Qatar【Qatar World Cup:Full Explanation】

National Team

All 32 teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar are introduced.

This time, it will be the Qatar national team from Group A of the Asian representatives, who will carry the prestige of their homeland and host nation in their first appearance in the World Cup after winning the Asian Cup in 2019.


Basic Information

Number of appearancesDebut
Highest AchievementNone
FIFA Ranking50th
Capital cityDoha
Population2.8 million
ManagerFélix Sánchez Bas
Nickname Al-Annabi
(The Maroons)

<Results of last 6 games>

8/21Test matchMoroccoA2-2H
8/24Test matchGhana A2-1H
8/27Test matchJamaica1-1H
9/21Test matchCroatia U-230-3H
9/24Test matchCanada0-2N
9/28Test matchChile2-2N

・Taking advantage of the abundant financial resources available only in the Middle East, a national-scale development institution called the Aspire Academy was established to consistently strengthen the team from the under-category onward. The academy is coached by Felix Sanchez, who has experience in training players in the Barcelona cantera, and has instilled in them the skills and tactical awareness required by international standards. The result of these efforts is the 2019 Asian Cup victory.

・With many countries playing in the World Cup qualifying rounds, the combination of the exemption from the qualifying rounds and the Corona Vortex has made it a struggle to improve and strengthen team perfection. However, the fact that this tournament will be held in the middle of the season will work to the advantage of each country, allowing them to have more time to prepare for the tournament in the short time available.

・The qualifying group includes European powerhouse Netherlands, Africa Cup of Nations winner Senegal, and South American side Ecuador. Although these opponents are not easy to beat, they will be aiming to advance past the group stage by making the most of the advantage of being the host nation.

<Group Stage Schedule 【Group A】>
Match dayLocal game start timeopponentTotal match record
Section 1November 2119:00Ecuador
1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss
Section 2November 2516:00Senegal
Section 3November 2918:00Netherlands


(Name)Félix Sánchez Bas
(Date of birth)December 13, 1975(46)
 (inaugurationJul. 2017

・He coached in the Barcelona cantera in his 20s, and his experience was bought into the Aspire Academy in 2006. He has been in charge since the U-19s in preparation for his country’s hosting of the World Cup, and has strengthened the team over the long term while instilling Spanish-style tactics.

The team defeated Japan in the final in 2019 to win the Asian Cup and bring Qatar its first major title.

・In addition to his tactical vision, he is well-liked.

Basic Formation & Tactics

The three midfielders and the WB are free to move around. Variable units and “flying” tools.

At Attack

・Qatar’s strength is its ability to observe the opponent’s defensive formation and change the way it builds its attack. Al-Haydos may fall into the anchor position, or one of the IHs may join the front line.

・The three backs are carefully built up based on the three backs, with the keeper added, and the starting point is the wingback who takes a high position on the ball side via the volantis. However, the opposite WB drops down to a real SB position and balances.

・ Depending on the flow of the game, when a side change is made, the opposite WB goes up to receive the ball. There is a variable possibility that Afif will join the second row, with WB Ahmed and midfielder Al-Haydos moving up front instead.

・CB Khoukhi overlapped with the second row as a “flying” tools” and was involved in chance creation and finishing.

<At Defense>

・In the attack to defense phase, the team presses quickly, but it depends on the situation whether to recover or delay the opponent, and the volantis returns to the team with a moderate balance as the WB takes a high position.

・High up, they will play three backs, but in their own position, they will play five backs, in which case the top player, Al-Haydos, will take the same position as the ball carrier and participate in the defense.

・Sometimes Afif is absorbed into the second row to form a [5-4-1], in which the ball side players of the five-back move forward to crush the ball holder together with the balanchi, while the remaining players in the line close the distance.

Star players(Top three)

Hassan AL-HAYDOS (MF/Al-Sadd)

”Control tower”

He is an absolute attacker who leads the attack with his brilliant ball handling and high attacking sense. He can not only provide the best last pass from a sharp breakthrough, but also score a goal by himself.

・Formerly a right wing player, he is now a top player in the national team and activates the powerful top two.

