Arsenal【2022/23 Detail Team/Player/Manager】

Club Team

Basic Information

Home BaseLondon
StadiumEmirates Stadium
ManagerMikel Arteta
OwnerStan Kroenke
Official SiteHP twitter Youtube
NicknameThe Gunners

<Performance in The Last 5 Seasons>

Premier LeagueEuropean cupFA CupEFL CupManager
17/186thSemifinals(EL)Eliminated in the 3rd roundRunner upWenger
18/195thRunner up(EL)Eliminated in the 4th roundQuarter finalsEmery
19/208thRound of 32(EL)VictoryEliminated in the 4th roundEmery➡Arteta
Eliminated in the 4th roundQuarter finalsArteta
21/225thEliminated in the 3rd roundSemifinalsArteta

The commander’s desired lineup has finally been completed, and the prestigious London family has finally made a comeback.

・Considering that last season started with a three-game losing streak, a five-game winning streak leading the season should be heaven. The squad that Arteta, who prefers possession football, has, at least in terms of the starting line-up.

・The final line of 4 sheets is basically in the form of 3 backs. CB Saliba, who is a loanback and is essentially in his first season at Arsenal, showed a calm build-up, and newcomer Left SB Zinchenko plays in the midfield as a fake SB. In that amount, Xhaka, who plays in the left inside half, is pushed quite high and lively.

・In addition, Jesus, a new force, is not only involved in pass work, but also makes a chance by breaking through alone, making a big success with a play that he has not shown much in Manchester C. The set-pieces are also well prepared, and Magalhães shows off the strength of the aerial fight when the offense fails. Awareness of switching between offense and defense is high throughout the team, and there is no slacking at all in defense. Even if the counter is eaten, Partey is functioning as a filter.

・However, the problem that the difference in strength between the starting lineup and reserves is too large remains an issue. Especially when Partey is absent, the problem of the defensive power suddenly declining has been exposed since last season, and it has not been solved yet this season. Also, Saka’s backup on the right WB is absent, so if he is injured, his breaking power will definitely decrease. With the EL and the World Cup this season, rotation will be the key to future progress.


(Name)Mikel Arteta
(Date of birth)March 26, 1982 (40)
(Tenure)December 2019

・”Savior of Gooner”

・After retiring as an active player, he worked as an assistant to Pep before becoming Arsenal’s manager, taking on the task of rebuilding the prestigious family.

・He has high demands on his players in terms of both tactics and discipline, and has a strict side that does not hesitate to exclude players who disturb the circle of the team, even if they are captains or superstars.

・At Arsenal, he first focused on building a solid defense, and at the beginning of his appointment, he built a defensive five-back.

・I have struggled for a long time without getting the squad I wanted, but this season I got it. In a year where the content is also noteworthy.

Transfer Market(Summer)

PositionNameTransfer SourceTransfer Fee
GKMatthew Charles TurnerNew England6.35 million €
DFOleksandr ZinchenkoManchester City35 million €
William Gabriel SalibaOlympique de Marseille30 million €
MFFábio Daniel Ferreira VieiraPorto35 million €
Matt SmithDoncaster
FWGabriel JesusManchester City52.2 million €
MarquinhosSão Paulo3.5 million €
Reiss Luke NelsonFeyenoord

PositionNameTransfer DestinationTransfer Fee
GKBernd LenoFulham3.6 million €
DFNuno Albertino Varela TavaresOlympique de Marseille0 €
FWAlexandre LacazetteOlympique Lyonnais
Nicolas PépéNice0 €

