Manchester United【2022/23 Detail Team/Player】

Club Team

Basic Information

Home BaseManchester
StadiumOld Trafford
ManagerErik Ten Hag
OwnerThe Glazer Family
Official SiteHP twitter Youtube
NicknameRed Devils

<Performance in The Last 5 Seasons>

Premier LeagueEuropean CupFA CupEFL CupManager
17/182ndRound of 16
Runner-upEliminated in the 5th roundMourinho
18/196thQuarter Finals(CL)Quarter FinalsEliminated in the 3rd roundMourinho➡
20/212ndEliminated in GS(CL)
Quarter FinalsSemifinalsSolskjær
21/226thRound of 16Eliminated in the 4th roundEliminated in the 3rd roundSolskjær➡

Changing style after a season of despair
Ensuring minimum quality to realize the ideal of Ten Hag

・Last season Manchester United were in turmoil. With the end of the Solskjær regime and the arrival of the Rangnick system, it was thought that the team would accelerate its transformation into a Red Bull, but in the end that was also abandoned. It was a season of despair with no titles or growth.

・The only hope was the appointment of Ten Hag, who prefers attacking football, but unlike the conventional counter-centered football, the manager prefers possession football, making it difficult to change the strength of the team. Although the low-intensity pre-season match worked to some extent, when the Premier League started, they lost two games in a row. Especially in the match against Brentford, it was a difficult start to suffer a crushing defeat of 0-4.

・But there are also positive elements. Under the new manager, Martial and other players are showing signs of recovery, and new talents Eriksen and Malacia fit right in with the team. Above all, in the match against Liverpool, which was the big game after two consecutive losses, manager Ten Hag splendidly turned the team’s backward-looking mentality back on and won 2-1. The new director showed off his high management ability.

・In addition, after the Liverpool game, world-class anchor Casemiro was acquired just before the closing of the transfer window, and Antony, the Brazilian representative dribbler with overwhelming breakthrough and retention power, was acquired for a total of 150 million pounds. His strength is steadily growing. In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo, who was close to leaving, was finally decided to stay. If you can make effective use of a different dimension scorer, you should be able to see the top 4.


(Name)Erik Ten Hag
(Date of birth)February 2, 1970 (52)
(Tenure)July 2022

・A super-aggressive manager who focuses on build-ups with short passes from low positions, and also aspires to high presses and high lines in defense.

・Build up a track record with Ajax and the top 4 of the CL, winning 4 consecutive Eredivisie titles.

・When he took over as United manager this summer, he overhauled his tactical side to the delight of fans.

・On the other hand, after the 0-4 defeat at Brentford in Section 2, he was furious and set up a practice to run the opponent’s mileage “13.8km” on Monday, which was originally an off day. He also has a passionate side, such as persuading a player to run the same distance when he is dissatisfied.

Transfer Market(Summer)

PositionNameTransfer SourceTransfer Fee
GKMartin DúbravkaNewcastle0 €
DFLisandro MartinezAjax57.37 million €
Tyrell MalaciaFeyenoord15 million €
Axel TuanzebeNapoli
Teden MengiBirmingham
Brandon Paul Brian WilliamsNorwich City
MFCasemiroReal Madrid70 million €
Christian Dannemann EriksenBrentford0 €
Donny van de BeekEverton
Facundo PellistriAlavés
FWAntonyAjax95 million €
Anthony MartialSevilla

PositionNameTransfer DestinationTransfer Fee
GKLee Anderson GrantRetirement
Dean Bradley 
Nottingham Forest0 €
DFEric Bertrand BaillyOlympique de Marseille2 million €
(Rental Fee)
Alex Nicolao TellesSevilla0 €
Álvaro FernándezEspanyol0 €
MFNemanja MatićAS Roma
Paul PogbaJuventus
Jesse Ellis LingardNottingham Forest 
Juan Manuel MataGalatasaray
Hannibal MejbriBirmingham City0 €
FWEdinson Roberto CavaniValencia

Basic Formation

Player List


No.NameAgeNationalityLast Season
1David de Gea32Spain38 caps・ GK who sees the shooting course to the last minute and stops short-range shots with amazing reflexes
・Until last season, the range of defense was not wide, but this season, under the new manager, there are more scenes where he jumps outside the box.
・Because you have the technique, but you are not used to it, you may make a mistake in the judgment of the build-up.
22Tom Heaton36England0・The third goalkeeper who returned from the Manchester United academy and returned last season while repeatedly transferring after that.
・He is a regular goalkeeper at Burnley and Aston Villa, and has experience playing for the England national team.
31Martin Dúbravka33Slovakia26 caps・He’s not the connecting GK that Ten Hag likes, but his amazing reflexes make a series of big saves.
・One of the players who supported Newcastle’s breakthrough in the second half of last season
・He made his Premier League debut against Manchester United, and he says keeping a clean sheet in that match was an ‘unforgettable memory’.


