【Qatar World Cup】Denmark【Full Explanation】

National Team

All 32 teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar are introduced.

This time, we will introduce Group D, Denmark, a team that overcame the Eriksen accident by working together, made it to the last four of the EURO, and came out on top in the World Cup qualifying round with a 9-1 record, with Eriksen returning to the team.


Basic Information

Number of appearances6th(second consecutive)
Highest AchievementQuarter finals
FIFA Ranking10th
Capital cityCopenhagen
Population5.81 million
ManagerKasper Hjulmand
NicknameDanish Dynamite

<Results of last 6 games>


・With the momentum from their last four appearance at the EURO, the team had a perfect record in the World Cup qualifying round with eight wins from eight matches and zero goals conceded when they decided to go to Qatar, eventually coming out on top with 9 wins and one loss. Even coach Hjulmand was surprised at this result.

・At the core of their strength is the mentality and organization of the entire team that overcame the accident at the EURO, and Eriksen returned safely for the friendly match in March. He took over as captain in place of Kerr, who was out due to injury, and showed his resurgence by scoring two goals in two games.

・In the most recent Nations League, they won consecutively against France in the same group at the World Cup, and showed their ability to enter the quarterfinals at the EURO. In addition to talented players such as Eriksen and Schmeichel, the players who were selected from the U-21 national team and who were content with being on the reserves are lively. Boasting a quality that is enough to aim for more than the best 8 results, the best ever.

<Group Stage Schedule 【Group D】>
Date of a matchLocal game start timeOpponentTotal match record
Section 1November 2216:00Tunisia
1 wins, 0 draw, 0 losses
Section 2November 2619:00France
5 wins, 2 draw, 8 losses
Section 3November 3018:00Australia
2 wins, 1 draw, 1 losses


(Name)Kasper Hjulmand
(Date of birth)April 9, 1972(50)
(inauguration)July 2020

・”Soccer geek”

A proponent of an attractive style of soccer, he has transformed the Danish national team into an aggressive team and led them to the last four at the EURO.

At first, he was seen as a mere “soccer geek” by the Danish public, but his reputation changed after the EURO.

The club has an established reputation for nurturing, including taking a club that was relegated to the fourth division due to bankruptcy and returning it to the first division in five years.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is a fan of Hulmand and said, “Kasper is a very personable and fun guy who made a great impression on me. Our discussions about soccer tactics were not only entertaining, but sensational.” He recalled.

Basic Formations & Tactics

Team spirit and organizational skills cultivated at EURO Adapt to opponents with variable system

<Basic Formations>

・With ace Eriksen back to full strength, the center line features Schmeichel, A. Christensen, and Højbjerg, all of whom are as talented as the mainstays of the powers that be.

Due to the departure of Eriksen, the team has shifted from the [4-2-3-1], which has been its base since the World Cup in Russia, to a [3-4-2-1], which places more players in the central area where the command post has left off and allows the WB to take advantage of attacking and defending on the flanks.

When the team wanted to create a numerical advantage, they changed their system to a 4-2-3-1, and the players quickly adapted to this change during the game.

The absence of a “scorer” is a concern, but there are several different attackers, including Damsgaard and Wind, who were active at the EURO, and we expect the coach to use them in different ways depending on the situation.

<At Attack>

Starting on the flanks, the team carefully connected short passes from the final line to build up. While increasing possession, the attackers worked as a unit to create chances and score goals without relying on Eriksen.

With the WB in place, Mæhle and Wass were able to run up the flanks as if they had a tailwind and were involved in more chances. The disadvantage of this is that the repeated sprinting between the final line and the front line during each offensive and defensive changeover has been physically draining, but this is not a major problem as the young players have emerged and the depth of the bench members has increased.

The 3-4-2-1 formation allowed Olsen, a technician with excellent footwork, to work with Eriksen in the two shadows. As a result, the opponents’ marks and the dependence of the teammates were dispersed, and Eriksen’s burden was reduced, which was a great advantage.

<At Defense>

The basic idea is to retreat without setting up a whole press.WB drops down to the last line to form a back five.Form a [5-4-1] defensive block in your own area, including the FWs.

Continue to cut passes by anticipation, without forcing the player to try to win the ball.

