Antonio Silva【Profile/Career/PlayStyle】

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Benfica’s new big player aiming for permanent position from understudy

NameAntonio Silva
Date of BirthOctober 31, 2003
AffiliationSL Benfica

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2003-2014 (Childhood)

He was born in Viseu, the capital of the province of Viseu in northern Portugal. During his early career he played in regional clubs such as SC Penalva do Castelo, CF He Os Lepecenses and Viseu United FC. As Mr. Alexandre Blas, who coached him at Lepescenses, said, he showed similar talent from that time, and he was also interested in Sporting CP and FC Porto.

▲2014-2022 (Benfica)

The 2014/15 season saw the establishment of the current relationship with SL Benfica. At 11 years old at the time, he was unable to adjust to the training center in Seychelles, which was far from his hometown, and needed psychological counseling. As a result, he returned to his hometown for a period of time and has a history of playing for Viseu United.

However, from the 2016/17 season, when he turned 13 years old, he started his full-fledged career at Benfica as he showed mental growth from the 2016/17 season, when he entered the secondary education process, and quickly contributed as a driving force to win the title. When the season restarted due to the impact of COVID-19, he played the 2020/21 season in a state close to jumping from U17 to U23, and although he was 16-17 years old, he became a mainstay in U23.

In the 2021/22 season, he played not only with the U23s, but also with the Benfica U19s, who are aiming to win the UEFA Youth League, and was called up to the Benfica B (reserve) match, playing in different categories. The most glorious result was the Youth League, where they achieved their long-awaited first victory, and although they lost the first match with 4 goals, they not only advanced with a record of all wins after that, but also won 7 games in 9 games excluding the first match. It has become the cornerstone of defense, such as finishing the game without conceding a goal.

Originally, it was expected that the 2022/23 season would be built into Benfica B as the main team, but due to a shortage of players due to the withdrawal of the top team players, he was promoted to the top team, albeit in a hurry. In August 2022, he will not only make his top debut in Round 4 against Boavista FC, but he is also fulfilling the role required of the team, which continues to be undefeated.

Style of Play

A right-handed center back with a physique of 187cm/79kg, he is known for his high level of perfection, continuing from the youth category. He has a reputation for his ability to pass regardless of distance, and while building a stable build-up with an average pass success rate of 94%, he also has the characteristic of sometimes changing his appearance at once with a line break pass.

The offensive sense including these is not only passing, but in the youth era, scoring ability that is not suitable for the position is also evaluated, and the day when it will be demonstrated in the top category is near. Naturally, he shows strength both on the ground and in the air in his main job, defense, and he also has the qualities of an intelligent leader.

Representative Career

He is also a key player in Portugal’s generational national team, and after passing through Portugal U16-U18 led by José Guilherme, he is currently making Portugal U19 the main battlefield. He is also expected as a future leader candidate, such as taking on the captain of the team in U19.

He will be called up to the national team for the first time as a member of the Qatar World Cup.

Transfer Rumors

His current contract runs until the end of June 2027, with the first professional contract announced in November 2021 and a contract extension with Benfica in September 2022. The buyout clause is also reported to be 100 million euros, so it is expected that the transfer will be one to two years later.