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The treasure of Palmeiras who uses his absolute left leg as a weapon.

NameEndrick Felipe
Date of BirthJuly 21, 2006
PositionCenter Forward/Right Wing/Left Wing

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2006-2016 (Childhood)

Zinedine Zidane headbutted Marco Materazzi in the 2006 FIFA World Cup final. Twelve days later, Endrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa was born in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. His father, Douglas Ramos, a man with a shattered past as a professional footballer, enthusiastically coached his son Endrick to pursue his dream. It is said that his son showed a talent that seemed to meet those expectations.

Although he was 8 years old at the time, he passed a test mixed with 10-year-old boys, and his relationship with São Paulo FC began. About twice a year, I went to CFA Cotia, a training center in Sao Paulo, where my progress was evaluated, and for that evaluation, I had to prepare for a higher level each time I went. He was to remain under surveillance in São Paulo for about three years, until he turned 11.

However, when he tried to play in the U11 category in São Paulo, the distance of São Paulo, which is more than 1,000km away from Brasilia, became a problem. Douglas asked the club to support him with work and housing, but São Paulo did not agree to the terms and his deal fell through.Since then, he has been unable to go to school and recalls that there was a time when he stopped playing. So he approaches SC Corinthians and Santos FC.However, Corinthians did not reach a contract for the same reason as Sao Paulo, and Santos did not support the travel expenses and accommodation expenses for the test in the first place.

As a next step, Douglas used Brasilia Futbol Academia, which had a partnership with São Paulo. He was thinking of filming his play in South America’s largest junior tournament, Go Cup 2016, by having him participate. Endrick, who was on the brink of his career, made an impressive appearance in the tournament, scoring many goals. After uploading the video on YouTube at the end of April 2016, a week later SE Palmeiras invited him to a test, generating a wide range of reactions. It was here that the outlook finally became brighter.

Around the same time, he was contacted by Santos, who had once refused to even invite him to the test, and had offered him everything Douglas had previously requested, but nothing had been done months earlier. Parents and children who could not hide their surprise at Taka’s attitude refused this offer. By the way, Endrick has longed for Santos since he was a child, and his father gave him the option of going to Santos, but he decided to stay in Palmeiras, which opened the door to him.

2017-2022 (Palmeiras)

He has been a member of Palmeiras since February 2017, but at first he started living with his mother, Cynthia. In a later interview, Endrick said that her mother was a big factor, and recalled that if she said she didn’t want to come to Palmeiras, a club in the state of São Paulo, it wouldn’t have happened. A few months later, his father, Douglas, also gave up his job in Brasilia and started selling breakfast at 4:00 in the Barra Funda (bus terminal) in São Paulo.

However, that was until Palmeiras found a job, and Palmeiras offered Douglas a job as a cleaner at the club’s training center as per the original terms. Endrick, who has finally found a way to focus on football for a little while, scored 66 goals in his first season in 2017. By the way, the first title in Palmeiras was “2017 Copa Bellmare U11” held in Japan by Shonan Bellmare in June 2017.

After that, in 2018, he won the Campeonato Paulista U11 and won the top scorer title. At the age of 10, he made his father cry with his bicycle goal against Santos in the first round of the final tournament, and his success in scoring the winning goal in the final match. It says. In the 2019 season of the following year, he won four competitions as a Palmeiras U13, and although he was one or two years older than his peers, he was also active in the Palmeiras U15, and before he knew it, he had easily exceeded 100 goals for the club.

The 2020 season has been active since October 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19, but in November he scored 1 goal in 7 games, including his first goal at Palmeiras U17 at the age of 14. Despite starting the 2021 season in the U17 category, he will make his debut in the Palmeiras U20 in August when he turned 15. He scored in the U20 category in his second debut, scoring 8 goals in 15 appearances for Palmeiras U17 and 5 goals in 13 appearances for Palmeiras U20. From January 2022, the shock of 4 goals in 2 matches of Copiña (U20 competition) will spread.

Style of Play

He is a player with extraordinary talent who is suspected of falsifying his age by some supporters of heartless opponents, and although he can play either wing or center forward, he is not particular about positions or preferences. His greatest weapon is his “golden left foot”, and he has repeatedly sunk powerful shots with unimaginable impact from his compact foot swing. Not only does he have a sharp trajectory, but he also has the ability to hit courses that goalkeepers can’t react to, a strength that will be synonymous for the rest of his career. His 168 points in 170 games in the youth category is an amazing scoring rate, and it will be interesting to see how long this trend can be maintained.

Because he is good at basic techniques, he is also excellent in breakthrough power in dribbling, and although he is small at 173 cm, he has a muscular physical body with a stable center of gravity, so it is extremely difficult to stop him with strength that does not lose easily. business. His tactical maturity is also a factor that allows him to play as a jumper, and he knows how to play comfortably in tight spaces, so it won’t take long for him to adapt to the top categories. can.

Due to his past events, his mental side has matured compared to boys of the same age, and he is also known to have a humble and down-to-earth personality while receiving advice from his father, Douglas. there is His idols are Cristiano Ronaldo and Dudu.

Representative Career

Although he has a history of being called up to Brazil U15, his career as a generational representative has not started in earnest due to the cancellation of the 2021 U15 South American Championship due to COVID-19.

Transfer Rumors

In Brazil, you can sign a professional contract from the age of 16, so you are allowed to freely transfer within the current training contract that you have signed from the age of 14. For this reason, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and clubs in England are interested, and the competition is already underway behind the scenes.

However, the father and son feel indebted to Palmeiras, who will most certainly sign a professional contract with Palmeiras in July 2022, when he turns 16. His father, Douglas, was hired as a cleaner at Palmeiras, and Jailson (GK who belonged to him until 2021), who he met at Palmeiras, paid for the dental prosthetic fee. He are expected not to act dishonestly.

Although he professes his admiration for Europe, he does not name any specific clubs, and he does not follow specific clubs on Instagram. His agent group is the TFM agency that manages Vinicius Junior and Gabriel Martinelli, so he can safely consider a European challenge. He has also participated in training with the first team, so he will start with his success with the Palmeiras first team.

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