Newcastle United【2022/23 Team/Player/Manager】

Club Team

Basic Information

Home BaseNewcastle upon Tyne
StadiumSt James’ Park
Manager“Eddie” Howe
Owner Public Investment Fund
Official SiteHP twitter Youtube
NicknameThe Magpies

<Performance in The Last 5 Seasons>

Premier LeagueEuropean CupFA CupEFL CupManager
17/1810thEliminated in the 4th roundEliminated in the 2th roundBruce➡
18/1913thEliminated in the 4th roundEliminated in the 2th roundBruce
19/2013thQuarter finalsEliminated in the 2th roundBruce
20/2112thEliminated in the 3th roundQuarter finalsBenitez
21/2211thEliminated in the 3th roundEliminated in the th roundBenitez

Against the backdrop of financial power, it becomes the eye of the typhoon

・I’ve finally woken up from a 14 year nightmare where the celebrity is ‘Michael Ashley’. When the Saudi Arabian investment fund group took over the new owner in the middle of last season, the deterioration progressed, and Eddie Howe, who had a track record at Bournemouth, was invited as the new director. Reinforcing ready-to-use players such as Trippier and Guimarães, he was at the bottom for a while, but eventually moved up to 11th place.

・Similar to the winter transfer market, they have continued to make large-scale reinforcements this summer, and succeeded in acquiring talents that the big clubs were aiming for, such as Isaac, the Swedish national team FW, and Botman, the Dutch national team DF. Since last season, the growth of existing forces such as Joelinton and Saint-Maximin has been remarkable, and in Section 4 against Manchester C, they faced each other head-on and played an equal game of 2-2.

・It is likely that the team will be reborn as a team that is fully capable of qualifying for the European Cup in a short period of time, and will be a presence that will disrupt the Premier League this season.

<Summary of The First Half>

・A great breakthrough that far exceeded prewar expectations. Coach Howe, who has a reputation for organizational development, has applied disciplined and harmonious tactics to the team, and the performance is stable in both offense and defense. Compared to the previous Bruce administration, which was all about playing big football with momentum, the content of the play has improved. Needless to say, the big turning point was the purchase of the club by the Saudi government fund in November last year, but this leap that was achieved in just one year cannot be realized only by financial strength. A strengthening plan based on a medium- to long-term perspective is getting on track.


(Name)“Eddie” Howe
(Date of birth)November 29, 1977 (44)
(Tenure)November 2021

・In just six months after taking office, he is a great captain who has created a team that has an excellent balance of offense and defense and can compete head-on with Manchester City.

・Bring in his own ideas and develop fluid football centered on high press.

・By gathering players and holding classes to learn the history of the club, the DNA of the club itself will be dropped into the players.

Transfer Market(Summer)

PositionNameTransfer SourceTransfer Fee
GKNick PopeBurnley11.5 million €
DFSven BotmanLille37 million €
MFElliot AndersonBristol Rovers
FWAlexander IsakReal Sociedad70 million €

PositionNameTransfer DestinationTransfer Fee
GKMartin DúbravkaManchester United
DFFederico FernándezElche
Ciaran ClarkSheffield United
MFIsaac Scot HaydenNorwich City
FWDwight Devon Boyd GayleStoke City

Basic Formation

Player List


No.NameAgeNationalityLast Season
18Loris Sven Karius29Germany・Experienced GK such as Bundes, Premier, CL
・He had a good career at Mainz and Liverpool, but after the incident in the CL final, he moved from one team to another on loan and became a free agent in June, but the second goalkeeper, Darlow, was injured. joined with a short-term contract of half a year
22Nick Pope30England36 cpas・A late-blooming goalkeeper trained at Burnley
・A series of super saves immediately after joining
・It seems that Howe is “expecting his role as a sweeper keeper”, but when pressed, he avoids risks and chooses the safe option.
・Before earning a living as a soccer player, he was a milkman.
26Karl Darlow32England8 caps・Second goalkeeper showing excellent shot stop
・ Due to the influence of Corona, he handed over the starting lineup to Woodman from the opening, but he took over the starting lineup from the inexperienced him, but the wonderful performance before last season made a series of small mistakes like a lie, and he spent an unstable season.
・It is said that he is likely to leave the company this summer, but I would like to see him shine once again.
・Withdrew in September with an ankle injury
29Mark Gillespie30England・GK from Newcastle
・Coming from the academy, he left the club at the age of 16 before making over 200 appearances in the third division and Scotland.
・ Returned for the first time in 12 years in the summer of 2020 when he became free


