensive and defensive” transitions, they were not well prepared for lost time, causing them to split the center of the field again and again, causing them to be pinched.

The goalkeeper is the “Achilles heel” of this team, and the situation is so serious that the name of Passepferre, a veteran who has yet to represent the national team, is being considered for the World Cup, and the World Cup will likely choose a goalkeeper depending on how well he does on that day.

Star players(Top 5)

Frenkie de Jong(MF/Barcelona)

“The Dutch Register.”

・A “genius-skinned game maker” who can handle various roles such as inside half, anchor, and CB. The appearance of carrying the ball to the front line while neutralizing the opponent’s press with outstanding skill and technique is one word “beautiful”. In addition to changing the team’s rhythm with his high passing skills and wide vision, he breaks the opponent’s defense with a sharp pass.

・Although he is not particularly large at 181 cm/70 kg, he is good at cutting the ball using his crisis-sensing skills and brings stability to the team both offensively and defensively.

Virgil van Dijk(DF/Liverpool)

“Best CB in The World”

・Even in the Premier League, which has monster-class forwards, it stands like a wall and easily nullifies the opponent’s scoring chances. He uses a variety of defensive techniques to hold down attackers and is unlikely to be overtaken by dribbling.

・Last year, he made a complete comeback from a serious knee ligament tear injury, bringing functionality to offense and defense with impregnable defense and accurate long feeds. He plays the role of constructing the build-up from the back line and has a strong presence as a target role in set-pieces.

The way he encourages his teammates with a voice that echoes even into the audience is exactly like “The Captain“.

Memphis Depay(FW/Barcelona


・Although he plays as No. 9, he is not a “killer in the area,” but rather a player who drops back a little and attacks the goal while participating in the build-up. He is a strong keeper, and if he gets careless with his feet, he is lightly dodged. His shot is powerful. He is also very accurate at set pieces.

・Last year, he joined Barcelona as a standout player and consistently found the net in the first half of the season, but his position became unstable with the dismissal of fellow coach Koeman and his own injury, and this season, with the increase in rivals such as Lewandowski, he was a candidate for release from the team but decided to stay.

・He is also active off the pitch, releasing songs as a HipHop rapper and owning his own clothing line.

Denzel Dumfries(DF/Internazionale Milano)

・”The Beast running up the right side”

・He is characterized by his 189 cm strong physical strength and energetic style of play that you wouldn’t expect from a full-back. With overwhelming running power, breakthrough power, and momentum, he cuts through the right flank while cutting down the opponent, adding depth to the attack with a chance mace at once.

・Even in defensive response, he puts his body into action without taking it easy. He belonged to an amateur club until the age of 18, and is highly favored in terms of being a super late bloomer, and is loved by the people.

Marten Elco de Roon (MF/Atalanta)

“The Best Hunter in Serie A”

He quietly does the dirty work on the pitch, moving around extensively and mowing down the ball.

・His greatest weapon is his ball-winning ability, and he boasts one of the highest tackle success rates in Serie A. He is also strong in the air, both on the ground and in the air. He also has a strong aerial game and can shut down opposing attacks both on the ground and in the air.

He is also the top-ranked player on the team in passing items, and is able to collect the ball on his own and smoothly build up from there.

Players List


NameAgeClub teamRepresentative Results (Goals)
Jasper Cillessen33NEC Nijmegen63 capsHe was temporarily moved down the pecking order, but his emergency appearance in the final game of the qualifying round earned him the position of regular goalkeeper once again.
Timothy Michael Krul34Norwich City15 capsBasically a third goalkeeper; a role similar to the penalty shootout at the 14 World Cup is required.
Justin Bijlow24Feyenoord6 capsThe best goalkeeper in the Dutch league.
・He was temporarily the regular goalkeeper in the final qualifying round, but an injury put him in a position to challenge again.
Remko Pasveer39Ajax2 caps・A veteran goalkeeper who proved his ability on the big stage of the CL and made his national team debut at the age of 39.
Andries Nopprt28Heerenveen0・A late bloomer who suddenly awakened at the age of 28, and made it into the national team to surprise everyone.
Retired after discussion with his family


