Real Madrid【22/23 Season Complete Introduction】

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This time, we will be looking at Real Madrid, who won the league title with a solo run and the CL title with a series of godlike comebacks.


Basic Information

(Date of establishment)1902
(Stadium)Santiago Bernabéu
Capacity 81,000)
(Manager)Carlo Ancelotti
(President)Florentino Pérez Rodríguez
(Official Site)HP twitter Youtube

<21/22 Season Results>

La LigaVictory(35th)
86points 26 wins, 8 losses, 4 draws)
Copa del ReyQuarter finals

・Last season, the club won both the La Liga and CL titles, thanks to the perfect combination of three factors: the calm leadership of an experienced general, the soundness of veterans who know how to win, and the emergence of young players.

・After the failure to acquire Mbappe (PSG/France), who was expected to move on this season, the club has been able to spare funds to acquire a large French midfielder,Tchouameni, who can be a back-up to Casemiro. In addition, the club has succeeded in acquiring CB Rüdiger from Chelsea for free, which should provide more stability to the final line. As for the front line, there is no idea to reinforce a new big name to replace Mbappe, and the only concern is the lack of a replacement for Benzema at CF.

After winning the UEFA Super Cup, the champions were having a smooth sailing summer, but now there is a shortfall. Casemiro has left the club. They have already acquired Tchouameni to replace him, but it is too much to ask a youngster in his first year to do as well. The team’s options include Kroos and Alaba, but with a more crowded schedule than usual, Ancelotti’s skill will be put to the test even more.

・The key will be how much flesh can be added to the almost complete framework of the team. The CF position in particular, where Benzema’s replacement is not available, will be a focus of attention, including the idea of converting Hazard.


(Name)Carlo Ancelotti
(Date of birth)June 10, 1959.(63)
(inauguration)July 2021

・”The first great general in history to win the five major European leagues.”

He is very popular with the players, so much so that the last time he was dismissed, there were protests. He is the type of person who flexibly adopts tactics to suit the team, is adaptable, and excels at getting the most out of the current squad without making enemies.

Last season, the team prioritized the maturation of the organization by fixing the system [4-3-3] and the starting lineup, and as a result, they were able to develop young players by consistently using them and giving them a chance to play in the reserve team at the end of the season, while they were in a position to take a lead in La Liga.

・The team aims to win back-to-back La Liga and CL championships by integrating the new talents of Tchouameni and Rüdiger, who have been eagerly awaited for a long time, into the existing team through cunning management.

He announced his retirement from coaching after Madrid.

Transfer market (Summer)

Transfer IN
PositionNameFormer clubTransfer fee
DFAntonio RüdigerChelsea0€
Alvaro OdriozolaFiorentina
MFAurelién Djani TchouaméniAS Monaco80 million €

Transfer OUT
PositionNameTransfers toTransfer fee
DFMarcelo Vieira da Silva JúniorOlympiacos
MFCasemiroManchester United70 million €
Takefusa KuboReal Sociedad6.5 million €
Reinier Girona
FWGareth Frank BaleLos Angeles FC
Luka JovicFiorentina0€
Borja MayoralGetafe10 million €

Basic Formations

Based on the status quo, weaknesses are strengthened with new strength. The focus is on CF without Benzema’s reserve.

・Following the rule of “never tinker with a winning team,” the regular lineup was almost the same as last season, except for Chuameni at anchor, who was replaced by Casemiro.

Although they won two titles last season, they were often on the back foot in duels, especially on the European front, and were outclassed at times. In this sense, we are looking forward to newcomers Rüdiger and Tuameni, who can bring stability to the center line.


The basic shape of the team is a top three with Benzema, who is 34 years old and a leading candidate for the Ballon d’Or, at the center, and Vinicius and Rodrygo, who are fully established on both flanks. Vinicius, who is the core of the attack with his speed, will run up the left flank, and Benzema, who forms a strong hotline, will finish off the attack to score goals again this year.

・The CF back-up is supplemented by Mayoral and rental back Majoral.Asensio, who was told by the club that his contract would not be extended until June 2011, opted to fight for a spot with Rodrygo rather than move to an unfamiliar team, even though it was a World Cup year.


・Although the aging of the players has been pointed out, the veteran group of Kroos and Modric is the first choice for the time being. However, depending on the appeal of young players such as Valverde and Camavinga, who will be used in the rotation, the lineup of regular players may change as the season progresses.

・Tchouameni would anchor the team as Casemiro’s replacement, but the overcrowded season would likely mean a smooth rotation of Kroos, Camavinga, and Alaba.


In the final line, if Rüdiger, who is an immediate starter, is ready to play CB, Alaba can be used at left back to expand the tactical variation of the team. The defender Courtois is still in place, and the final line is more stable.