2Kieran Trippier32England15 caps
6 caps
・ A mental support that continued to inspire by accompanying the team even during the period when he was withdrawn due to a broken bone
・In addition to accurate crosses, the overall strength shines with the defense trained at Atlético.
・The accuracy of free kicks is clear, and at the end of the 3rd round against Manchester City this season, the probability of hitting the net was 75%.
3Paul Dummett31Wales3 caps・The club’s oldest fighter, loved by fans
・Although his main job is left SB, he has a distinctive defensive ability, and he mainly served as CB under the Bruce administration.
・Recorded the lowest playing time due to withdrawal due to injury, system changes under the new system, and the addition of rivals
・A native of Newcastle, a rarity among clubs
4Sven Botman22Netherlands25 caps
・Won the robbery match with AC Milan and won the leading role in winning Ligue 1 last season
・Like a player from Ajax, he is good at carrying vertical passes and dribbling, and has high defensive strength such as physical ability such as aerial battles and play that goes forward and crushes.
・When teaming up with Burn, who is also left-handed, should he use the right hand?
5Fabian Schär31Switzerland25 cpas
・CB with excellent cover awareness and aerial combat
・Highly skilled with his feet, good at participating in attacks, such as occasionally making powerful mid-range shots.
・It was in bad shape under the previous administration, but has completely recovered since Howe took office.
・When he was 17, he didn’t have the confidence to survive in the football world, so he interned at a local bank.
6Jamaal Lascelles29England26 caps
・Although he was the captain, he was demoted to 4th due to the rise of new forces.
・Even so, if it is his turn to play without spoiling, he will show his characteristic aggressive defense, and even if he cannot appear in the game, he will respond politely to the media.
・The fact that he can’t play is secondary, and he praises the coach and supports the team behind the scenes.
11Matt Ritchie33Scotland18 caps・A hard worker full of stamina and fighting spirit
・As a winger, he is propulsive, and the quality of his crosses is one of the best in the league.
・There is also a scene where age-related decline becomes noticeable due to lack of stamina and speed.
・He has supported the team as a mental support for many years and is very popular with fans.
12Jamal Lewis24Northern Ireland5 caps・Left SB that Liverpool moved to acquire during the Norwich era
・Howe was selected as a starting member after taking office, and suddenly showed an active performance in the starting lineup of the left SB.
・Adapting quickly to the new style, it was thought that he was finally showing his true potential, but he was late due to an injury and left the bench.
13Matt Targett27England17 caps(1)
(Aston Villa)
16 caps
・ Left SB with high quality kicks, such as being entrusted with CKs on both sides
・Because of his long partnership with Grealish, his cooperation with Saint-Maximin, who has been given the same freedom, is outstanding.
・ Strong in interpersonal battles, but struggles against opponents boasting top speed in the league
・ Joined as a complete transfer this summer
17Emil Krafth28Sweden20 caps・In the past, he was treated like a handyman and turned from a candidate for release, but grew rapidly with the appointment of Howe.
・There were many issues in offense and defense, but the quality of both is improving
・Especially on the defensive side, when facing the opponent’s FW, the direction of the body has improved, so it is rare to be overtaken
・Won a contract extension in a big comeback
19Javier Manquillo28Spain19 caps・When you think that you produced a wonderful shot or cross from a stormy attack, you also accidentally lost your concentration.
・ After leaving Trippier, he was expected to fill the void, but Kraft’s soulful performance warmed up the bench again.
・ However, the dexterity that can handle both sides is an evaluation point.
33Dan Burn30England13 caps(1)(Brighton)
16 caps
・A large defender over 2 meters who graduated from Newcastle Academy and has dreamed of playing for the top team since childhood.
・He has mobility that does not suit his physique, such as playing at SB, and he is also good at making vertical passes to players in the midfield.
・I am not good at speed and tend to give careless fouls