Jurriën David Norman Timber21Ajax10 caps・Seal off opponents with highly sticky defense, and get involved in attacks with excellent foot skills
Daley Blind32Ajax92 caps(2)He is a versatile player with a high soccer IQ and his situational judgment is superb. In the current national team, he plays both left back and CB.
Supporting sports for people with heart concerns after collapsing during a game himself.
Stefan de Vrij30Internazionale Milano58 caps(3)He won a legal battle with his former agent, creating an environment in which he could concentrate on his soccer career.
Director calls him “general of defense.
Learn psychology, breathing techniques
Virgil van Dijk31Liverpool47 caps(5)Towering like a wall, the intimidating CB is outstanding.
Matthijs de Ligt23Bayern38 caps(2)CB who has matured in Italy and this season moved to Bayern, the absolute champions of Germany.
Denzel Dumfries26Internazionale Milano35 caps(5)2 goals and 1 assist at EURO 2020
Nathan Ake27Manchester City27 caps(3)・Left-handed defensive craftsman whose evaluation has skyrocketed under the current system
・Compensating for his lack of height with his high physical ability and sharp reading, he can be used not only as a CB but also as a SB or volunteer.
・ Sweetheart Kaylee is a traveling blogger
Tyrell Malacia23Manchester United6 caps・He is an attacking SB with speed and good underfoot skills.
・He can also play false SB.
Hans Hateboer28Atalanta13 capsOne of the most mobile right backs in the national team
Only for 3 backs as it requires cover behind.
Rick Karsdorp27 AS Roma3 capsTireless attacking right back
He repeatedly took one step back and two steps forward, and rose to become a first-class SB.
Jeremie FRIMPONG21Leverkusen0・An offensive SB that runs up the right side with overwhelming speed and adds thickness to the attack.


Frenkie de Jong25Barcelona44 caps(1)He is reminiscent of his native soccer great, Cruijff, and is liked by Xavi to the extent that he receives personal coaching from him.
Xavi SIMONS19PSV0・A child prodigy who can be used in almost any offensive position and has shown great performance from the opening.
Kenneth TAYLOR20Ajax2 caps・Produces decision-making opportunities with high creativity and accurate situational judgment, using both feet equally well
Davy Klaassen29Ajax34 caps(9)He is known as “Mr. 1-0” for scoring the first goal. He was the first to score the first goal, and he was also the first to draw the last pass from his teammates with his free running.
Baseball fan who supports the Blue Jays
Georginio Gregion Emile Wijnaldum32AS Roma86 caps(26)A hard-working deputy general in offense and defense, he dropped out of the national team in June.
Marten Elco de Roon31Atalanta28 capsMore highly regarded in Italy than in his home country.
Ryan Jiro Gravenberch20Bayern10 caps(1)All-rounder MF with a strong and flexible body
Teun Koopmeiners24Atalanta9 caps(1)Weaving long and short passes with the left foot to create rhythm
Guus Til24PSV5 caps(1)He is a midfielder with excellent running ability and attractive scoring ability.
Director calls him “a key player in team building.


Memphis Depay28Barcelona80 caps(42)・He has scored 42 goals for the national team and is within sight of Van Persie (50) for first place all-time.
Steven Berghuis30Ajax37 caps(2)After moving to the wing, his ego disappeared and he evolved into a true team player. He is a chance maker and a fast player in the top two positions.
Steven Charles Bergwijn25Ajax22 caps(6)Speedy dribbling to get behind opponents
Greatly contributed to goals and assists in the national team.
Luuk de Jong32PSV38 caps(8)At Barça, he went from criticism to applause when he got into the super-sub role. The same role is required of him in the national team.
Donyell Malen23Borussia Dortmund19 caps(4)His speed toward the goal is one of the best in the national team.
Arnaut Danjuma25Villarreal6 caps(2)It is fast and fits the tactics of the national team.
Last season scored 6 CL goals and double-digit goals in La Liga
Wout WEGHORST30Beşiktaş15 caps・A super sub scorer who overwhelms others in aerial battles by taking advantage of his 2m tall body, and also knocks down defenders in ground battles to score goals.
Vincent JANSSEN28Antwerp20 caps
・With skillful postwork, the FW becomes a reference point in the area
・Variety of shooting patterns
Noa LANG23Club Brugge5 caps
・Fantasista who deceives the DF with dribbling mixed with feints and decides to finish calmly
Cody GAKPO23PSV9 caps
・A winger approaching the goal with a cut-in from a high-speed dribble
・Be creative and play in the middle

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