Crystal Palace【2022/23 Team/Player/Manager】

Club Team

Basic Information

Home BaseLondon
StadiumSelhurst Park
ManagerPatrick Vieira
ChairmanStephen Parish
Official SiteHP twitter Youtube
NicknameThe Eagles
The Glaziers

<Performance in The Last 5 Seasons>

Premier LeagueEuropean CupFA CupEFL CupManager
17/1811thEliminated in the
3rd round
Eliminated in the
4th round
De Boer➡
18/1912thQuarter FinalsEliminated in the
4th round
19/2014thEliminated in the
3rd round
Eliminated in the
2nd round
20/2114thEliminated in the
3rd round
Eliminated in the
2nd round
21/2212thSemifinalsEliminated in the
2nd round

Second year of the VIERA system Aiming to advance to the top

・When Hodgson’s long-term administration comes to an end, he invites Patrick Vieira to succeed him. Contrary to most expectations, last season was a bright season with a renewed squad, including the release of multiple veterans. Vieira tried to press from the front lines, building a modern team that could use both posession and counters depending on the situation. Goals and losses were “+9” and spent a more fulfilling year than the ranking.

・The departure of Conor Gallagher, who had a strong presence in both offense and defense, was a matter of concern, but he acquired Cheick Doucouré as a replacement. Although the type is slightly different from Gallagher, Doucouré is already becoming the core of the team, and the countdown of strength is kept to a minimum. Also, the presence of Eze, who has returned from injury, is a big plus. It’s not hard to imagine that Eze’s presence will reduce the burden on Zaha, the team’s top scorer, and make the team more offensive. It looks like it’s going to be a season where we can aim for high rank.

<Summary of The First Half>

・After a difficult start with 1 win, 3 draws, and 2 losses, from October onwards, they won 4 wins, 1 draw, and 3 losses. Only two people, Andersen and Ayew, are participating in the World Cup. It was an advantage to be able to proceed with team activities including rest with almost full members during the suspension period, and preparations for resuming were also meticulous. Zaha’s move is the focus of the January market. Arsenal and PSG show interest, and if they leave, will they move to acquire Matheus França and Brereton?


(Name)Patrick Vieira
(Date of Birth)June 23, 1976 (46)
(Tenure)July 2021

・This is the 2nd year of aiming for the top 10 this season, with the tactical reforms that we have been working on after making a major change in the lineup.

・The management of young players is good, and a flexible soccer is built that uses possession and counter depending on the situation and the opponent.

・At the end of last season against Everton, he was persistently provoked by a supporter who invaded the pitch and received a low kick, but no punishment.

Transfer Market(Summer)

PositionNameTransfer SourceTransfer Fee
GKSam JohnstoneWBA
DFChris RichardsBayern12 million €
MFCheick Doucouré RC Lens21.3 million €
Malcolm EbioweiDerby County

PositionNameTransfer DestinationTransfer Fee
GKRemi MatthewsSt. Johnstone
DFJaroslaw JachZagłębie Lubin
Martin KellyWBA
MFCheikhou KouyatéNottingham Forest
Conor John GallagherChelsea
FWChristian BentekeD.C. United

Basic Formation

Player List


No.NameAgeNationalityLast Season
1Jack Butland29England9 caps・In the past, he was rated higher than Pickford, but last season he was demoted to third goalkeeper with the addition of Johnstone.
・This season is delayed because he broke his finger in a friendly match before the start of the season.
・He holds the record of being the youngest goalkeeper to play for the England national team, and was selected as the second goalkeeper at the World Cup in Russia.
・His beloved Audi was stolen in 2015
13Vicente Guaita35Spain30 caps・An old-fashioned type GK that specializes in saving instead of not having much skill on his feet
・Both reaction speed and punching techniques are at a high level, and can respond to shots from any distance.
・I’m not good at handling highballs
・ A talented player who has been the goalkeeper with the third fewest conceded goals in La Liga
21Sam Johnstone29England36 caps・Although I don’t have the skill to shoot, I have absolute confidence in my ability to stop shots. It has the same characteristics as Guaita, such as no restrictions on distance, and is expected to be its successor.
・In the Premier League two seasons ago, there is no doubt about his ability, as he left a high number of saves and a high percentage.