2Victor Lindelöf28Sweden28 caps・A CB who skillfully handles accurate covering, well-read interceptions, and aggressive defense.
・The problem is that if you are behind against physical opponents, you will be easily defeated.
・He is also good at build-ups and recorded 2 assists last season.
Appointed captain of the Swedish national team in August last season
4Phil Jones30England4 caps・Powerful and energetic defender
・One of United’s oldest players to have won the Premier League with the club after 11 years at the club.
・In recent years, he has been plagued by knee injuries, and since January 2020 he has played in just five official games.
・It is completely out of the concept in Ten Hag posture
5Harry Maguire29England30 caps
・ Good at powerful defense that makes use of good physique
・He is good at carrying around and long feeds because he has good footing skills, but he is not good at build-ups based on short passes because he has a habit of holding and making poor judgments.
・Although he will serve as captain under the new manager, a dark cloud hangs over the ranking after two consecutive losses since the opening of the season.
6Lisandro Martínez24Argentina24 caps
・Although he is 175 cm tall, he plays as a CB and competes with his speed and coverage that make use of his small stature.
・In aerial battles, he’s good at hitting his body, so he’s pretty strong, but it looks like he’ll be tough when he’s up against a big premier FW.
・It is possible to distribute passers in the middle of the game, such as passing passes without difficulty in a narrow area.
12Tyrell Malacia23Netherlands32 caps
・Aggressive SB that can handle fake SB without difficulty because he has speed and high technique under his feet
・Although passwork is involved in all areas, securing the field of view is an issue and there are few turns.
・Supply of high-quality cloth is also possible
・Family-minded personality, saying that he was heartbroken when he lost his beloved grandfather in 2019
19Raphaël Varane29France22 caps
・CB that can cover the back of the high line with overwhelming speed
・Good defensive judgment when countered, and excellent course selection, allowing one player to eliminate two players
・ Build-up is average, but since it is released simply, there are few mistakes
・Fewer warnings
20Diogo Dalot23Portugal24 caps・Aggressive SB with dribbling breakthrough and cross accuracy as weapons
・In addition to breaking through vertically at a high position, if you find a space, you can also propel the space inside.
・In interpersonal defense, the approach is weak, and it is easy for the opponent to play
・The first assist for the national team is a return of a header to Ronaldo
23Luke Shaw27England20 caps・ SB with high offensive performance and strong defense in interpersonal battles
・By using overlaps and interlaps, you can not only add depth to your attack, but you can also dribble away at low positions, or calmly participate in build-ups.
・The disadvantage is that it tends to be delayed in returning to crosses from the opposite side.
29Aaron Wan-Bissaka25England20 caps・ SB with extreme ability with full interpersonal ability
・Even if you are one-on-one with an ace-class dribbler on the right side, you can definitely stop the opponent with your agility and long legs to catch up with tackles.
・However, in addition to being a watcher with cross support, there are many drawbacks such as low buildup ability.
33Brandon Williams22England26 caps・Academy-made SB that can handle both feet equally well and can be played on the left or right
・He always plays with all his might and is fully motivated, but on rare occasions he is light on defense and makes mistakes that lead directly to conceding goals.
・Since returning from Norwich this season, the new manager has not been included in the plan, and the team has been out of the squad since the start of the season.
38Axel Tuanzebe25England9 caps
(Aston Villa)
・Last season, he was on loan to Aston Villa and Napoli, but played only 10 minutes in Napoli due to back pain.
・ Talent is perfect, but I want a chance
43Teden Mengi20England9 caps・A CB with high potential who has served as a captain in each category of Manchester United.
・Although young, he has a high degree of maturity and leadership, is good at aerial combat, and strong and fast in ground combat.
・Although he was loaned out for two consecutive seasons, he suffered repeated injuries and was unable to get a satisfactory opportunity to play.


