Brighton【2022/23 Season Complete Introduction】

Club Team

Basic Information

Home BaseBrighton
StadiumFalmer Stadium
ManagerRoberto De Zerbi
Owner Tony Bloom
Official SiteHP twitter Youtube

<Performance in The Last 5 Seasons>

Premier LeagueEuropean CupFA CupEFL CupManager
17/1815thEliminated in the 6th roundEliminated in the 3rd roundHughton
18/1917thSemifinalsEliminated in the 2nd roundHughton
19/2015thEliminated in the 3rd roundEliminated in the 3rd roundPotter
20/2116thEliminated in the 5th roundEliminated in the 4th roundPotter
21/229thEliminated in the 4th roundEliminated in the 4th roundPotter

The whole team creates plus alpha without making you feel the hole between Cucurella and Bissouma

・Possession soccer, which the former director Potter is aiming for, has been improved year by year, and last season it was ranked 9th, the highest ranking in the club’s history. On the other hand, the lack of stability is a problem, such as suffering five consecutive losses in February, and it is thought that the lack of scoring ability due to the absence of a striker is the cause. If there is a striker who can score consistently, as Welbeck was able to accumulate points in the final stages of good form, it will be possible to aim higher. Expectations are high for Undav, who was last season’s top scorer in the Belgian league.

・This summer, Bissouma and Cucurella were pulled out, but Bissouma’s hole was filled with Caicedo, and Cucurella’s hole was minimized with the appointment of Trossard’s WB and the addition of Estupiñán.

・Right after the start of the season, they were in 2nd place, and the Japanese national team MF Kaoru Mitoma, who has returned from loan, has already seen a scene of revitalizing the attack with his specialty dribbling. I can’t take my eyes off his challenge.


(Name)Roberto De Zerbi
(Date of birth)June 6, 1979 (43)
(Tenure)September 2022

・An Italian commander who is highly regarded for his aggressive possessional football.

・”4-2-3-1″ is a pronoun.Possessional pull-up that builds attacks with shot passes from the back line, combination that allocates people to the ball side and one-on-one breakthrough from side change, immediate recovery by Gegen pressing and one-on-one high press “Forward defense” aiming to capture the ball in the enemy’s field. These three are the characteristics of De Zerbi’s football.

・ In September 2022, he will take over as director on a four-year contract to succeed Graham Potter.

・Although he started his career at AC Milan when he was active, he moved from one club to another in the lower leagues of Italy on loan. He played for Seria A during his time at Arezzo, Catania and Napoli.

・After gaining managerial experience at clubs in Italy’s lower leagues, he led Palermo, Benevento and Sassuolo in Serie A, attracting attention for his attacking style and possession-oriented style. He was the manager of Shakhtar Donetsk until the middle of last season, but his contract was terminated by mutual consent due to the impact of the Russian invasion.

Transfer Market(Summer)

PositionNameTransfer SourceTransfer Fee
DFPervis Josué EstupiñánVillarreal17.8 million €
Jan Paul van HeckeBlackburn
Levi ColwillChelsea
MFBilly Clifford GilmourChelsea10.4 million €
Mitoma KaoruUnion Saint-Gilloise
FWJulio EncisoLibertad
Deniz UndavUnion Saint-Gilloise7 million €

PositionNameTransfer DestinationTransfer Fee
DFMarc CucurellaChelsea65.3 million €
Shane Patrick Michael DuffyFulham
Haydon RobertsDerby County
MFYves BissoumaTottenham29.2 million €
Tudor BalutaViitorul Constanța
Enock MwepuRetirement
FWNeal MaupayEverton16.7 million €

Basic Formation

Player List


No.NameAgeNationalityLast Season
1Robert Sánchez25Spain37 caps・Although there are rough parts such as positioning and highball handling, he makes good saves with overwhelming good reflexes
・It is also possible to create opportunities from your own field with a fast feed of the ball.
・Last season against Burnley, he mistook the ball for a ball and hit his teammate Duffy in the head and got into a fight.
23Jason Steele32England1 caps・Second goalkeeper who shows good saves if he participates
・Although he has nearly 300 appearances in the Championship (England Second Division), he has only played one match in the Premier League since joining Brighton in June 2018.
・When he was at Sunderland, he was relegated two seasons in a row, and was criticized on the website as “the worst goalkeeper in Sunderland’s history”.