Notable Newcomers(Top 2)

Aurelién Djani Tchouaméni (MF/France representative)

”Successor to Casemiro”

・His greatest strengths are his ability to win the ball with his long legs and his mobility to cover a wide area. He is not a game-maker type player, but he has excellent pass distribution and a high tolerance for pressing.

・His ability to read the flow of the game, analyze the opposing players, jump to the front, and get involved in the finish line is proof of his tactical understanding, which is also what distinguishes him from Camavinga.

For the time being, his first priority will be to adapt to team tactics while playing as part of the rotation, but if he can demonstrate the agility and developmental ability that Casemiro lacks, he should be able to be an asset from his first year. In the future, we expect him to play a double volantry role with Camavinga.

Antonio Rüdiger(DF/Germany representative

・An experienced CB who has played for major clubs in Germany, Italy, and England, and has represented Germany in over 50 games.

He is a physical player who is strong against opponents, but his speed and accurate passing are also his strong points. As he gains experience, his judgment has improved, and he is adaptable to any system or style of play. He should have no trouble becoming one of the pillars of the final line at Madrid.

・If the two can form a combination, there will be a synergy that will allow Alaba to be fixed at left-back.

Players List


NumberNameAgeNationalityPrevious Year results
1Thibaut Nicolas Marc Courtois30Belgium36 caps・Called the best goalkeeper in Madrid’s history and the best active goalkeeper.
13Andriy Lunin23Ukraine2 caps・He was the second goalkeeper in the band last season, but this season is likely to be his fourth loan move in search of an opportunity to play.


2Daniel Carvajal30Spain24 caps(1)・In the CL final, he was involved in the scoring, shutting down Luis Diaz. Showing the determination of a veteran.
3Éder Gabriel Militão24Brazil34 caps(1)・Outstanding mobility and physicality, and a devil’s advocate when it comes to eliminating pokers.
4David Olatukunbo Alaba30Austria30 caps(2)・Left SB can expect a wider range of movement than CB, which was fixed last season
5Jesús Vallejo25Spain5 caps・Last season, he was in the fourth position at center back and was given almost no opportunity to play.
6Nacho32Spain28 caps(3)・As a back-up for the final line, he fills in when the main players are not available, and fulfills his role at both CB and SB.
16Alvaro Odriozola26Spain25 caps(1)・He was successful in Italy, where he was on loan, but at Real he was held back by Carvajal’s wall.
22Antonio Rüdiger29Germany34 caps(3)・He is a defender who can get out of numerical disadvantageous situations and is a good CB for Madrid.
23Benjamin Mendy27France22 caps(2)・Top class defensively as a left back, and in attack, has the ability to rush vertically.


8Toni Kroos32Germany28 caps(1)・Maestro embodies the importance of “stopping and kicking” in soccer
10Luka Modrić36Croatia28 caps(2)・Even the media, which has no mercy on veterans, flags the white flag for his unabated success.
12Eduardo Camavinga19France26 caps(2)・Sporadic but strong heart and technical ability to man the midfield from the first year is the sign of a big man.
15Federico Santiago Valverde23Uruguay31 caps・He is the best midfielder on the team in terms of his vigorous up-and-down movement.
17Lucas Vázquez31Spain29 caps(3)・The example of a by-player who secured his place by acquiring versatility.
18Aurelién Djani Tchouaméni22France35 caps(3)・Excellent in both deployment and mobility, but its greatest appeal is its defensive skills
19Dani Ceballos25Spain11 caps・Last season, he was out for a long time due to an injury sustained at the Tokyo Olympics. He showed glimpses of his ability toward the end of the season, raising expectations for this season.


7Eden Michael Hazard31Belgium18 caps・He finished the season without scoring a goal and was also silent last season. He was also a “false 9” this season as a substitute for Benzema because of the presence of Vinicius.
9Karim Mostafa Benzema34France32 caps(27)・He is skillful, brilliant, and competitive, a perfect example of a striker. The most irreplaceable player in the team.
11Marco Asensio26Spain31 caps(10)・Last season, he set a career high in points, but lost his position to Rodrigo in the final stages of the season, and is aiming to regain it this season.
20Vinícius Júnior22Brazil35 caps(17)・With efficiency and confidence accompanying a vigorous spirit of challenge, the strongest combination with Benzema is in an area where no one can hold them back.
21Rodrygo21Brazil33 caps(4)・Last season, he awakened after the second leg of the CL semi-final. His quickness, propulsiveness, and goal scoring sense have increased, and he has become more frightening as a FW.
24Mariano Díaz29Dominican Republic9 caps(1)・Last season, he was almost non-existent, but he has no intention of leaving this season.

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