8Bruno Fernandes28Portugal36 caps
・ A beloved player who works harder than anyone else in offense and defense as a passionate commander
・If he receives the ball with a wide field of vision, he will aim for many through passes to create a decision-making opportunity.
・However, in recent years, weaknesses have been exposed, such as losing many balls due to too much challenge, and disappearing good points such as boldness when trying to incorporate tactics.
14Christian Eriksen30Denmark11 caps
・Always retrieve the ball with correct positioning and create a rhythm with accurate passes
・It is also possible to break through the situation with middle shots and through passes
・He had cardiopulmonary arrest in the EURO in the summer of 2021 and was threatened with life-threatening conditions for a time, but made a miraculous comeback at Brentford in the winter of 2022.
17Fred29Brazil8 caps
・A small midfielder who boasts a wide range of defense by making use of his agility, plenty of exercise, and good readability.
・Especially in forward defense, he has a strong presence by putting pressure on the front line.
・Although he has good technique and can make a pass that creates a decisive opportunity, he makes a mistake when he receives a high pressure from a low position.
・Uneven condition
18Casemiro30Brazil32 caps
・The world-class defensive Mitfielder leaves Real Madrid on a permanent basis
・ Outstanding achievements such as winning the CL 5 times
・The strength of the core that does not flinch even when the opponent bumps into it, the interception that is unleashed with accurate reading, and the tackle that reaps exquisitely are first-class defensive abilities.
・There are many simple attacks
28Facundo Pellistri20Uruguay21 caps・Twenty-year-old Toshihide uses amazing speed and flexible technique to attack the right side.
・ Return quickly even in defense
・In his childhood, he showed extraordinary talent in track and field.
34Donny van de Beek25Netherlands8caps(1)(Man U)
・Since he is from Ajax, his basic skills are high, and his casual ball touches are all at the top level.
・ High offensive ability, such as making a one-two even with a difficult vertical pass and connecting it to a decision machine
・ However, there are few breakthroughs and developments on their own, and it is difficult to live without pass soccer
・A student of Ten Hag, but in the summer the rank is low.
39Scott McTominay25Scotland30 caps
・Because of its large size and mobility, it acts as a filter when defending, and dives into the box when attacking to add depth to its attacks.
・Poor body direction when retrieving the ball at a low position, and poor accuracy in fine passes, so poor at build-up
・Has not updated twitter for more than 4 years


9Anthony Martial22France8 caps(1)(Man U)
9 caps
・After a loan move last winter following a never-ending slump, it seemed his time at Manchester United was effectively over, but he’s back this summer.
・Currently, he fits easily into his passwork, and when the ball comes in under his feet, he can keep it steady even in difficult situations.
・Above all else, his ability to make decisions in the box has revived and is indispensable.
10Marcus Rashford25England25 caps
・A powerful kick from overwhelming speed and a fast swing is a characteristic
・I practice seriously, but in recent games I don’t cry and don’t fly
・They started to become difficult to handle, but this season, they are showing signs of recovery, such as less bearish back passes, improvement in off-the-ball movement and upfront defense.
21Antony22Brazil23 caps
・A dribbler who deceives the opponent DF with his unique speed and skill
・ Have good judgment, such as breaking with a passwork or choosing to start over without making a mistake, depending on the situation
・In this summer’s transfer turmoil, he boycotted training and caused controversy.
・Casemiro, who is also from Sao Paulo, is like an older brother.
25Jadon Sancho22England29 caps
・Dribble with a low center of gravity is attractive, and it is possible to break through by forcibly entering in front of the opponent by shifting the timing
・ As he himself says, “I’m good at pulling out my crotch”, I’m good at technical tricks, and I’m going to break through other crowds with double touches.
・ Cross accuracy and double touch are also first-class
・Locker room DJ role
36Anthony Elanga20Sweden21 caps
・An attacker who has good off-the-ball movements and is good at entering and exiting crosses
・Although his speed and passing are above average, he is not the type that can break through the situation, so it is difficult to demonstrate his intervention value on the offensive side only by scoring goals.
・Since he is basically smart, he steadily implements tactics in defense
49Alejandro Garnacho18Argentina2 caps・The young Argentinian forward from Madrid
・A super dribbler who can overcome the situation by himself
・In addition to delicate touches, he accelerates steadily with overwhelming agility and tosses the opposing defenders.
・His parents and brother have also moved to Manchester and live with them.