Tottenham【22/23 Detail Team/Player/Manager】

Club Team

Basic Information

Home BaseLondon
StadiumTottenham Hotspur Stadium
ManagerAntonio Conte
ChairmanDaniel Philip Levy
Official SiteHP twitter Youtube

<Performance in The Last 5 Seasons>

Premier LeagueCLFA CupEFL CupManager
17/183rdRound of 16SemifinalsEliminated in the 4th roundPochettino
18/194thRunner upEliminated in the 4th roundSemifinalsPochettino
19/206thRound of 16Eliminated in the 5th roundEliminated in the 3rd roundPochettino➡
20/217thRound of 16(EL)Eliminated in the 5th roundRunner upMourinho➡
21/224thEliminated in Group Stage(ECL)Eliminated in the 5th roundSemifinalsNuno➡

Aiming for the long-cherished victory this season under the championship contractor

・Tottenham was reborn when Conte was brought in mid-season last season. Maintain a build-up, draw in the opposing team and develop a fast vertical soccer. The team established a thick offensive tactic in which WB and CB charge into the box even against opponents who are drawn and defended. The rules for defense are also strict, and even Son Heung-Min is forced to return to a low position. In addition, I got the flexibility to change the system according to the formation of the opponent.

・In addition, when he moved vigorously in the winter transfer market and acquired Bentancur and Kulusevski, they played the role of the detonator and ace Kane also recovered. As a result, they earned points in the final stage and slipped into 4th place to get the right to participate in the CL.

・Furthermore, large-scale reinforcements were carried out this summer, and CB Lenglet, who had been a regular player in Barcelona, was acquired. In WB, which is the heart of Conte’s tactics, he reinforced his student Perišić, and in the midfield, Bissouma, a key player in Brighton’s breakthrough. Brazil’s Richarlison, one of the most talented players in the Premier League, joins the front line. It’s more than enough reinforcement to lighten the burden on Kane and Son Heung-Min.

・As a result of this massive reinforcement, they have survived the opening 4 games this season with 3 wins and 1 draw undefeated. Moreover, the only draw was also a development that was forced to struggle against Chelsea, and Kane scored in the 96th minute to pick up the winning point, showing the strength of the game. Under the supervision of Conte, the winning contractor, this season will aim for the championship.


(Name)Antonio Conte
(Date of birth)July 31, 1969 (53)
(Tenure)November 2021

・An Italian coach who values discipline and a fighting spirit, and likes football, where hard work is an absolute must.

・Even Son Heung-Min, who normally wants to prepare for the counter in a high position, showed thoroughness in returning to defense even in a low position. There are many episodes of demon instructors, such as setting detailed dietary restrictions even off the pitch.

・He has solid soccer skills, and is a champion contractor who has definitely achieved results in the team he has been appointed to.

・The likes and dislikes of the players are clear, and they tend to argue with the owner over reinforcements.

Transfer Market(Summer)

PositionNameTransfer SourceTransfer Fee
GKFraser Gerard ForsteSouthampton0 €
DFDjed-Hotep SpenceMiddlesbrough14.7 million €
Clément LengletBarcelona0 €
MFYves BissoumaBrighton29.2 million €
Ivan PerišićInternazionale Milano0 €
Pape Matar SarrMetz16.9 million €
FWRicharlisonEverton58 million €
Bryan GilValencia

PositionNameTransfer DestinationTransfer Fee
GKPierluigi GolliniFiorentina
DFJoseph Peter RodonStade Rennais0 €
Sergio ReguilonAtlético de Madrid0 €
MFHarry Billy WinksSampdoria0 €
FWSteven Charles BergwijnAjax31.25 million €

Basic Formation

Player List


No.NameAgeNationalityLast season
1Hugo Lloris35France38 caps・ Reliable captain who has been with the team for over 10 years
・Since the reaction speed is very high, it is easy to stop shots from close range. Since the saving technology is also high, the direction of scraping is also good
・Unstable technology underfoot
20Fraser Forster34England19 caps・The 7th team in England, a veteran goalkeeper who has traveled to many clubs
・It has a large accusative body with a height of 201 cm, and stops the opponent’s shoot with its long limbs.
・His childhood idols were Peter Schmeichel and Shay Given
40Brandon Austin23England0・It is characterized by saving that makes use of the good physique
・A young goalkeeper who has chosen the United States national team until U-18 and the England national team now.
・Inherited the genes of his father, who was a professional basketball player, and won the championship in the school basketball team in the local tournament.


