Leicester City【2022/23 Detail Team/Player】

Club Team

Basic Information

Home BaseLeicester
StadiumKing Power Stadium
ManagerBrendan Rodgers
ChairmanAiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha
Official SiteHP twitter Youtube
NicknameThe Foxes

<Performance in The Last 5 Seasons>

Premier LeagueEuropean CupFA CupEFL CupManager
17/189thEliminated in the 6th roundQuarter finalsShakespeare➡
18/199thEliminated in the 3rd roundQuarter finalsPuel➡
19/205thQuarter finalsSemifinalsRodgers
20/215thRound of 32(EL)VictoryEliminated in the 3rd roundRodgers
21/228thEliminated in GS(EL)
Eliminated in the 4th roundQuarter finalsRodgers

Reinforcement did not progress due to financial difficulties, and the guardian deity was also released

・Since the Rodgers system, Leicester has maintained the top of the second group that breaks into the Big 6, but last season was forced to struggle. There are various causes, but in addition to the deficit of the absolute commander Tielemans, the long-term withdrawal of Evans, the defense leader. In addition, new players such as Vestergaard and Bertrand failed to become a strong force across the board, and the lack of stability in the final line was the cause of the slowdown.

・The great success of Maddison, who led the attacking team, and the rise of Academy graduate Dewsbury-Hall are positive elements. However, due to extreme financial difficulties in the transfer market this summer, reinforcements have not progressed at all, and even the guardian god Schmeichel has been released for the reason of high salary.

・Fofana was also pulled out at the end of the transfer window, but it is unclear whether the new force can fill the void. Combined with the feeling of being in a rut in the 5th season of the Rodgers regime, it seems that this season will also be forced to face a difficult battle.


(Name)Brendan Rodgers
(Date of birth)January 26, 1973 (49)
(Nationality)Northern Ireland
(Tenure)February 2019

・The perfection of soccer is high, combining the possession style that builds up with short passes from the back line and the counterattack that steals the ball with organized pressing from the front line and accelerates at once to steal the goal.

・It is said that the management of practice is good, and if you notice it, the tactics are dropped.

・Last season was incomplete due to a series of injuries on the final line.

・I learned of the financial difficulties of the club after the off, and it was useless to persuade the players.

Transfer Market(Summer)

PositionNameTransfer SourceTransfer Fee
GKAlex SmithiesCardiff
Daniel Lønne IversenPreston
DFWout FaesStade de Reims15 million €
MFDennis PraetTorino

PositionNameTransfer DestinationTransfer Fee
GKKasper SchmeichelNice1 million €
Eldin JakupovićEverton
DFWesley FofanaChelsea80.4 million €
MFHamza Dewan ChoudhuryWatford
FWAdemola LookmanAtalanta

Basic Formation

Player List


No.NameAgeNationalityLast Season
1Danny Ward29Wales1 caps・Influential person who also serves as the guardian deity of the Wales national team
・After joining in 2018, it was difficult to get a turn, but from this season he became a regular player.
・The first appearance in the league match was last season
・It has a reliable saving technique and is strong at close range.
・There is concern about the current technology, so growth is required
12Alex Smithies32England29 caps・Joined from Cardiff on a free this season
・Although he has no experience playing in the Premier League, he boasts over 300 appearances in the Championship.
・ Expected as a stopper following Danny Ward and Daniel Iversen
31Daniel Iversen25Denmark46 caps・The days of “Schmeichel Apprentice” in both the national team and Leicester City
・Last season, he started all games at Preston, where he was on loan, and became the player of the year, showing his growth.


2James Justin24England13 caps・A fullback that Rodgers has the utmost confidence in as the “Best runner” in the team
・The greatest strength is the interpersonal battle that makes use of the high athlete ability
・Made a spectacular comeback last season from a total cruciate ligament tear in his right knee
・Raised from the lower leagues, but debuted for the England national team in June
3Wout Faes24Belgium37 caps
・CB whose playing style and flashy hairstyle are reminiscent of David Luiz
・Aggressive forward movement and defense that steals the ball without giving the opponent freedom
・Tends to show high-risk, high-return ball movements even during build-ups, sometimes leading to pinches
4Caglar Söyüncü26Turkey28 caps
・Although there was talk of a transfer to Inter, he ended up staying
・Although he is a modern CB with aggressive defense and solid footing skills, his playing opportunities have been decreasing since the end of last season.
5Ryan Bertrand33England4 caps・A modern SB who excels at holding and stealing the ball on the flanks, and runs into the box with one-twos with his teammates.
・Able to contribute to both offense and defense, such as being good at attacking and tenacious in defense
・More than 210 appearances in seven seasons for Southampton
6Jonny Evans34Northern Ireland18 caps
・Veteran who took over as captain in place of retired Schmeichel
・Indispensable for accurate coaching and cross correspondence
・He missed half of the season last season due to a hamstring injury.
・The influence is remarkable, such as the average number of goals conceded during absence increases by 0.6 points per game.
・ PvP battles are on the decline
18Daniel Amartey27Ghana28 caps・Originally a midfielder, but in recent years he has mostly played as a CB
・At the beginning of the conversion, there were many passing mistakes, but it gradually improved, and now he often contributes to the build-up with wedge passes and lifts.
・In defense, he is characterized by a high level of awareness of covering, but he occasionally makes mistakes that lead to goals conceded.
21Ricardo Pereira29Portugal14 caps
・Right SB with high overall strength
・A sense of attack that makes use of speed and technique, and a sense of stability in defense, such as picking up pinches with tough marks and tackles, is also attractive.
・In the first year after joining the 2018/19 season, he was named the club’s best player and established himself as a right-back, but due to repeated injuries, the number of appearances has decreased in recent years.
23Jannik Vestergaard30Denmark10 caps・A tall CB who overwhelms his opponent physically
・Although he has played in the starting lineup in all 6 games in the EURO, in recent years he has lost his position in the national team due to the slump in Leicester.
・The long soft blond hair has been cut off, giving it a more intimidating appearance.
27Timothy Castagne26Belgium27 caps
・In Italy, WB was the main battlefield, but after moving to Leicester, he often plays in the back position.
・Aiming to win the ball and aggressively step forward in defense, but it is often the case that he is easily replaced and leads to a pinch.
・Highly rated for both feed and carry in build-up
33Luke Thomas21England22 caps・Take advantage of the chances that come your way amidst a string of injuries, and played in 22 games last season, the most of any player.
・He showed off his high interpersonal defensive performance, never backing down against big club attackers.
・The technique of stopping and kicking itself is solid, but the accuracy of the cross is difficult, and there are many issues on the offensive side.


