Wolverhampton【2022/23 Team/Player/Manager】

Club Team

Basic Information

Home BaseWolverhampton
StadiumMolineux Stadium
ManagerJulen Lopetegui
ChairmanJeff Shi
Official SiteHP twitter Youtube
The Wanderers

<Performance in The Last 5 Seasons>

Premier LeagueEuropean CupFA CupEFL CupManager
Eliminated in the
3rd round
Eliminated in the
4th round
18/197thSemifinalsEliminated in the
3rd round
19/207thQuarter FinalsEliminated in the
3rd round
Eliminated in the
4th round
20/2113thEliminated in the
5th round
Eliminated in the
2nd round
21/2210thEliminated in the
4th round
Eliminated in the
3rd round

Director Lage‘s unique color has permeated, and this season will be a year-end change

・Last season, the first year of Bruno Lage’s administration, was supposed to be a season of “transformation”, such as trying to change the system from the five-back system that had been established in the previous administration to an attacking four-back system. However, he unexpectedly struggled with the transition and quickly reverted to his familiar back five.

・As a result, in addition to being unable to break away from defensive tactics, the impact of the absence of players such as Jimenez and Neto, who were seriously injured, was prolonged, resulting in a lack of scoring ability. On the other hand, thanks to the spectacular performance of the new guardian, José Sa, the defense was solid and there was no major collapse.

・This season, we will challenge the 4-back from the opening again, and we are doing reforms that could not be completed last season over the course of a year. Along with that, he released captain Conor Coady, whose rank was lowered, but in the middle of the club, Nunes was the highest amount in club history, and Kalajdžić and Guedes were reinforced on the front line, and they succeeded in building up their strength. This season may see a new fight for Wolves.

・As of the 8th section, it was sunk into the relegation zone, and the day after the defeat against West Ham, Bruno Lage decided to be dismissed. Instead, he invited Lopetegui, who had just been dismissed from Sevilla.


(Name)Julen Lopetegui
(Date of birth)August 28, 1966 (56)
(Tenure)November 2022

“Tactical Demon” who will challenge the Premier League for the first time in the middle of this season, with the track record of leading Sevilla to the CL and the EL for the third consecutive season.

・Showing skill in building a defensive organization, aiming to achieve both possession of the ball and speedy development in offense.

・When it is sluggish due to poor message transmission, it may spur unpopularity. The stain of being dismissed as Spain national team coach just before the opening of the World Cup in Russia due to a secret agreement with Real Madrid has not yet been wiped away.

・He was dismissed after only 4 months with no results at Real Madrid. After leading Sevilla in the summer of 2019, he won the EL in his first season in 2019/20, and after that, he finished 4th in La Liga for the third consecutive year. From the opening of this season, he struggled to find the optimal offensive solution and was dismissed in October.

Transfer Market(Summer)

PositionNameTransfer SourceTransfer Fee
DFNathan Michael CollinBurnley24.3 million €
MFMatheus NunesSportin45 million €
Boubakar TraoréMetz
Connor RonanSt. Mirren
FWSaša KalajdžićStuttgart18 million €
Gonçalo Manuel Ganchinho GuedesValencia32.6 million €
Adama TraoréBarcelona
Léo BonatiniGrasshoppers

PositionNameTransfer DestinationTransfer Fee
GKJohn Thomas Gordon RuddyBirmingham City
DFWilly BolyNottingham Forest2.6 million €
Fernando MarçalBotafogo
Romain Ghannam SaïssBeşiktaş
Conor CoadyEverton
Ki-Jana HoeverPSV
MFLeander DendonckerAston Villa15 million €
Luke James CundleSwansea City
FWFábio Daniel Soares SilvaAnderlecht
Francisco TrincãoSporting

Basic Formation

Player List


No.NameAgeNationalityLast Season
1José Sá29Portugal37 caps・When he joined as a substitute for Patricio, who left last season, he performed better than his predecessor.
・Using his natural reflexes to make good saves in succession, he recorded a save rate of 79.5%, second in the top five European leagues.
・In the match against Brentford last season, he suddenly became a hot topic when he suddenly showed moves like a rugby player.
13Matija Sarkic25Montenegro0・Wolves’ promising stopper type GK
・Although he does not move until the very last minute to see the opponent’s shots, he shows an accurate saving, but he responds dynamically to shots from the four corners and repels them.
・It is also possible to assist the goal with a low trajectory middle pass
・He kept 10 clean sheets in 23 games and was named City’s Player of the Season last season despite missing half a season due to injury.
・His father was a diplomat from Montenegro.


3Rayan Aït-Nouri21France23 caps
・An offensive player who is attractive for his ability to break through with fine steps and instant acceleration, but his one-on-one defense improved dramatically last season.
・Shut out Salah against Liverpool
・On the other hand, I don’t have the stamina to repeat ups and downs for 90 minutes, and I sometimes cramp my legs during the match.
4Nathan Collins21Ireland19 caps
・Weapons with the greatest strength in aerial combat
・In the previous team, he warmed up on the bench in front of the immovable CB combination, but became a regular player at the end of the season due to injuries.
・ Acquired Burnley-trained defensive skills such as shoot block
・Highly skilled at his feet, such as dribbling to remove defenders in the opponent’s box
14Yerson Mosquera21Columbia0・Colombian defender with high potential
・Equipped with strength and agility, it is strong in aerial battles and rarely loses in interpersonal battles.
・High passing sense and physical ability, can behave like Ruben Diaz when in possession and Fofana (Chelsea) when held.
・Participation in the top category was only “9 minutes”, and last season he regularly participated in teams under the age of 23
19Jonny Otto28Spain13 caps
・SB who is strong in interpersonal competition who returned from rupturing the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee in the middle of last season
・Contribution to offense is also high, from assembly on the final line to high-precision crosses after entering the final third.
・Utility that can be played on either the left or right is also attractive
・Participated in the 3rd round as a corner of the 3 back
22Nélson Semedo29Portugal25 caps・SB with a spring ability that makes use of its outstanding physical ability as a weapon
・Although his offensive contribution is still low, last season saw significant improvements in his defensive side, including aerial battles.
・Departed due to injury at the end of last season, but returned to Round 2
・Musou in a board game held in the club’s Youtube project
23Max Kilman25England30 caps
・A CB with a large build of 194 cm, strong in aerial combat, and boasts high strength even in interpersonal combat.
・In the phase of holding the ball, show high skills in carrying and throwing the ball like a futsal experienced
・Half Russian and half Ukrainian, their form has fallen since the middle of last season due to the complicated international situation and injuries.
24Toti23Portugal4 caps・A stopper full of fighting spirit who returned from Grasshopper in the middle of last season and saved a team lacking DF.
・While covering a wide range with speed that the existing defenders did not have as a weapon, he sometimes commits an unwilling foul with a dangerous tackle with excessive momentum.
・Don’t forget to be grateful to your teammates