2Matt Doherty30Ireland15 caps
・Although physical ability and technique are at the same level, attack performance is high
・In addition to joining the attack with overlap, it also charges into the box.
・As a SB, there is still concern about his defensive ability, so he basically specializes in WB.
・Big fan of Tiger Woods and a golf buddy with Kane
6Davinson Sánchez26Columbia23 caps
・A CB who has a strong physical body and is strong in interpersonal battles. Strong in both air and ground combat
・There is unevenness in concentration, and there are many times when I take the back, but there is also a speed to catch up
・There is also a scene where he jumps into the box under the current director.
12Emerson Royal23Brazil31 caps
・ WB attractive for aggressive attack participation
・He is slender and has long limbs. He is good at playing by carrying the ball inside on the inside and then taking the opportunity to bring it vertically on the outside to break through.
・Sometimes the defense is light
15Eric Dier28England35 caps・The DF leader who is multilingual and leads the final line
・Playing full of fighting spirit is also attractive, and there are few scenes where you win or lose.
・Supply the ball to the front line with high feed quality and easy for Kane to bid
・Weak point is lack of speed
17Cristian Romero24Argentina22 caps
・A CB who is physically strong and good at tactics as a DF.
・While making vertical passes with good timing to the midfield when attacking, if you find space, you can lift up and sometimes supply high-precision long feeds.
・There is a lot of rough play, and this season, pulling Cucurella’s hair has become a hot topic.
24Djed Spence22England39 caps
・A young WB who has proven his ability, such as playing against Arsenal in the FA Cup last season
・Because he has a long reach, he is good at playing by forcibly facing forward and overtaking him while carrying him on his back.
・There are also reports that the ranking is low among the current manager, who prefers mature players to young players.
25Japhet Tanganga23England11 caps・A physical defender who can handle anywhere from the final line to the WB
・ Strong in interpersonal battles and has a track record of stopping many big attackers
・There are still issues in the build-up aspect, even in situations where the player is boldly aiming to break through the dribble.
・Although he is a talented player, he cannot be promoted under any manager.
33Ben Davies29Wales29 caps
・Since it is a versatile type, its offensive performance is a little weak as a SB, and as a 4-back CB, the interpersonal battles were a little unsatisfactory, but it fits perfectly in the corner of the 3-back.
・ Supporting attacks with accurate feeds from low positions, occasionally participating in attacks like SB
・ Steadily bounce back in a good standing position even in defense
34Clément Lenglet27France21 caps・ CB with high kick accuracy
・Diagonal long feed and vertical short pass are great weapons
・Possess a sense of composure, attracting opponents and then making accurate passes
・There is a problem with the defensive side, and there are scenes where concentration is lost and the back is taken, and there are scenes where the opponent is grabbed by hand.


4Oliver Skipp22England18 caps・ A midfield filter who can work hard and has high predictive ability
・In attack, create a rhythm by simply scattering passes
・Last season he was a key player on loan at Norwich, but Tottenham were unable to find a place for him last season.
・ There was a time when I was addicted to cooking in the past, and I tried making green curry etc.
5Pierre-Emile Höjbjerg27Denmark36 caps
・The heart of the team that contributes to offense and defense
・ Go to various areas to support and create a rhythm with passes and switch on attacks with vertical passes
・A high level defensive ability, from crushing to covering
・Last season, after the game, he rescued a collapsed fan near the stadium and became a hot topic.
14Ivan Perisic33Croatia35 caps
・A side attacker with a reputation for sending highly accurate crosses with both feet
・Dribble your opponents with slow and steady dribbles to create a winning chance
・In the Inter era, he had a dispute with Conte and how to use him, and in the past he moved to Bayern, but in the following year he broke new ground with WB.
19Ryan Sessegnon22England15 caps・An attacker who sells speed and technical skills
・A wide variety of crosses are sent into the box. There are many crosses on the wrong foot
・As a general rule, aim for a score by jumping into a cross from the opposite side while keeping the width on the outside.
・Holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to hit a post
29Pape Matar Sarr20Senegal33 caps
・ After signing a contract last summer, he remained at Metz as a rental and joined this summer at Central MF Daiki.
・A dynamic box-to-box style that brings intensity to the new Pogba
30Rodrigo Bentancur25Uruguay19 caps(Juventus)
17 caps
・A game maker that contributes by assembling lower positions
・While simply involved in pass work, you can make vertical passes to players who are floating in the front line even if they are occasionally approached.
・Fight even at the ball
・Bring your favorite mate to the stadium
・My brother is a professional soccer player and goalkeeper.
38Yves Bissouma26Mali26 caps
・Because he has agility and a strong core, he is strong at the ball and can act as a filter in the midfield.
・The technique underfoot is also top-class, and even with the strength of the premier, it handles the ball without difficulty and shows a good lift.
・In the 12 league games that he missed last season, the team won only 1, and on the contrary, he showed his presence.


7Heung-min Son30Korea35 caps
・Last season, he became the first Asian to become the top scorer in the Premier League.
・ Mass production of points by utilizing top-level speed, powerful shots with both feet, high decision power, etc.
・The trunk is strong and does not lose to collisions
・The number of goals scored in combination with Kane is the all-time top
・Established personal brand NOS7 this year
9Richarlison25Brazil30 caps
・A striker who is both cunning and fierce
・There is speed, and not only can it be set by itself, but it is also possible to get through exquisitely
・In defense, while pressing high on the front line, sometimes press back to a low position
・When I was a poor child, I sold ice cream to support my family.
10Harry Kane29England37 caps
・A world-class scorer with a wealth of scoring patterns, and a super versatile type that can also participate in game making
・Through passes at the counter are first-class, and the number of assists was 14 last season, and 9 last season.
・He looks exactly like his brother, who is acting as his agent, and he may be mistaken for his brother and asked for his signature.
11Bryan Gil21Spain9 caps
13 caps
・Joined last summer with a high transfer fee and a trade with Lamela, but was out of concept due to Conte’s appointment.
・In the second half of the game, he moved to Valencia on loan, creating chances with his crisp dribbling that made good use of slow and steady movements.
21Dejan Kulusevski22Sweden20 caps(1)(Juventus)
18 caps(5)
・ Versatile type that can handle anything for appointment
・In the open position, you can set up and send in accurate crosses, and if you narrow down and play, you will fit the pass work.
・He has a high soccer IQ and is good at off-the-ball running.
・I used to play soccer with his sister when I was a kid.
27Lucas Moura30Brazil34 caps
・Having both initial speed and technique, he brings propulsion to the team with his dribbling.
・In rare occasions when you decide a dynamic mid-range shot
・Although it is a hard worker, sometimes switching between offense and defense is bad
・Appointed as B in preseason this summer
・Ketchup was his favorite food, but was banned by the director.

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