7Harvey Barnes24England32 caps
・Recorded a career-high 10 assists last season when his jersey number was changed to 7
・Dribble that can be forcibly peeled off with fine ball touch and instant acceleration is characteristic
・Finishing work can also make decisions such as changing the course by looking at the position of the GK
・The problem is that he sometimes loses the ball by playing too forcefully.
8Youri Tielemans25Belgium32 caps
・The widest field of vision and sharp kicks are the biggest weapon playmakers
・While getting involved in the build-up, the opponent threatens even in the final third
・There is strength in the ball, but it is also possible to rush in unwillingly
・Last season’s streak ended at 67 games when he was out with a calf injury in November of last season.
10James Maddison26England32 caps
・The greatest weapon is the sharply falling high-precision right leg.
・ Create chances with through passes and high-speed crosses after a break
・Break career highs in points, assists and minutes played last season
・Created a message group called “Avengers” with 6 representative members including Grealish.
11Marc Albrighton33England17 caps
・One of the survivors of Miracle Leicester
・With the same stamina and dedication to move up and down for 90 minutes, create chances with crosses from simple vertical breakthroughs.
・Right foot cross accuracy is top level
・In recent years, the position has been lowered.
・Golf showdown with Maddison shows great skill and wins
22Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall24England28 caps
It is no exaggeration to say that it was the biggest discovery of the last season.
・In the connecting phase, he shows a sense of stability with polite passes, and when a teammate has the ball, he supports him with a free run at the appropriate timing.
・A versatile type that has the mobility to cover a wide range in defense and boasts a high degree of contribution to offense and defense.
24Nampalys Mendy30Senegal14 caps・A defensive midfielder who can be compared to Makélelé, with a petite body, relentless ball capture, and solid pass work.
・Participation opportunities have decreased dramatically in recent years
25Wilfred Ndidi25Nigeria19 caps・A defensive craftsman who steals the ball from opponent attackers with his long reach and high crisis detection ability.
・Last season, due to injury, he played the fewest games since joining, but in the games he played, he showed a great presence as a breakwater in the midfield.
・My favorite pizza toppings are pepperoni and pineapple
26Dennis Praet28Belgium23 caps
・A sluggish playmaker at Leicester despite having great technique and being able to play in multiple positions
・In the past, he was praised as a prodigy and was a central figure in each age group.
42Boubakary Soumaré23France19 caps・Last season when he was appointed in the inside half, he played cramped from beginning to end, but this season he has been lively by lowering his position.
・He is good at making vertical passes from low midfield, and is also attractive in interpersonal defense that makes use of his physical ability.
・Although he had expressed his desire to transfer this summer, he turned around and remained in the force.


9Jamie Vardy35England25 caps
・Legend who achieved double figures for 7 consecutive seasons
・No matter how old they get, their acceleration doesn’t diminish, and they’re able to break through the opponent’s back line and score goals.
・Relentless chasing from the front line is still the same, and it also functions as a presence to turn on the press switch.
・Publishing books for wives and children
14Kelechi Iheanacho26Nigeria26 caps
・A striker with attractive strength and top-level shooting technique
・In addition to accurately hitting the target inside the box, you can shoot on a good course even from a distance.
・ Another strength is that the ball fits
・Fit without difficulty even in the middle of the game
・My favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla
17Ayoze Pérez29Spain14 caps
・Attackers who can accent their attacks
・If you have the ball in the vital area, you can feel the smell of chance, but there are issues with off-the-ball and speed of judgment.
・It seems that the goal performance that covers the ears was born in response to a lot of criticism during the Newcastle era.
20Patson Daka24Zambia23 caps
・Although there are physical issues such as trying to receive the ball with his feet too much, his form of using his inherent speed to score goals from behind-the-back passes is also acceptable in the Premier League.
・The speed of switching between offense and defense is fast, as he is from Red Bull
Last season he became the first Leicester player to score four goals in one game in 63 years.