2Tariq Lamptey22Ghana30 caps・The greatest weapon is the dribbling that is created by quickness that is the highest in the Premier League and ball control that does not get disturbed even at top speed.
・Although it is rare to be overtaken in interpersonal defense, there are times when the space is vacated due to the delay in returning.
・Selected Ghana national team to participate in the World Cup
4Adam Webster27England22 caps
・Keeps an appropriate distance from the opponent, and is characterized by a solid defense that crushes after seeing how it goes.
・A high-precision long feed that breaks through the situation with a single shot and can excite the audience even when attacking.
・Since he was injured in the middle of last season, his condition has not improved and he has fallen down the order.
・His mother works for the NHS (National Health Service)
5Lewis Dunk31England29 caps
・Although speed is mediocre, he is a combat general who overwhelms the enemy with intense power in both aerial and ground battles.
・Shoot block in own PA is the area of ​​craftsman
・Since Potter took office, his build-up ability has improved, and he can be the starting point of an attack with a sharp vertical pass that feeds his teammates between the lines.
6Levi Colwill19England29 caps
・On loan from Chelsea as part of the Cucurella transfer deal
・The characteristic is the defense that goes out in front and does not let the FW do anything. You can also give up space to crush your opponent and go out to the midfield position
・It seems to fit Brighton’s tactics such as aggressive lifting and fast feeds.
29Jan Paul van Hecke22Netherlands31 caps
・A CB with a passionate play full of fighting spirit
・Using his tall stature to demonstrate his strength in interpersonal battles, he can also contribute to build-ups with his bold and quick-witted passes.
・From a fishing village with a population of about 5,000
・Adorimg John Terry
30Pervis Estupiñán24Ecuador28 caps・High physical ability, but there are many problems such as difficulty in situation judgment and positioning
・Because it has stamina and speed that can repeat up and down movement, and physical strength that is hard to beat, if you get hooked, you can overwhelm the side.
・Although he has experience with Watford, this season will be his premier debut.
34Joël Veltman30Netherlands34 caps
・It has a high crisis detection ability, and is characterized by a calm defensive response that intensely presses opponent attackers at key points while filling spaces.
・Ajax has the technology underfoot, and the degree of contribution in the build-up is high
・Supported the team as a CB regular last season
・Going to a cafe is a daily routine


7Solly March28England31 caps・It doesn’t have outstanding ability, but the average score is high and the utility that can handle both sides is attractive
・Run behind the opponent’s SB and aim for the goal, becoming a threat to the opponent, and not slacking on the pressback when being countered.
・His father is also a former Brighton player and a genuine Brighton player.
10Alexis Mac Allister23Argentina33 caps
・ Uniform number “10” that is very accurate in stopping kicks and good at supporting movements that create pass courses for allies
・He was previously used in the shadows, but he moved to the middle of last season so that he can show his characteristics.
・When he moved to the Premier League, he took advice from Tévez, who was a colleague at Boca.
11Leandro Trossard27Belgium34 caps
・Improved finish last season, recording team-high 8 goals
・By dribbling with a combination of speed and high ball skill, he cuts into the enemy line, and even if he is about to be caught by a DF, he escapes with a brilliant roulette.
・Assembled the LEGO of the Taj Mahal during the corona vortex home time
13Pascal Groß31Germany29 caps
・The quality of his kicks is one of the best in the team, and he creates decisive chances with his fast crosses from the right.
・Although the coverage area when defending is narrow, there is something that shines with the strength of the ball.
・Despite rumors of a return to Germany this summer, he ultimately agreed to a contract extension.
・Somehow strong against Manchester United
14Adam Lallana34England24 caps・The speed of switching between offense and defense and the course cutting technique during pressing are outstanding.
・They are good at catching the ball by sticking their head out in an empty space, and if they play, they will have a sense of stability in both offense and defense, such as by facilitating the build-up.
・As a boy, he was rooting for Everton because of his father’s influence.
15Jakub Moder23Poland28 caps・Highly rated Polish prospects
・Receiving passes in the free and repeatedly handling movements to smoothly advance the attack, as well as playing the role of a breakwater in the midfield, continuing to work hard all the time
19Jeremy Sarmiento20Ecuador5 caps・Madrid-born talent who has represented the England age group
・It is characterized by tricky dribbling, and the left side is the main battlefield.
・The playing range is wide and can be used anywhere in the second row.
22Kaoru Mitoma25Japan27 caps
・ Japan’s leading dribbler is ready to challenge the Premier League
・The secret of dribbling that easily leaves the opponent behind is to determine the opponent’s center of gravity
・High accuracy in play after breaking through, and I would like to expect performances that are directly linked to numbers such as goals and assists.
・According to himself, he is a good listener
25Moisés Caicedo21Ecuador12 caps(1)
8 caps(1)
・It is thanks to this new star that I do not feel the hole of Yves Bissouma’s retirement
・Overwhelming running power born from inexhaustible stamina covers a wide range and dominates the midfield.
・Prepare for a counterattack, and if you have time, you can also run into space and aim for the goal.
・The youngest of 10 siblings
27Billy Gilmour21Scotland24 caps・A playmaker who uses long and short passes to turn the ball around and accelerates attacks with sharp vertical passes when he sees an opportunity.
・Although he is not good at interpersonal defense, he has a high awareness of interception, and seems to be compatible with Brighton’s tactics.
・Lamptey and Colwill have been friends since youth days


18Danny Welbeck32England25 caps
・A striker who doesn’t have explosive scoring ability, but can calculate a certain result of 6 goals for 2 years in a row
・Firmly plays the role of defender and target man from the front line, and also shows off-pitch work giving advice to young players.
・Continued to go to the gym even off work and worked on body remodeling
20Julio Enciso18Paraguay14 caps
・Wonderboy from Paraguay who made his debut for the A team at the age of 17
・It is exhilarating to have a bullish gimmick with the ball, and it functions as a second top, a top bottom, and a wing.
21Deniz Undav26Germany39 caps
・Last season’s top scorer in the Belgian league
・It has a wide range of goal types, as it has both the movement to clear the opponent’s mark and the accurate shooting technique.
・High judgment and can flexibly create chances for allies
・The player he admires is Welbeck, and he was thrilled to be a teammate.