Star players(Top 8 )

Christian Dannemann Eriksen (MF/Manchester United)

”The Commanding Heights of Resurgence”

He is a versatile commander who possesses the high level of ability required of a midfielder. In addition to his skills, he is one of the best in the world in terms of tactical understanding.

He always makes the best choices in positioning, passing, and timing of attacks to create decisive chances. Even when he does not have the ball, he is busy creating space for his teammates, and his off-the-ball movement is superb. He has many ways to break down opposing defenses and always knows how he should be playing.

He has an exceptional passing sense, and his long passes and FKs are among the most accurate in the world. He can also break the deadlock with a powerful mid-range shot from both feet or a through ball.

He recovered from a cardiopulmonary arrest accident at EURO 2020 to return to the mega club within a year.

Kasper Schmeichel (GK/Nice)

・”Guardian Goddess who Knows Miracle”

・The eldest of the team, who demonstrated an overwhelming presence in front of the goal and played a key role in advancing to the quarterfinals in the EURO. He has a big physical body and a fighting spirit, and he boasts an intimidating feeling that makes goalmouths shrink. He’s matured as he’s gotten older, and is on the cusp of becoming a legend on par with his father.

His situational judgment, reaction to shots, and saving skills are all top-notch. He also has excellent kicking ability and can contribute in the build-up.

Pierre-Emile Kordt Højbjerg (MF/Tottenham)

“The Backbone of Denmark”

The cornerstone of the middle stage that balances hard work and quality. Boasting a top-class understanding of tactics, it picks up the buds of opportunities for the enemy with its high crisis detection ability. The play style full of fighting spirit is also attractive.

With his inexhaustible stamina, he is able to face every area of the pitch and perform at a high level from playing against opponents to covering spaces. He also has good technique and passing accuracy underfoot, creating rhythm with his passes and turning on the attack with his vertical passes.

Simon Thorup Kjær (DF/Milan)

・”Captain Who Leads The Final Line”

・A role model for young defenders. And as a mental support, CB who brings together the club and the A representative. He wins ground battles with his reading and positioning backed by his experience, and is also strong in aerial battles by making use of his blessed physique.

・He was one of Milan’s top defensive stats until he left midway through last season. What is worth noting is the low number of fouls. Pluck the buds of the enemy’s chances with a calm response.

・Returned after about 8 months from his knee ligament tear in August.

Andreas Bødtker Christensen (DF/Barcelona)

・”Denmark Maldini”

・CB with essential foot skills to survive in Barcelona. Depending on the situation, it can also be used as an anchor.

・He is tall and strong in aerial combat, and has a wide field of vision and a tactical eye. He has a wealth of experience on the big stage and is always able to deliver the ball to the right spot with his cool judgment.

Joakim Mæhle (DF/Atalanta)

”Physical monster on the Outside”

SB who controls the left side with abundant momentum as a weapon. If he throws a cross with high accuracy, he sometimes aims for a mid-range shot that puts forwards to shame, and is characterized by high offensive power, such as scoring five goals in the World Cup qualifying.

・At EURO 2020, he used his inexhaustible stamina to run rampant on the left flank. He quickly established himself as a regular in the A team.

Christian Nørgaard (MF/Brentford)

“Middle Breakwater”

・Boasts high ball-capturing ability and has one of the best tackling abilities in the Premier League. Last season, he recorded the number of successful tackles (109), which is the number one in the league, in his first attempt at the Premier League.

・Both offense and defense shine, such as pressing, interception, tackle, vertical pass, etc. The collaboration with Eriksen, who played together at the club last season, is also outstanding.

Martin Braithwaite (FW/Espanyol)

・”A FW That Shines with Competitive Strength”

・Using his speed and physical strength, he has the ability to propel himself vertically in open spaces and has a high level of dedication in defense. He never stopped his momentum, always playing as the starting point of offense, and became a key player in advancing to the quarter-finals in the EURO. He doesn’t shy away from crosses in front of goal and revitalizes his attack.

He was branded out of the squad at Barcelona, but when he plays, he can cause any kind of goal or accident, which makes him useful whether he starts or plays in the middle of the game.