6Boubacar Traoré21Mali27 caps
・ New talent produced by a prestigious female of training
・He has a reputation for his ability to tackle and dribble using his high physical ability and technique, and his first goal as a professional player is a powerful mid-range shot over 35m, and his potential is outstanding.
・However, rough play remains in general, such as simple passes being misaligned
8Rúben Neves25Portugal33 caps
・When attacking, it is the starting point for chances, and when defending, it stands in front of the CB and crushes the opponent’s space.
・The accuracy of the long ball is outstanding, and while swinging left and right to create a rhythm, it is also possible to create a winning opportunity with a single pass on the counter.
・After leaving Cody, he will wear the captain’s mark.
25Connor Ronan24Ireland25 caps
・MF who graduated from the academy
・Six loan transfers, gaining experience in Slovakia, Switzerland and Scotland, before winning the Club’s Player of the Year and Goal of the Season awards at St. Millen last season
・Although he remains at Wolverhampton this season, he has not been able to get enough appearances.
27Matheus Nunes24Portugal33 caps
・The most expensive talent in the club’s history joins the midfield where the player base is thin
・He handles the ball well and scatters passes with both feet, sometimes dribbling himself to break through the situation.
・Made a starting lineup in just 2 days after joining
・I’ve been friends with Toti Gomez since the Estoril days, and we’re always together.
28João Moutinho36Portugal35 caps
・Although he will turn 36 in September, he remains the heart of the team as he continues to reign supreme in the midfield thanks to his high level of exercise and passing skills.
・It is undeniable that his speed has decreased due to aging, but his experience and high soccer IQ make him predictable, and he recovers the ball from opponents with well-timed tackles.


7Pedro Neto22Portugal13 caps
・The breakthrough power that can carry the ball to the vicinity of the box even if it is received at a low position, and the sniper captain who approaches the goal with a sharp turn
・Although he struggled to return to top condition last season after returning from a knee injury, he has maintained good form since pre-season.
・The salute pose after finishing the goal is the norm
9Raúl Jiménez31Mexico34 caps
・The undisputed ace of the team, but has been unable to return to his previous performances after sustaining a severe skull fracture last season
・While aerial battles leave a sense of insecurity, the move of forcibly taking advantage of physical strength is still alive
・ A documentary depicting the appearance of rehabilitation has been released
10Daniel Podence27Portugal26 caps
・Although he is 165cm tall, he is quite small, but he shows his face in every situation with a large amount of exercise and gets involved in opportunities.
・Dribbles that make the most of agility are difficult to stop without a foul when the game is in good form, and the accuracy of passes and shots is also high.
・On the other hand, the problem is that there are many small injuries and the good condition does not last for a long time.
11Hee-chan Hwang26Korea2 caps
(RB Lei)
30 caps(5)
・A winger who dominates the sides with his sharp turns and inherent acceleration.
・In the beginning of last season, when he joined on loan, he scored 4 goals by the 10th round, and after that, he scored only 1 goal.
・ On the other hand, he succeeded in winning a full transfer because he contributed a lot to the score other than scoring.
17Gonçalo Guedes26Portugal36 caps
・Attackers who have been targets for many years have finally joined
・Although he was playing in the top 2 corner of Valencia, he was originally a left wing player and good at powerful shots from the cut-in.
・However, he often disappears from the game because he can’t demonstrate his own characteristics in other ways.
18Sasa Kalajdzic25Austria15 caps
・It is no exaggeration to say that the dominant foot is the head of the high tower
・Dive vigorously into a soft high cross and hit the ball from above the DF to swing the net.
・Because of its size, the ball can fit, but it is not good at connecting after that.
・I’m worried that my condition hasn’t fully recovered since the injury last season
20Chiquinho22Portugal15 caps(3)(Estoril)
8 caps
・A young winger who made his mark at Estoril and joined in January this year
・He injured his knee ligaments in a pre-season game and will not be back until the second half of the season.
29Diego Costa34Spain・Full-fledged striker who returned to the Premier League for the first time in five years
・During his prime, he acted as a target man in the penalty area, making use of his high ball-holding ability, technique, and strength.
・Scored 59 goals for Chelsea and contributed to two league titles
・Joined in the middle of the season due to team circumstances in which FWs were injured one after another
37Adama Traoré26Spain20 caps
11 caps
・A tactical destroyer who cuts through the opponent’s defense with the world’s best speed and power, with muscles that are so developed that he can be mistaken for an American football player.
・With Dembele’s resurrection, the full transfer to Barcelona could not be achieved and he returned this summer.
・He has a lot of trust from his teammates, such as everyone entering the box when he has the ball.