Basic Formation

Player List


No.NameAgeNationalityLast Season
1Aaron Ramsdale24England2 caps
(Sheffield U)
34 caps
・Excellent reflexes. A goalkeeper who can quickly set up his posture after saving once and can stop shots twice or three times in a row.
・ Encouraging the team from the back with a charming behavior full of fighting spirit
・Good at building ups and calmly supplying vertical passes to the midfield
・It seems to be a character who is messing around
30Matt Turner28USA5 caps・The American national team goalkeeper who joined the MLS from this season as a substitute for Leno who transferred.
・28 years old but inexperienced in Europe. His ability is unknown, but he is highly regarded in the United States, and is said to be “the most valuable player in MLS” and “the best shot stopper in MLS history”.
31Karl Hein20Estonia0・He is 20 years old, but he is already a promising young goalkeeper for the Estonia national team.
・His talent was spotted by Estonian scout Marto Poom, who also played for Arsenal, and he was invited to Arsenal Youth.
・His weapon is saving that takes advantage of his tall height and high physical ability.


3Kieran Tierney25Scotland22 caps
・In addition to solid defense, the left SB has the characteristic of playing in the big outside when attacking, from vertical breakthroughs with one-man through passes to bullet crosses.
・Always wear short sleeves even in the middle of winter. I once trained in short-sleeves in the snowy Burnley
・It has a common side of carrying spikes in a supermarket bag.
4Ben White25England32 caps・The most expensive defender in the club
・Characteristics are the lifting of the ball by dribbling and the one-shot long ball that pierces the opponent’s gap.
・Although he has a refreshing appearance, he is also good at intense hand-to-hand combat and effective play trained in the lower clubs of England.
・He was pranked to have his own car moved near the prison when he was in Leeds.
6Gabriel Magalhães24Brazil35 caps
・Fighter with power, speed, and tactical understanding
Strong in league matches, he scored 5 goals last season, the most goals scored in the Premier League as a defender.
・He’s good at his feet, but sometimes he’s slow to make decisions when assembling.
・Even so, he recorded the longest number of minutes played for the team in last season’s league match, and is highly trusted by the manager.
12William Saliba21France36 caps・Young CB with good height and speed
・Because it handles the ball well and is calm, it can be assembled without difficulty even if it is pressed.
・When he returned this season after being on loan for 3 years, he grabbed the position of the starting lineup from the opening game.
・Last season, he won the Ligue 1 Best Young Player award.
・He also has a good voice
16Rob Holding27England15 caps
・The defense that bounces back in the box is high level and has leadership. As a result, he remains uneasy about the build-up, but he has earned a certain amount of trust from the director.
・ Last season, he was introduced as the third CB at the end of the game and played a role in trying to escape.
・ DJ role in the locker room
17Cédric Soares31Portugal21 caps
・The number of crosses per 90 minutes topped the team last season
・A small SB with a characteristic of actively participating in attacks
・It is also attractive to be able to handle the ball with both feet
・I’m not good at interpersonal battles.
・Be the first to rush to the celebration after scoring a goal
・Former colleague Højbjerg is on a rival team, but they are still good friends.
18Takehiro Tomiyasu24Japan1 cap
21 caps
・SB with large build but speed
・In addition to showing strength in one-on-one flanks, they are also strong in competition, and the number of aerial wins per 90 minutes last season was the team’s top
・Immediately fit in after joining and grabbed the hearts of local fans
・Because the ball can be handled with both feet, it is easy to adapt to a tight build-up.
35Oleksandr Zinchenko25Ukraine15 caps・Joined from Manchester City this summer as an immediate force. As expected, the skillful SB showed overwhelming distribution ability from the opening game
・However, as a SB in name only, he spends most of his offense in the midfield, creating a rhythm with passes and hitting the front line with vertical passes to revitalize his offense.
・Respect for lightness in terms of defense