Players List

NameAgeClub teamRepresentative Results (Goals)
Kasper Schmeichel36Nice84 caps・A surprise move to Nice this season
Daniel Lønne Iversen25Leicester0・A promising young man with excellent saving ability
Oliver Christensen23Hertha Berliner1 caps・Covers a wide area and records one of the best mileage among Bundesliga goalkeepers
Frederik Rønnow30Union Berlin8 caps・A reserve goalkeeper who supports the national team with his good reactions to crosses and shots and his stable performance.
Peter Vindahl Jensen24AZ0・Characterized by reaction speed, regular goalkeeper at club
Simon Thorup Kjær33Milan119 caps(5)・In response to a torn knee ligament, he recalled, “If I had been younger, I wouldn’t have gotten over it.
Andreas Bødtker Christensen26Barcelona56 caps(2)・Speed is an issue
Jens Stryger Larsen31Trabzonspor49 caps(3)・An offensive SB whose speed is his strong point, but his stamina is noticeable.
Jannik Vestergaard30Leicester35 caps(2)・Good at aerial combat, taking advantage of his nearly 2-meter height.
Joakim Mæhle25Atalanta29 caps(9)・Right-handed but plays on the left side
Alexander Hartmann Bah24Benfica4 caps(1)・A right-back who has a strong presence by actively participating in attacks that make use of his immeasurable stamina.
・Difficulties in defense
Joachim Andersen26Crystal Palace17 caps・Large CB with proven ability to defend against opponents and pass the ball to start an attack.
Victor Enok Nelsson24Galatasaray7 caps・Line leadership and tactical acumen, and can play anywhere at CB.
Nicolai Møller Boilesen30Copenhagen22 caps(1)・Returned from a serious injury that sidelined him for a season.
Christian Dannemann Eriksen30Manchester United115 caps(38)・At the club, work on the task of dropping down to the third row and taking on the task of assembly.
Thomas Joseph Delaney31Sevilla69 caps(7)・A dynamo who contributes offensively and defensively with his signature sprint. High level of mid shot and side change.
Pierre-Emile Kordt Højbjerg27Tottenham58 caps(5)・Professional debut with Bayern
Daniel Wass33Brøndby IF43 caps(1)・Able to perform anywhere from midfield to back, delivering highly accurate passes and crosses
・ Solid defense
Christian Nørgaard28Brentford17 caps(1)・An indispensable part of the club
Mathias Jensen26Brentford19 caps(1)・A hard worker who covers a wide area of the midfield. A “second Eriksen” for both club and national team.
Rasmus Nissen Kristensen25Leeds United8 caps・Aggressive aggression from the side of the field makes the difference, scoring 7 goals last season
Jesper Grænge Lindstrøm22Frankfurt5 caps(1)・Last season’s Bundesliga rookie champion
・Scores with his speedy dribbling and sharp darting in front of the goal
Philip Billing26Bournemouth3 caps・He is known for his aerial combat and ability to win the ball using his height. He also has the ability to drive forward vertically, and contributed to the club’s promotion with double-digit assists.
Yussuf Yurary Poulsen28RB Leipzig68 caps(11)・His post play, energetic chasing, and ball keeping are appealing, taking advantage of his height. Creates chances by using his mobility to get behind opponents.
Robert Skov26Hoffenheim11 caps(5)・The winger who scored 29 league goals in the 2018/19 season
・Play as SB or WB at your club
Andreas Evald Cornelius29Copenhagen41 caps(9)・Fast and skillful post play makes him a reference point for the front line.
Kasper Dolberg Rasmussen25Sevilla35 caps(10)・A talented striker with good footwork and tactical eyes
・Scored 3 goals in EURO and was in the limelight, but was sluggish in Nice
Andreas Skov Olsen22Club Brugge21 caps(7)・Dribbling with technique and speed, and a highly accurate left foot that produces a lot of goals and assists.
Mikkel Krogh Damsgaard22Brentford16 caps(4)・Promising winger who got his big break at EURO
・You can also play as a CF with a sharp dribbling as a weapon
Jonas Wind23VfL Wolfsburg15 caps(5)・Large CF, strong in the air and in the penalty area.
Martin Braithwaite31Martin Braithwaite60 caps(10)・He was very successful in real estate investments and became Barcelona’s “most profitable player” after Messi left the club.

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