Saad AL-SHEEB (GK/Al-Sadd

”guardian deity”

・He has a steel mentality and makes numerous good saves with his precise positioning and calm response in tough situations. He also participates in the build-up and covers extensively behind the DF line.

・At the 2019 Asian Cup, he was named the tournament’s best goalkeeper after conceding just one goal in seven games.

Akram AFIF (FW/Al-Sadd

・”Qatar’s ace striker”

・He uses his speed to dribble through the opposition and makes the difference with a surprise last pass. He can also threaten the goal with a strong mid-range shot with a compact swing.

・The top two pairing with Ali will be a threat both individually and in coordination against the world’s best.

Players List

NameAgeClub teamRepresentative Results (Goals)
Saad AL-SHEEB32Al-Sadd79 caps・Best goalkeeper of the tournament at the 2019 Asian Cup.
Meshaal BARSHAM24Al-Sadd14 caps・Competing with his colleague Al-Sheeb for the guardian’s position at Al-Sadh.
Yousef Hassan26Al-Gharafa9 caps・High saving ability against shots from close range is attractive
Boualem KHOUKHI32Al-Sadd99 caps(21)・Leader of DF
・Characteristics are attacking uphill from the last line and mid-range shots.
RO-RO32Al-Sadd78 caps(1)・Utility that can play DF anywhere.
Tarek Salman24Al-Sadd54 caps・Offense and defense with defensive sense and ball skills.
Bassam Al-Rawi24Al Duhail51 caps(2)・Leading three backs with reading and decisiveness
Salem AL-HAJRI26Al-Sadd23 caps・Graduated from Aspire Academy
・Crush the opponent with high-intensity defense
・Play volunteers and CBs
Ahmed SUHAIL23Al-Sadd2 caps・CB with blessed physicality and bravery
・Has a father who was a former Iraq national team goalkeeper
Jassem Gaber20Al-Arabi0・Young talent with a reputation for defense
・By handling passes, it brings fluidity to the assembly of attacks.
Abdelkarim Hassan29Al-Sadd121 caps・It is strong in aerial battles, and if you give it space in front of you, it will show a dynamic attack.
・Has experience playing in the Belgian first division
Musab Khoder29Al-Sadd29 caps
・Active participation in attacks from the sid
Sultan AL-BRAKE26Al Duhail4caps・Left foot and offensive ability are his strong points.
Hasan Al-Haydos31Al-Sadd163 caps(33)・Qatar’s highest number of caps in its history
Karim Boudiaf32Al Duhail108 caps(5)・Ball handling to be the starting point for side changes
Abdulaziz Hatem32Al-Rayyan97 caps(11)・ Mental support that shines on both offense and defense
・ Hides the ability to score
Ismaeel Mohammed32Al Duhail66 caps(4)・Watch for accurate crosses and inside-flowing tricks.
Assim Madibo26Al Duhail43 caps・“Qatar’s Kante,” whose weapon is small but powerful in capturing the ball
・From Auxerre, a prestigious French training school.
Abdullah AL-ahrak25Al Duhail28 caps(1)・Has been a member of Real Madrid’s cantera
Homam Ahmed23Al-Gharafa25 caps(2)・Good quality crosses and mid-shots are attractive.
Mohammed Waad23Al-Sadd18 caps・Weapons are accurate passes and powerful mid-range shots fired from the left foot.
・Show your strength in a duel
Ali Asad29Al-Sadd56 caps(12)・Crosses and through passes from both feet
Akram Afif26Al-Sadd83 caps(24)・First Qatari to play in Spain
Almoez Ali26Al Duhail74 caps(39)・Qatar’s fateful goal machine
・Score the first goal against Japan in the 2019 Asian Cup Final
Ahmed Alaaeldin29Al-Gharafa45 caps(1)・Egyptian Attacker
・Making a difference by leveraging high physical ability
Mohammed Muntari28Al Duhail45 caps(12)・Head with his height is a threat.
Abdelrahman Moustafa25Al Duhail4 caps・A sharp cut-in for the goal
Khalid Muneer24Al-Wakrah2 caps・An up-and-coming wing that creates chances from the left side with a sharp dribble
・Director’s favorite pupil
Abdulrasheed Umaru23Al Ahli Doha0 caps・Moves widely up front to score.

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