5Thomas Partey29Ghana24 caps
・A world-class midfielder who has everything at a high level, such as capturing the ball, passing, avoiding the press, and lifting the ball by dribbling.
・I can’t replace him because he is the only one who can serve as 1 anchor in the current team.
・The drawback is that there are more injuries, and the lack of middle shots
7Bukayo Saka21England38 caps
・Ace attacker from academy
・Since he was a teenager, he was a dexterous player who had high skill and good situational judgment, but over time he acquired the strength to clash.
・Currently, it is possible to break through while forcibly putting the body in.
・Last season, he scored 11 goals and provided 7 assists in the league, earning him the club’s Player of the Year award.
8Martin Ødegaard23Norway36 caps
・A genius playmaker who entered the national team at the age of 15 and was called a child prodigy in the past
・High level of understanding of tactical eyes, creating offensive rhythm by moving around in a wide range and getting involved in pass work
・Because he was originally the captain of the national team and has a leader side, he will be the captain of the club from this season.
10Emile Smith Rowe22England33 caps
・An academy-bred attacker who carries number 10 on his back
・Dribble with propulsion and appearance in front of the goal are characteristics
・Scored double-digit goals in the league last season despite being plagued with injuries
・A dedicated chef was dispatched from the club due to eating habits such as loving chocolate and junk food.
21Fábio Vieira22Portugal27 caps
・ Chance maker of new force
・A versatile player who can play in various positions such as right side, center, and zero top
・A strong sense of aiming for a decisive pass. Last season he was second in Europe after Messi in the number of through passes completed per 90 in open play.
23Albert Sambi Lokonga23Belgium19 caps・Although he is still rough, he is also good at moving the ball forward by making full use of passes and dribbling from behind the midfield.
・Kompani, who was the manager of his previous club, called him “the new Yaya Touré”, but there are many negative opinions from fans.
・His older brother was a professional soccer player who was in Tottenham’s academy for a period of time.
25Mohamed Elneny30Egypt14 caps・A midfielder full of love for Arsenal, who does not complain even when he is on the bench for a long time, and performs his duties professionally when his turn comes.
・He often records the team’s highest number of passes in the games he participates in, and has a reputation for stability.
・ Occasionally surprises fans by scoring super goals from medium and long distances
34Granit Xhaka30Switzerland27 caps
・Maestro with hard work and long range kicks
・Although he has been holding the tact of attacking in a low position, the playing area has increased since last season, and the role of jumping into the box has finally increased this season.
・I get a lot of yellows, but I’ve never gotten a second one at Arsenal


9Gabriel Jesus25Brazil28 caps
・A big forward who joined from Manchester City
・When I was in Manchester City, there were many scenes where I lived in collaboration, such as receiving between DFs after a line break and breaking it with a pass work.
・However, perhaps because of his confidence in becoming a central player at Arsenal, his talent was fully awakened as he broke through on his own, created decisive opportunities, and scored many goals.
11Gabriel Martinelli21Brazil29 caps
・An attacker with speed, dedication, and a sense of scoring
・In recent years, the awareness of trying to break through on their own is increasing. However, there are also scenes that lead to bad ball separation
・Recorded the first Premier League goal of the season in the opening game
・ Futsal players up to the age of 11
・ Bruno Fernandes and SNS management company is the same
14Eddie Nketiah23England21 caps
・A cunning scorer whose speed is her weapon
・With the U-21 national team, he has broken the record for the most goals and served as the captain.
・Scored 5 goals in 7 final games last season. He scored two goals in the big game against Chelsea and won a contract extension.
24Reiss Nelson22England1 cap
21 caps(2)
・He was praised as a child prodigy during his youth days, and achieved results in the Bundesliga, but his growth has been sluggish in recent years.
・Last season, even in the loan destination Feyenoord, he could not establish himself in the starting lineup in the first half of the game.
・The ball touch technique is top-level and good at cooperating with the surroundings, but the problem is that there are few plays that are directly linked to scoring.
27Marquinhos19Brazil1 cap・A wing whose selling point is speed and left-foot technique.
・Prefers dribbling to move the ball after the opponent has touched it, but does not touch the ball often
・ A promising newcomer at Arsenal, which has become more Brazilian in recent years
・Won competition with multiple premier clubs to win

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