7Joelinton26Brazil35 caps
・After being converted to an inside half by Coach Howe, he evolved into a box-to-box midfielder who continues to work hard and won the club’s annual MVP award.
・I have the impression that the accuracy and power of my shots have increased, probably because I have gained confidence.
・Invite a fan with a tattoo of your face to your house
8Jonjo Shelvey30England24 caps
・In the past, he was a problem child, but it seems that Director Howe’s change of mind has been successful.
・Break new ground as an anchor, supplying decisive through passes while assembling from a low position
・ Involved in defense that was neglected
・In the off-season, he was actively building his body, but he injured his hamstring in July.
21Ryan Fraser28Scotland27 caps
・A 163 cm short player, a winger who has a reputation for quick dribbling and cross accuracy that makes the most of his agility.
・His former teacher, Howe, from his Bournemouth days, was appointed as manager, which temporarily raised the ranks, but he lost the battle for position due to injury.
・The best smile in the team
23Jacob Murphy27England33 caps
・Although he doesn’t have the breakthrough power he had before last season, his powerful dribbles and crosses are first-class items.
・Playing with one right foot is as monotonous as ever, but the destructive power when you get hooked is just a word.
・Last season, he broke new ground on the left wing, using cut-ins as a weapon.
24Miguel Almirón28Paraguay30 caps
・Although he was a king in the MLS era, he hit a wall in the Premier League and grew into a dribbler who never fails to work hard.
・Aggressively getting out behind and drawing out the ball from Guimarães
・There is also an improvement in the ability to score assignments.
・ On the other hand, the place where only the left foot can be used does not change
28Joe Willock23England29 caps
・I couldn’t score a goal last season as if my goal in 7 games in a row last season was a lie
・Howe took over as manager and his form picked up, finally scoring his first goal in February
・The accuracy of the carry ability has also improved, and it has become possible to play positive defense, which was not good until now.
・His older brother Chris is active in the second division.
32Elliot Anderson20Scotland21 caps
・A career midfielder who has been enrolled in the academy since the age of eight
・Coach Howe declares “an essential piece to play this season”
・After transferring to the fourth division on loan in the second half of last season, he contributed to the promotion with 6 goals and 3 assists in the main battlefield of the left wing and under the top.
36Sean Longstaff25England24 caps
・One of the few clubs that has survived
・He was a box-to-box midfielder who worked hard and was attractive in defense, but his offensive performance is improving under Coach Howe.
・There is power in the kick of the right foot, and it is also possible to decide a strong middle shot
・There were rumors of a transfer last season, but he remained
39Bruno Guimarães25Brazil20 caps
17 caps(5)
・ A strong player who Real Madrid is aiming for as a substitute for Casemiro
・When he joins the team this winter, he shows up in various areas on the offensive side and scatters passes.
・The presence that some fans call him the best player in the last 15 years


9Callum Wilson30England18 caps
・ Build a relationship of trust with Howe from the Bournemouth days
・A versatile forward who is good at getting through with his speed, colliding with his physical strength, and getting involved in pass work.
・The only concern is injury
・Last season against Arsenal, he chipped a tooth during the match, but he was determined to keep playing.
10Allan Saint-Maximin25France35 caps
・The best dribbler in the Premier League that even Kyle Walker couldn’t get his hands on
・Although he has given him a certain amount of freedom under Coach Howe, he has become more aware of how to make the most of the players around him, and has repeatedly performed splendid plays reminiscent of Ronaldinho.
・Recorded two assists against Manchester City
14Alexander Isak23Sweden32 caps
・A monstrous striker with a height of 192 cm and excellent speed.
・The number of goals did not increase due to injuries and a slump last season, but in the Premier debut match against Liverpool, he recorded one goal instead of greeting
・Highest transfer fee in club history
20Chris Wood31New Zealand17 caps
・Target man who connects crosses and long balls to the goal
・ Joined from relegation rival Burnley in winter and expected to fill Wilson’s departure, but only 2 goals.
・Still, his achievements in supporting the team with his crushing role and unrefinedness on the front lines are worthy of sufficient evaluation.
・ I want to increase the number of goals this season and win the starting line-up.