2Joel Ward33England28 caps・A veteran with no outstanding weapons, but many abilities of an average level
・Still, there are few waves of good and bad, so the stability of performance is high
・I’m clearly not good at build-ups, and since I’m not very good at both field of vision and technique, I often get addicted to press and bend over.
3Tyrick Mitchell23England36 caps・The strength of the interpersonal defense is top class even in the Premier League, and has blocked off all the attackers of the big clubs.
・Because of his speed, he maintains a sense of distance and often tackles the opponent the moment he kicks the ball.
・If his contribution on the offensive side increases, will he become established in the national team?
5James Tomkins33England8 caps
・A bearded fighter who appears less and less each year
・Bounces off attacks at a height of 192cm and also functions as a target during set plays.
・Joined West Ham Academy at the age of 7 and spent about 20 years there
・Striker in childhood
・Have been arrested for assaulting the police while intoxicated
6Marc Guéhi22England36 caps
・He has a lot of trust from the coach, such as being appointed captain when the veterans are absent.
・A CB characterized by its quick start, boasting unparalleled strength in ground battles.
・On the other hand, he often misreads where the ball will land, which makes him uneasy in aerial battles.
・He is from Côte d’Ivoire and was born in the same town as Zaha.
16Joachim Andersen26Denmark34 caps・A large CB that lacks speed but makes up for it with good positioning, and is of a high standard in both ground and air battles.
・Kicking accuracy with the right foot is also a big strength, and creating chances by running a team of good-footed attackers
・In Section 2, he provokes Núñez and has a cunning side that forces him to leave.
17Nathaniel Clyne31England16 caps・ A talented player who has been a regular at Liverpool
・The selling point is a sense of stability that makes few mistakes and boasts a certain level of strength even in interpersonal battles.
・On the other hand, he is not very good at playing as a bridge during build-ups.
・Tattoos of famous places in London where he was born and raised, such as “Big Ben”
26Chris Richards22USA1 caps
19 caps(1)
・ A talented person who is compared to J. Boateng
・He has absolute confidence in interpersonal battles, and his strength is his unreasonable defense that forcibly catches up and slides to stop him even if he is replaced.
・ On the other hand, because it bites people too much, empty space may be used
・Favorite tattoos of great men such as Martin Luther King
36Nathan Ferguson22England1 caps・A utility that can be used anywhere on the final line
・ Physical strength and speed are characteristics, and foot skills are above the standard
・His potential is high, but he tends to withdraw with a bomb on his knees.
・He loves to cook and has declared that if he hadn’t become a soccer player, he would have wanted to be a chef.
・Has roots in Jamaica


4Luka Milivojevic31Serbia15 caps・Despite reducing the number of opportunities to participate, he will continue to serve as captain this season.
・Although it has moderate mobility, it always fills in dangerous spaces, and functions as a control tower that breaks the situation with a side change when it has the ball.
・Since last season, the number of opportunities to participate has decreased, and he plays the role of defending as a substitute.
・ Retired from the national team at the age of 29 due to disputes with the association
7Michael Olise20France26 caps
・ A chance maker that always captures the gaze of multiple defenders
・Defenders can’t put their feet out because they face the ball with their feet under their feet and move in the direction of movement with fine touches.
・Has a rare history of joining Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City in the youth age group
10Eberechi Eze24England13 caps
・The dribbler showed a sharp play from the opening without feeling the effects of injury.
・A unique dribbling that makes it impossible to read the direction of movement to stop the opponent’s DF and try to break through with various ideas.
・Strength is that you can break through with individual power regardless of side or center
・Learned skills by watching Ronaldinho play
11Wilfried Zaha30Ivory Coast33 caps
・Even if you know the overwhelming speed and dribbling that pushes the size of the stride to the front, you can’t stop it.
・Possessing physical strength that does not collapse even if the body is hit while dribbling
・It is often thought that he is a counter player, but he is a versatile player who can show fear even in possession.
15Jeffrey Schlupp29Ghana32 caps
・It is a utility that can be handled anywhere on the left side, but the inside half is the main battlefield this season
・The type that basically plays with solid connections and off-the-ball
・Although he has outstanding running power, he sometimes gets caught by the opponent’s press.
・Participated in Manchester United trials when he was 20
18James McArthur35Scotland21 caps・The vice-captain will be entering his ninth year of employment with a one-year contract extension.
・A hard worker who continues to fight for 90 minutes with a fighting spirit, a workman who has been valued by successive commanders.
19Will Hughes27England16 caps・He has a rare career in which he has never belonged to a professional team academy and has polished his abilities through club activities until the age of 16.
・It is characterized by a delicate ball touch that does not lose the ball even in a narrow space, and the speed of switching between offense and defense, making it a starting point for counterattacks.
・Exquisite course cut during pressing
23Malcolm Ebiowei19England16 caps
・A lefty who overtakes the opponent with sharp footwork and rapid acceleration and deceleration, and creates a winning opportunity by attacking from the right side of the opposite foot.
・Vieira appreciates his attitude of learning and decides to enroll in the first army.
28Cheick Doucouré22Mali34 caps
・Joined as Gallagher’s successor
・Compared to his predecessor, his ability to jump into the box and score points pales in comparison, but his extensive defensive range and bold sliding tackles make him stand out even more.
・He graduated from the same soccer academy as Yaya Touré, who he admires
44Jairo Riedewald26Netherlands3 caps・ Ajax player who can be used as a defensive MF or left SB
・It is characterized by the ball touch skills that Ajax has trained, and although he has played 33 games in the 20/21 season, he has only played in about 4 games in the last two years.
・Dutch, Indonesian, and Suriname mixed race


9Jordan Ayew31Ghana31 caps
・His father is a famous player who has won the Champions League, and his older brother also played in the Premier League, so he was born into a soccer family.
・Although he lacks scoring ability as a forward, he has high physical ability and helps the team by putting pressure on the back space and making time by carrying the defender on his back to save the ball.
・High defensive awareness
14Jean-Philippe Mateta25France22 caps
・He inherited his large 192cm physique from his father who was a soccer player.
・CF who takes advantage of his physique to set up a physical battle against the defender and win
・Even if the ball is a little rough, it can be used as a personal ball, and it can be the starting point of the attack in the post play.
Moved up the ranks under the current manager
22Odsonne Edouard24France28 caps
・A striker who excels in positioning in the box and movement to clear the opponent’s mark
・Recognized for accurate shots that reliably catch the frame
・On the other hand, there are still issues to be addressed in non-scoring plays such as catching the ball and making the most of teammates.
・Discovered that you can’t tie a tie in a club video project